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Ron Paul Continues to Make Waves in Republican Nomination Race Despite Media Censorship

This is the first video of a four-part series devoted to the censorship and overall ignoring of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, something that has apparently been going on for years. Even Fox News, known for its Republican allegiance in news reporting, continues to dismiss Ron Paul as a serious candidate despite the fact that he has performed exceedingly well in straw vote campaigns among constituents. What is the truth about Ron Paul? Is his politics so out of line with either party that measures have been taken to silence him?

“Occupy Wall Street” Movement — Springboard for Martial Law?

There is some speculation across message boards and websites that the “Occupy Wall Street” protests in New York may have an undesired effect.  If the protests continue to grow, and there is no indication that they will not, could

A powder keg of tension waiting to be ignited.

this be an excuse for officials in New York City to declare martial law.  Also, other cities in the United States are reporting small clusters of protesters gathering, and there has even been reports that it is spreading to Great Britain.  If this continues to spread like a wildfire, could it become not just a problem for New York City but a national federal emergency?

Despite over 1,000 arrests since the protests began three weeks ago, there has yet to be any real acts of violence regarding the protests.  How long before the first rock gets thrown, the first shot gets fired, or the first building catches fire?  I think our worst fear in situations like these is not the acts of the protesters or police themselves but how other governmental agencies could use it to their benefit.  How difficult would it be for the FBI or CIA or whatever agency out there we’ve never heard of to go light a few buildings on fire, shoot off a few rounds at some cops, and escalate this peaceful protest into a full-blown massacre?  Not very difficult at all.  Then, the military would be deployed for real, and then, the unimaginable concept of the greatest city in the world under martial law.  Patrolled by military with automatic weapons.

The New World Order movement has a plan and agenda, but they are also opportunists.  Maybe this is the opportunity they’ve been waiting for.

A Word on Tone, Deception, and Perception — U.S. Marines Descend on “Occupy Wall Street” Protests

While going about our normal Common Sense Conspiracy routine of filtering through hundreds of the latest posts, news articles, videos, and propaganda out there on the internet, I noticed an article about the chaos and confusion happening in New York City’s Financial District that is called the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  There is not nearly as much information about this as there should be, but it is starting to become a large enough event that even the media gauntlet has not been able to suppress some information from slipping out.  However, the disinformation is as prevalent as the real information, which led me to think about how headlines and wording can make such a stark difference in how we perceive things.

A good example is an article I ran across from our good friends at  It was one of the top headlines for the hour.  It had a provocative headline:  U.S. Marines Headed to Occupy Wall Street Movement to PROTECT Protesters.  It’s an eye-catcher for sure, isn’t it?  Analyzing it, you will see that it draws attention for multiple reasons.  First of all, the fact that U.S. Marines might be headed for the protest at all begs you to click on the article.  Secondly, the idea that they would be dispatched to PROTECT the movement and not stop it is even more fascinating.  Here’s where the deception comes in.  This title was cleverly worded to not only make you click on the article, but to click on it with a certain emotion in mind.  Perhaps the idea that the troops were protecting our freedom and not trying to stop it excites you, so you click eager to hear a feel-good story for a change.  Or maybe it scares you to think that the movement is escalating to the point that military involvement is necessary.  In any case, you go in with a preconceived notion. Continue reading A Word on Tone, Deception, and Perception — U.S. Marines Descend on “Occupy Wall Street” Protests