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The Truth About Benghazi Revealed — No More Speculation, CSC Has the Real Story

Pin the tail on the Benghazi!  Most Americans couldn't find it on a globe, much less find time in their Honey Boo Boo and Dancing with the Stars to give a f**k.
Pin the tail on the Benghazi! Most Americans couldn’t find it on a globe, much less find time in their Honey Boo Boo and Dancing with the Stars to give a you know what.

Deepthroat has spoken.  Common Sense Conspiracy wants to end all of the speculation, rumors, and diatribes about the Benghazi incident and the supposed scandalous unraveling of President Obama and his administration.  This won’t take long.  This may be the shortest article we’ve ever written.

The ambassador was killed.  The embassy was attacked.  It was an election year, in fact, just a short month or so away from the election.  The administration didn’t want to look like they dropped the ball, so they tried to act like it wasn’t that big of a deal.

It wasn’t.

In fact, the same incident happened quite a few times during George W. Bush’s presidency without any fanfare.  But it wasn’t an election year, was it?

The “cover-up” was more like “damage control.”

Conspiracy…yes.  This might be one of those that is so obvious a conspiracy that it can’t even be defined as a conspiracy.

They can investigate this for years if they want to, but we just summed up the entire situation in this article.

Total taxpayer dollars wasted:  0

Many Conspiracy Sites Report a False Flag Operation of Epic Proportions Likely Within a Week — What We Think

images-83Common Sense Conspiracy frequently parades around other popular conspiracy sites to see what they are reporting.  Not because we want to steal their stories, but because we want to see what the temperature of the conspiracy paradigm is at the moment.  Basically, there is a pattern to the normal conspiracy sites that don’t base their material on factual data but on charming and alarming creations to cause a stir and lure in viewers.  We aren’t going to outright name the other sites, but many of you know what we’re talking about.  A big story breaks on one; it then makes the circuit, and pretty soon, this effect of gloom and doom can be created.  Some people fall for this system and start to believe things they otherwise wouldn’t just because it is being bombarded on them by so many “independent” sources.

A lot of the major conspiracy websites run about like the mainstream media.  That is, they are all about the numbers and afraid to get left behind on any hot-button issue.  Of course, both the mainstream media and the conspiracy websites we are referring to have no respect for authenticity, reporting the news, or checking facts.  It’s all about being first to the party.  CNN has been mighty guilty lately of reporting things erroneously in an effort to get ahead of the other news organizations, many of which CNN accuses of falsehoods on a regular basis.  It’s a race…and while the conspiracy circuit is totally different in nature, it functions in much the same way.

Right now the story that is running the circuit hard is a bold prediction that conditions are now ripe for a MAJOR false-flag operation in the next week.  You can go to any of the major conspiracy sites out there, and there will be a major, front-page story about this right now.  And it may even capitalize MAJOR to capture your attention, or some sites even go farther with blinking text, graphics, and everything short of a naked woman to try to suck you into pushing your mouse button.  As you can see, Common Sense Conspiracy is not running that story, but because we had some of our loyal readers question whether this was something to be truly concerned about, we saw it fit to address it to try to bring some, well, common sense to the equation.

All of the stories say the same thing with a little different wording.  The government is planning a major false-flag operation to take America’s minds away from some of the craziness going on in our government right now.  There’s the Benghazi thing, with more information coming out daily.  There’s the revelation that the IRS seems to pick on certain groups more than others in its validation process.  The Boston Marathon bombings have evolved into perhaps one of the biggest conspiracy theories around.  The stories say that all of these distractions are leading to more distrust in the American government, and yes, even President Barack Obama himself.  So, it’s time to bring the nation back to its patriot roots with a good 9/11-esque false flag.  A little shock and awe effect to make Americans forget the gun control bickering, Benghazi accusations, and get back to the business of being the puppets of the government to do their every wish and bidding.

