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Common Sense Conspiracy’s 2nd Annual Top Five Conspiracy Sites for Bullshit (2012)

Well, 2012 has almost passed us by and it’s time for Common Sense Conspiracy to wind down the year with our annual list of the conspiracy sites we felt like were the biggest cesspools of bullshit for 2012.  The results are based on a variety of factors, including the general temperature of our readers.  Anyway, take a moment and see what you think and let us know if you feel like we got it out of line.  As always, thanks for reading and we look forward to the new year.

5.  Lunatic Outpost — Absent from last year’s list was this user-driven mainstay.  The title says it all and you can usually find plenty of lunacy in this site’s pages.  Similar to others on the list, this site relies on mainly user-driven content, which means plenty of good insights peppered with total insanity.  One thing we do like about this one is it doesn’t take itself too serious.  Even the byline at the top says that the site is about UFO’s, conspiracies, and fun.  So they get some points for realizing their place in the world, but this is definitely a place where plenty of bullshit can be had.

4.   Above Top Secret  —  ATS moves down one from last year to fourth, but not because the bullshit factor has lessened.  They only move down the list because of some power players trending below.  This is another site like Lunatic Outpost that thrives on user-driven content, and with that comes the crazies.  An open forum is great, and they don’t do a lot of censoring as far as we can tell, but the front page of ATS can run the gamut of insanity on any given day.  If you have something to say to the world, no matter whether it makes sense or not, this is a good place to start.

3.  Prison Planet/InfoWars — We decided to combine these two that took the top spots last year.  This is Alex Jones’ brainchild.  See last year’s report if you are wondering why this is on the s**t list.  Nothing much has changed.

2.  Pak Alert Press — This one didn’t make the list last year, but they came on strong in 2012.  This site shoots at everything that moves as for subject matter, and the stories read more like National Enquirer articles than any real information.  If you’re looking for facts of any sort or citations, you can forget it.  Pak Alert gets massive traffic, but they do it by propagating bullshit at a dizzying rate.  On the bright side, Common Sense Conspiracy can always count of Pak to give us a good story to attempt to corroborate.  Emphasis on “attempt.”

1.  Godlike Productions — Drumroll please!  GLP was absent from the inaugural list, but in 2012, they went in the gutter quickly.  Another user-driven forum, GLP both censors and uses questionable tactics to try to bully people into subscribing.  The list of people that have been banned from GLP is miles long, and they are all offered a reprieve if they just sign up and pay the fee.  So, GLP tries to force people to pay to view it with bans that have probably achieved little but running off hundreds of would-be happy users.  Fortunately, many of them are now at Common Sense Conspiracy, but without a doubt, GLP tops the bullshit meter for 2012.  How will they fare in 2013?  Only time can tell.

Well all done for 2012.  Can’t wait to see who tops the bullshit list in 2013.  In the meantime, remember that Common Sense Conspiracy is your official bullshit filter, and we will be continuing to bring you fact-based conspiracy news in 2013 as always.  Happy New Year!

Sarkozy Booted in France in Favor of Socialist Leader — What is Socialism and What Does It Mean for the New World Order?

Karl Marx tends to be vilified in America, but his intentions were good.

Socialism is one of those words that get tossed around frivolously.  In the United States, it is usually associated with a negative connotation.  The European nation of France has voted for socialism for the first time in decades by electing Francois Hollande to replace their president Nicolas Sarkozy.  We at Common Sense Conspiracy know that in times like these, a lot of people that are used to hearing this term thrown around carelessly will be taking notice and wanting to know a little more about what it means.  And this move by the French people makes the time ripe to talk about socialism and the coming New World Order.

The idea of socialism is not new and is pretty simple when you get right down to it.  In a socialist system, the government regulates nearly everything, but with the best of intentions, of course.  The idea is to stop a distinction between classes and make the nation (or the world, as we’ll address later) all part of one big class, working together for the common good.  The goal of the socialist agenda is to not let capitalists create goods and services based on profitability, but to meet all of the needs of the people.  Competition wouldn’t really exist in this environment because there would be no point in it.  After all, everyone would have access to the same thing, which means, exactly what you need.

The best example of the difference between socialism versus the current system in America is the way the working class and upper class relate to each other.  Basically, you have a rich upper class pushing the lower classes to produce more for less so they can enjoy greater profits.  Competition is paramount, and companies do battle to capitalize on the market as best they can.  It is extremely difficult for one class to penetrate into another.  The rich tend to get richer and pass this along their family lines, while the working class tend to stay where they are.  Karl Marx came up with the idea of socialism to end this distinction, and at a moment’s glance, it is easy to see why the idea is attractive to some.  Obviously, if you are part of the rich upper class, the last thing you want to do is help distribute your wealth to everyone else, but for the working class, and definitely the poverty-stricken poor classes, it seems like a great idea.  The people in France are echoing the sentiments of the rest of Europe.  After a series economic crises, the region has overwhelmingly voted for change, change, and more change.  Will socialism help France?  That remains to be seen, but it will help one thing…the New World Order agenda.

