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Obama Justifies FEMA Imprisonment Of Civilians

Watch this SHOCKING video of our President justifying the imprisonment, oh sorry, prolonged detention of civilians. Obama doesn’t want them classified as prisoners of war because that means they are covered by the Geneva Convention and are protected from torture. That is why there is such a fuss as to whether or not Obama will veto S1867. To detain or not to detain, that is the question.

President Obama Wants His Drone Back: I Spy, You Spy, We All Spy

The drone on display in Iran.

There are some things that we all need to take for granted.  All nations with the technological capability to do so spy on other nations, especially those that they perceive as a threat.  That’s why the news that Iran has managed to capture a United States drone designed to fly over and transmit data should come as no surprise to anyone.  The silliness comes in when President Obama makes an impassioned plea for the Iranians to return the drone to the United States.  To us, this seems akin to the concept that a young boy throws a baseball through his neighbor’s window and then knocks on the door demanding it back.

We’re not proposing that the United States should apologize for spying on Iran.  Nor are we proposing that Iran should apologize for spying on the United States.  But come on… you were spying, they caught you.  Game over.  Naturally, this is a victory for Iran of sorts, but we only make it a bigger victory when our president makes a mockery of himself by politely requesting for his toys to be returned.  And just how enthusiastic would we be to return an Iranian craft that was discovered flying over our nation’s capital.  No chance in hell we give it back.  Finder’s keepers.

Now, a similar incident happened when a United States spy plane crashed in China.  The difference here was that the craft was manned.  In an unfortunate turn of events, the spy plane collided with a Chinese jet running an ordinary mission.  Things seemed to be working there way to fever pitch, but eventually China relented and returned the crew safely.  But could anyone really blame them if they had chosen differently?

In the Iranian incident, it is a drone craft, unmanned.  They captured it.  Take the high road.  Either deny any knowledge of it whatsoever.  Stop acting like the United States has an inalienable right to spy.  There were no American lives on the line.  Move on.  No doubt the United States has hundreds of these drones, if not thousands.  Act like it was no big deal.  Don’t give the Iranians a cause to rally around and a reason to feel like they have achieved a victory.  Act like it wasn’t a big deal.  A drone goes down.  Sure they cost a lot of cash, but this is the same government that pays a hundred bucks for a roll of toilet paper, right?  Act like it wasn’t a big deal.

Because it shouldn’t be.  Which is what really makes Common Sense Conspiracy, and the world, for that matter, wonder.