All of the articles give that same curious deadline.  Within a week.  Five to seven days.  Hide the women and children.  Buy some bottled water.  We’re in for it.  Somebody’s going down in a blaze of glory, and you never know where they will strike this time.

images-84What does Common Sense Conspiracy say?  It’s garbage.  Do we believe that the government plans operations like this from time to time?  Absolutely.  But these are watershed moments in history, and they don’t usually come very close together.  Another false flag would not bolster American support of the government; it would likely lead to more name-calling, blame-placing, and even more conspiracy theories.  So, the idea that this will quash unrest is just silly.  Additionally, the amount of scandal we are seeing in Washington right now is ugly, but it’s not unusual.  We believe you could find similar levels of controversy in any administration at any given time.  Why a false flag would now have to be imminent, in a limited time range of a week, we can’t imagine.  Oh, yes we can.  It’s just standard fare for these conspiracy sites to try to get attention and fear-monger.  They don’t have to have facts.  That would just be a waste of their time and resources.  Why not make doomsday predictions with absolutely nothing to go on?  That’s way more fun.  And, until Common Sense Conspiracy came along, there was no one to oppose them.  We are not against conspiracy theories.  We are not a “debunk” site.  We call plenty of conspiracies just what they are, but on this one, we have to cry foul and refuse to go with the cool kids in the crowd.  There is no reason to think that a false flag operation is any more likely this week than any other.

Another thing to think about:  you would be shocked by how many Americans don’t give two shits about Benghazi and what happened there.  These other conspiracy sites are playing this angle up.  They are trying to make it seem as if Americans en masse are condemning President Obama on this issue.  The reality is that the same detractors to Mr. Obama are saying the same things they always say; his supporters turn their cheek and scoff at any mention of a cover-up or that anyone in the administration knew anything.  The average American was spellbound while the Boston Police hunted Tsarnaev, and woefully disinterested by the Republican Party’s desperate attempt to make Benghazi a real issue.

We aren’t saying that Americans shouldn’t care about Benghazi.  However, we don’t think the government, or President Obama, for that matter, are shaking in their boots that the American public is incensed about Benghazi.  If they want a false-flag, then they’ll have one.  But it won’t be for any of the reasons or timetables that our conspiracy website friends have listed.

The United States of Conspiracy? How Many of These Conspiracy Theories Do You Believe In?

The results are in.  This clever infographic was submitted to us by one of our readers and we thought it was worth sharing.  There is more than meets the eye here.  On the one hand, it shows that no matter where you are on the conspiracy scene, there’s probably someone out there that has more outlandish ideas than you.  Is that a positive or a negative?  Do any of our readers think that all of the ideas described and polled in the infographic are legitimate?  Do we have an ultimate American conspiracy theorist in our midst?

Thanks to our friends at Best Psychology Degrees for this great infographic.

Glen Beck Gives Ultimatum to President Obama: Tell the Truth About Saudi National or Else

We all heard the media reports about the Saudi national that was briefly in custody during the aftermath of the Boston terror attacks.  He was apparently being treated, then there are the wide speculative reports that First Lady Michelle Obama visited him in a Boston hospital.  From there, some say he was deported, others say he was issued a special apology from the President himself and promised “special health care.”  Glen Beck says he knows the truth about the Saudi national and if President Obama and the federal government doesn’t come clean by Monday, he’s going to release this information to the public.

So, in recap, Glen Beck knows something that will forever change the fate of our nation and the perception of our government.  But he’s going to wait until Monday so he can make sure he gets plenty of ratings by hyping this over the weekend.

Nothing says you care about American like gross capitalism.

Why Prison Planet (Alex Jones) Website is Going Too Far Speculating Identity of Bombing Suspect

Photographs like these are being used at Prison Planet to "identify" the suspects...except their versions have people circled in red.
Photographs like these are being used at Prison Planet to “identify” the suspects…except their versions have people circled in red.

First things first, let’s say that we are all intrigued by the search for truth behind the Boston Marathon terror attacks.  We all want answers, and Common Sense Conspiracy certainly doesn’t always count on the government agencies involved to necessarily give the correct ones to us.  However, sometimes we have to stop and think about how powerful an accusation can be, even if it starts out as an innocent curiosity on a website.