A comic illustration of the ideas behind socialism.

You can see it in America already.  Now, we at Common Sense Conspiracy are not outright accusing President Barack Obama of socialism, although many out there have done so.  We think he is just one cog in a wheel that has been turning for decades and will turn for decades more.  His claim to fame is to regulate health care.  “Obamacare” as it has been dubbed is essentially socialist in its concept.  The government will take control of health care and make sure that everyone has equal access to it.  Once again, sounds good on the surface.  And, who knows?  It may work great and we will all be better off for it.  But it is just one step, one domino that will lead to others that are already in the pipelines.  Slowly but surely, the goal of the powers that be, is to control literally everything.  Down to the minutest detail.  Why?  For the good of all mankind of course.

You see, at the heart of institutions like Bilderberg, the Illuminati, and the New World Order, is a desire to take the world and unify it, spreading the resources for everyone, and not just the capitalists.  It could be said that the New World Order is indeed socialist, at the end of the day.  But there is one glaring problem with their agenda and the socialist agenda.  The idea of socialism is to eliminate class distinction, and yet, the New World Order seeks to create a super-elite class that will govern everyone else, who should be equal according to their principles.  This super-elite class really already exists, and they are the movers and shakers behind the globalist agenda.

France is just another domino as well.  The world tolerance for socialism is ever-increasing, just as the super-elite hope for.  They don’t want to force the New World Order down your throat; they want you to open your mouth, stick your tongue out, and take it like medicine.  That is the ultimate goal…not just to institute a new order of things, but to convince the people they are better off for it.

Will you be a part of it?  Will you be deceived?  Or is the New World Order as good as it gets anyway?  That is the question for every single one of us.

Cash for Coffee and Terrorism — A Look at Context and How Other Conspiracy Sites Misuse It

First, the facts.  The FBI did indeed recently publish a series of pamphlets, one which is particularly directed at Internet cafes and the like.  In this document, the FBI outlines some things that common people might should regard as suspicious.  One of the comments in the FBI document in particular has caused a bit of an Internet sensation, but as always, we here at Common Sense Conspiracy are on top of it and want to set the record straight.

One of the things we hate the worst here is when things are taken out of context, and in these circles, it happens a lot.  The myriad of “Cash for Coffee” websites and blog posts is designed to spark outrage in us civilians by indicating that paying with cash money for coffee at an Internet cafe indicates that you may be involved in terrorism.  While the message these sites are purveying has some credibility to it (we’ll go into that a little later), the way they are expressing it is actually deceitful.  What they do is they write a big booming headline, just like the one above.  A provocative one that sucks you in and makes you read.  Then, they outline the egregious actions of the FBI in making this insinuation.  At the bottom or on a sidebar, you’ll see a little very official looking document that is from the FBI.  No one clicks on it or takes the time to read it.  We simply assume that what our friendly local blogger is telling us is in there.  While we grudgingly hate to steer traffic this way, a great example of one site using this tactic is here.  This is just one of the many stops with a similar message and setup.  Our friend here runs a good blog and we hope he enjoys some of the traffic he gets from this article.  However, we found that if you look a little further, you might find that these blogs and sites are getting a little carried away with what the document actually says.  That’s why we are going to take a second here to blow it up a little large so you can read what it actually says.  This document is very much real and taken from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s very real website.  We’re not special; you can download it yourself.  Anyway, take a look.


Now, you see the part about always paying with cash.  This is what the blogs are pointing too for their provocative title, but they are insinuating that the FBI document actually says something about paying cash for coffee.  In reality, it means paying cash in general.  I don’t believe that a reasonable person necessarily reads that line and automatically assumes they are talking about coffee.  Many blogs are extrapolating this out further, saying that if you go into Starbucks or your average coffee shop and pay with cash, you go on a government watchlist or some other nonsense.

What the FBI is really getting at is that if a person regularly stops by your Internet cafe, downloads crazy s**t on a flashdrive, is overly worried about anyone knowing anything about him, like, I don’t know, his identity, walks in each day with a different smartphone, has a guy outside that gives him the thumbs up before he walks outside, or starts laughing maniacally while watching slow-motion videos of the September 11 terrorist attacks over and over, you might wanna say something.  This could be a terrorist.

If he dropped four bucks on the counter for his coffee…he’s probably thirsty.

Alex Jones At It Again — Angelina Jolie Should Be Arrested for War Crimes?

If Alex Jones had his way, this scene from Angelina Jolie's movie "Salt" would be reality.

Okay, so we’ll admit it.  Sometimes here at Common Sense Conspiracy we get a little crazy.  Maybe we get on our soapbox and call out some people, and maybe we don’t always really know what we’re talking about.  Or maybe all the facts just haven’t been uncovered yet, but in any case, our good friend Alex Jones has a way of taking it to the next level, and his latest videos and articles are a great example of why we don’t consider him to be all that credible of a resource despite his fairly strong popularity.  But this week, he’s taking it to the next level like never before.

