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Senate Bill 1867

Everyone is strongly encouraged to research this bill. It gives the president the power to arrest American citizens without a court hearing. President Obama has said that he will veto this bill. Only time will tell if torture will be kept alive. The word is that this bill HAS ALREADY BEEN PASSED!!

Pileline Politics Driving Eurasia…and American Politics

Eye-opening report here on what is going on in Europe as nations feverishly negotiate out deals for pipelines of natural gas and oil. Interesting, but you’d be surprised how much it affects the United States and the rest of the West.

D-Day for Occupy Movement? Deadlines Approach in Los Angeles, Philadelphia

Government representatives in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles have issued solemn warnings to the Occupy protesters that it’s time to go.  Both have been given deadlines tomorrow.  Neither city has actually given an

Time's up, L.A.

explanation as to what will happen if the deadline passes unheeded.  Most protesters assume they can expect to be raided Monday morning.  That could mean more violence on both sides, such as the similar raids in Oakland.

As you might expect, most of the Occupy protesters have refused to heed the warnings and remain in their encampments.  The Los Angeles park site is actually one of the longest continuous movement occupations.  It’s clear that local governments have had enough.

The real problem here is that the Occupy movement has now gone on so long that it seems like no one is even sure what they are doing there now.  Yes, we’ve seen obvious incidents of unnecessary violence (on both sides, law enforcement and the protesters), and yes, we agree in principle that there’s some bad things going on in the country.  But who has the time, or want-to, to sit in these camps, living like cavemen, for this long?  And still, there has been no clear-cut expression of what they want.  Still, Occupy Wall Street, a movement that has not just spread nationwide, but to other countries as well, has no leader.  No face.  No one to rally the troops.  What a shame it is to see such a powerful movement that is operating more like a band of hippies and vagrants than a cohesive combatant to abusive government practices.  Maybe the Occupy protesters should heed the warnings, get out of the park, and get together somewhere else and figure out what it is exactly that they are trying to do.

In the meantime, the tear gas is ready.

National Sunday Law

The National Sunday Law has been talked about for awhile now. It is the plan of the New World Order and possibly the Vatican to implement this law to FORCE everyone to worship on Sunday. This all goes back to what day is the Sabbath. Is it Saturday or Sunday? It has also been rumored that this is the mark of the beast.

Ron Paul Gets 89 Seconds to Speak at Republican Debate — Torture is Uncivilized and Ineffective

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has repeatedly been snubbed by debates.  A University of Minnesota study determined that Ron Paul has consistently had less time to speak than other candidates throughout his multiple campaigns, despite favorable poll showings.  In his time, he does express his views that torture is uncivilized, that President Obama does not have the right to invade countries without Congressional or international approval, and that if we are going to go to war with Iran, we should do it the right way.

Now our friends at Prison Planet, who we don’t always advocate listening to, are saying that the silencing of Ron Paul was deliberately decided before the debate by CBS News. Check into their full accusation here.