Our case in point is what is going on right now at Alex Jones’ infamous Prison Planet website.  There are articles posted there that go very in depth claiming that they have tracked down the bombing suspects through a trail of photographs and videos.  Don’t get us wrong.  It’s very interesting, and someone obviously put an enormous amount of time piecing it all together.  And for all we know, they may have hit pay dirt and may be following in the footsteps of investigators who did announce today that they have identified a suspect thanks to images from surveillance cameras in the area.  So what’s the problem?  Well, for the couple of people called out on Jones’ site, there are two possibilities.  They are either involved or completely innocent bystanders that now have thousands of people discussing them as having committed a terrible atrocity.

The Internet is too far and wide of an influence now to think that this kind of speculation will go unnoticed.  People are hungry for answers right now, and the government is staying pretty tight-lipped about things.  As Prison Planet points out in the intro to its revelations, a lot of people interpret the government’s lack of sharing information as either indicating that they don’t know anything or that they are struggling to make sure they have their story together before they go before the press.  In reality, they probably don’t want to tip their hand, because you can bet that whoever the real suspects are, they are waiting breathlessly to see what will be revealed.  If the FBI or another agency are close on the trail of a suspect, any revelation could jeopardize their entire investigation.  Not that we are saying there’s no chance there could be a conspiracy here, but their silence on the matter certainly should not be taken as any such proof.

The point is that to make wild speculations on the Internet and actually circle people in photographs and say “We got our man” without any true proof may seem like fodder for conspiracy websites, but it could have severe effects on these people in these photographs.  Remember Richard Jewell, the cop that saved the day in the Atlanta Olympic bombings but then got fingered as a suspect later.  He was 100% innocent, as was proven finally when the real bomber was finally tracked down years later.  Despite never being actually charged with a crime, the mainstream media latched on to Jewell and literally ruined his life.  He spent years trying to repair his image and fighting civil lawsuits for damages for all of the ways the false allegations of the media affected his life.  This guy couldn’t get a job, couldn’t get a date, couldn’t do anything, because everyone thought he was a terrorist and a murderer.  He ended up dying very young, and while there is no way to prove that these terrible circumstances brought about his early demise, it is hard to imagine that it helped, isn’t it?

Instead of "Where's Waldo?" it's "Where's the Muslim Extremist Terrorist?"
Instead of “Where’s Waldo?” it’s “Where’s the Muslim Extremist Terrorist?”

It’s one thing to believe in conspiracies and to question the official account of things.  It is another to play detective and then come to the table as if you have scooped the story.  A lot of the photographs that supposedly identify the bombing suspects on Prison Planet revolve around common stereotypes… like, “let’s scour the photographs for anyone of Middle Eastern descent.”  Or anyone that happened to be on a cell phone (because those are exceptionally rare these days, right?) at the right moment must be somehow involved?  Or if someone wasn’t intently watching the race for ten seconds, they must have been contemplating the chaos and disorder that was about to happen.

These photos, which we are not going to publish here for all the reasons we’ve given above, elicit an emotional response, even though we know intellectually that they may be nothing at all.  You can’t help but get that shiver down your spine when you look at these people and think that you might be witnessing the face of pure, unadulterated evil.  And yet, you might also be looking at someone that is just as innocent in all of this as you are.  The power of suggestion is so powerful that it causes that emotional response right down to your very bones.

So, remember when you post things on the Internet after something like this, your speculation could very well be considered an accusation for the people that find themselves in the line of fire.  Remember people like Jewell who prove that there can be grave repercussions to rushing to judgment and assuming things without the facts to back it up.  Will the people on Prison Planet that are so adamantly proclaiming that they have cracked the case be so adamant tomorrow if the FBI provides a picture of a suspect that looks like none of these people?

We can theorize about this, and we at Common Sense Conspiracy believe that it is healthy to have such conversations, but when you start actually making accusations, you have to be aware of all of the repercussions of the act.  Remember, freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences, and the consequences don’t always fall just on the person that is speaking.