According to Mr. Jones, famous actress Angelina Jolie, the wife of Brad Pitt, should be arrested.  He says that her stand on the situation in Uganda and the now infamous Joseph Kony amounts to war crimes, going as far as to say that she should be locked in prison.  Jolie has spoken out recently against the Ugandan warlord and his Lord’s Resistance Army because of allegations raised in a viral video documentary that outlines his recruiting of children to fight for his army as well as to be used as sexual slaves.  Angelina did step out pretty far…she has openly called for the United Nations, and the United States as a result, to invade Uganda for the purpose of routing out Kony.  While she might have went a little over the top, it’s a bit of a stretch to figure out exactly how Alex Jones thinks this should result in her arrest for war crimes against humanity, despite his eloquent explanation in the video below.

Jones rests his case on the “fact” that Ugandans say that Kony is not a threat, and in fact, no one has seen or heard of him for over five years.  Jones says that even at his height, Joseph Kony only controlled a small area, and the United Nations is using Angelina Jolie as a puppet to garner support to invade Uganda to take the people’s resources.  He also says that Angelina Jolie is undergoing a metamorphosis into a full-fledged political figure.  Right now, she is considered an ambassador to the United Nations, but Alex Jones says she is being groomed for a more prestigious position in which she will be in charge of relations for “refugees” in general.

We are investigating the Kony situation, because there has been some backlash in the national media about the documentary which originally caused so much controversy.  We want to find out more about this man and determine if the things he has been accused of have any basis in facts.  We realize that any video in this day and age can be fabricated, but the crimes Kony is accused of are of the most reprehensible nature imaginable.  If any of the allegations about him are true, then it may very well be that Angelina Jolie is right.  However, it’s hard for us, the common populace, to tell.  Don’t worry.  We are working hard to find out more facts, but in the meantime, whatever the final result might be, we do believe that Alex Jones calling for Angelina Jolie to be arrested for war crimes is a little premature, to say the least.  Besides, Brad Pitt would have a really hard time raising all those kids while Mommy is in prison.

We generally don’t make a practice of posting Alex Jones’ videos here at the CSC, but this one is just too enjoyable to pass up.  Let us know what you think…

Did the United States Government Really Shut Down 10 Million Christian Websites?

Patriarch Kirill I may have said a lot of things, but apparently what Pak Alert Press reported was not one of them.

Our friends at Pak Alert Press have reported something that is getting a lot of attention.  And with good reason.  If it were true, it would be a very damning revelation.  According to their article, located here, Russia’s most prominent religious leader, Patriarch Kirill I, issued a report that accused the United States government, with President Obama’s approval, of shutting down over 10 million Christian websites, citing national security as the reason.  They did this by requiring Google to eliminate these websites from its database, including almost all domains with the .cc designation.

We encourage you to read the article at Pak Alert Press and make your own decision, but Common Sense Conspiracy has delved deeper into the story and found some questionable problems with it.  First of all, you cannot find another website that corroborates this information.  Typically when there is big conspiracy news like this, several conspiracy sites, as well as general alternative news sites, will pick it up.  You will see carbon copies of the article regurgitated on website after website.  This has not happened.  There are only a couple of instances we could uncover where anyone has put any particular credence into this story, except Pak Alert Press itself.  The story has been around since July of 2011, so it has had plenty of time to make the Internet rounds.

Secondly, if Patriarch Kirill I did issue this report, there is no record of it on the Internet except for within the original report from Pak Alert Press.  How they would have received such a report if it wasn’t released publicly is another big problem that we have with the information here.  Additionally, nowhere in Pak Alert’s article is there an example of any one of the supposed 10 millions sites given.  You would think that if this report was authentic, surely a couple of Christian websites out of as bold a number as 10 million could have been tracked down and reported.  Once again, the article does not give even one example of a site that was shut down as a result of this report.

The .cc extension for websites is suggested to be an acronym for “Christian Church” in the article.  The extension actually stands for “Creative Commons” and was an extension used by a particular business that purchased the domain.  Google did indeed dump over 11 million .cc websites from its indexes last year.  However, they were dumped voluntarily by Google without government intervention because the Creative Commons business turned out to use the .cc domains for spam purposes.

You can’t believe everything you hear people.  It appears that Pak Alert Press comes under the microscope once again for reporting something without any factual basis to back it up.  Common Sense Conspiracy believes that there is a conspiracy out there to shut down the Christian religion in general, but this is not one of those cases.

Alex Jones — Predictor Of The Future

Hopefully by now our viewers have realized that we here at Common Sense Conspiracy try our best to provide both sides of the debate. With that being said, here is a video of some predictions made by Alex Jones that came true. Some of these predictions may be lesser known ones that Alex made but the video documents that he got them right.