Infowars Reporter Crashes Boston Terror Attack Press Conference: False Flag Accusations Already?

A reporter from InfoWars, infamous Alex Jones website, crashed a press conference in the aftermath of the terror attacks at the Boston Marathon to ask some “pertinent” questions about whether this could be another false flag.  As you might imagine, he was quickly rebuffed.


How Conspiracy Theories Help the Government — Sandy Hook and 9/11 Show the Way Conspiracies Cover Up Conspiracies

3645e9Every good conspiracy theorist out there believes that he or she is on a quest for the truth and avoiding the “brainwashing” effect of the government’s tactics to continue to ask questions and look for facts in the chaos and disorder of disinformation.  You would think that this would have the government concerned.  However, not only do conspiracy theories not worry the government, but they actually make it feel better.

Say what?  Yeah, we said it.  Despite all of our efforts to stay dedicated to the cause of truth and revealing these conspiracies, the reality is that we are actually helping their cause.  That’s a crappy reality, but we couldn’t be real about what we are doing if we couldn’t admit it to ourselves.  First of all, if we were such a threat, we would be eliminated.  Look in history.  Governments have never hesitated to eliminate voices of dissent.  This is America, though, you say.  We have freedom of speech.  Well, we do.  We also have unparalleled freedom to take a bullet if we get out of line.  And believe you me, if we do, we’ll get one.  But the government is not the least bit concerned about us.  There are a couple of reasons for that.

First of all, the government uses the media to brainstorm mainstream America into thinking that anyone that does not accept the government’s account of things as gospel is crazy or maligned.  Those crazy conspiracy theorists, they say around the water cooler and chuckle.  Can you believe they have the nerve to question the government?  Can you believe they don’t lap up everything the government tells them like a cat drinks milk from a bowl?  Silly people.  Sounds a little ridiculous, but it’s true.  The overwhelming majority of Americans believe that most conspiracy theorists are from quacks.  Conspiracy theorists as a whole bring some of this on themselves.  There are plenty of quacks out there, the so-called “tin foil hat” crowd, and there comes with them a myriad of quack theories.  Common Sense Conspiracy tries to fight this as you all know, but it certainly exists.  However, the government doesn’t quarantine conspiracy theorists by having us whacked, rounding us up into concentration camps, or finding ways to imprison us.  They do it by quarantining us within the population.  The government doesn’t have to do it; the brainwashing by the media and the government causes conspiracy theorists to be outcasts from society.  The people do the government’s work for them by alienating those that don’t go with the flow.  It’s quite possibly the most successful government program of all time; the results are astoundingly against us.

Secondly, the government benefits from the fact that conspiracy theorists simply don’t have access to the information to make a fully-coalesced theory.  They can’t help it.  They can only question things, question contradictions in the official account of things, but they cannot prove it.  Of course, if we could prove any of the conspiracy theories that exist, then we would be a real problem for the government and its agenda.  In reality, we can’t, they know we can’t, and those that offer up theories as “factual” only support the government’s program of spreading enough disinformation that it simply becomes easier to believe their account of things than to try to filter through the bullshit theories, as we like to say in our slogan.  They can sit back with their arms folded across their chest and say “Look at them, they can’t even agree on their own theories.”  And they’re right, but ultimately, they are the reason for that.

Look at 9/11.  The theories about this event are endless.  And yet, the government is wholly unconcerned.  Why?  Because by and large, the American people simply accept what happened and move on.  If there was a massive conspiracy, most Americans would simply rather not know.  Easier to believe than to be forced to accept that our government murdered its own citizens to help demonize Muslims in the American culture.  Sandy Hook is another example.  The accounts are so contradictory and numbered that no one can even get close to the truth.  The disinformation trumps the real information, and pretty soon, no one even remembers anything except it was a tragedy and something must be done.

It’s unfortunate, but conspiracy theories are actually beneficial to our government, and that’s why they keep them around.  So, should we stop looking for the truth?

Of course not.  But we must understand that we are a cog in the wheel of the very machine we despise, and there is little that we can do about it.