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50th Anniversary of JFK Assassination — How the Media and Government is Using This Occasion to Smear Conspiracy Theorists Some More

This article is being written on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.  All over America, different organizations are recognizing this in some form or fashion, and Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton even stopped by his grave to commemorate the occasion.  At Common Sense Conspiracy, we have plenty of articles stocked up on all things JFK, but on this particular day, we aren’t going to spend a lot of time mulling over the most well-known conspiracy theory of all time.  What we want to do is continue to spread our message of how the government spreads disinformation and tries to persuade the average American citizen to believe something other than the truth.

Like anything else in a capitalist society, there have been plenty of attempts to cash in on the anniversary.  There have been tons of documentary specials all over broadcast television detailing the events leading up to that tragic day, as well as thorough analysis of the infamous Zuprader film frame by frame.  However, if you turned on any mainstream media source today, there was one common theme through all of them that is the focus of our attention today.

Whatever political affiliation the news organization might have, it didn’t matter on this one.  Every major mainstream news source had some sort of article talking about “conspiracy theorists” like they are aliens from outer space.  There were all kinds of catchy titles and slogans.  “Why are JFK Conspiracy Theories So Attractive?” read one.  “The Appeal of the JFK Assassination to Conspiracy Theorists” read another.  It goes on and on.

What are they trying to do?  Are they seriously trying to convince us that there was nothing at all to be concerned about on that day?  Not at all.  The government and its puppet, the mainstream media, have long ago given up on trying to actually convince anyone of anything about the events leading up to the Kennedy assassination.  However, they are opportunists, and they never miss a chance to try to remind everyone that conspiracy theorists are crazy, damaged people that should never be listened to.  They don’t miss a chance to remind Americans everywhere that conspiracy theorists are the “ambulance chasers” of politics and history, always looking for a great story of paranoia to attach to any major event.

It works.  The average American reads these stories, goes “those crazy kooks,” as they sip on their morning coffee, and then go on about their work day.  Slowly but surely, though, the term “conspiracy theory” becomes a synonym to crazy, ill-advised, and malicious.

So, Common Sense Conspiracy wants every one of our readers to know for sure that there is no reason to hide in the shadows.  Sure, there are crazy conspiracy theorists.  But the government and mainstream media want so badly to brand everyone of them as that, when the truth is that they only represent a very small segment of an ever-increasing population of people that just don’t believe that every little thing that is put on their spoon should be taken down without question.

jfk-limoQuestioning the official story of things doesn’t make you crazy.  After all, the same people that dismiss conspiracy theorists as being nutcases continue to allow proven time and time again liars and thieves to manage their affairs at the top of the leadership of our country.  The same people that think all conspiracy theorists wear aluminum hats are the same ones that were shocked and appalled to find out that the United States government was spying on the American people for no good reason at all on an alarmingly frequent basis.  And then, what did the mainstream news sources say?  Oh, well, if you throw shots in the dark all the time, you’re bound to hit sooner or later.  So, they got one right.

Whatever you believe about those fateful events on November 22, 1963, we just want you to know that it is all the more important on November 22, 2013 that we continue to search for the truth, not just about John F. Kennedy, but about our everyday lives under a system of government that has long ago succumbed to an intricate web of corruption, abuse of power, and routine consumption of personal liberties.  So, as we remember that day, let’s make sure that JFK’s assassination does not go purposeless.  After all, an overwhelming majority  of American citizens do indeed believe that there is more to the story than the government would have us believe, making the JFK assassination easily the most widely believed conspiracy theory of all time.

So, who’s crazy?  Everyone that’s not on the government’s side?

That’s a lot of crazy people, and the list is growing each and every day.

President Obama and Half-Brother Deemed Criminal Terrorists By Egyptian Court

There is a growing number of alternative news sources reporting that President Barack Obama’s half-brother, Malik Obama, whom most of you probably had no idea exists, has been charged with all sorts of atrocities in Egypt.  Malik is widely thought to be plugged in with the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that President Obama supported (go figure, huh?) and then was cast out of Egypt and declared a terrorist organization (after the United States supplied them with millions of dollars, of course).

Well, those revelations might have done a little bit to tarnish the Obama family name, but now, new reports are going a step farther, saying that President Obama himself has now been officially charged as a criminal terrorist by a filing in Egypt.

What does it all mean?  Not a whole lot.  President Obama isn’t going to be held before any sort of international court anytime soon, most likely never.  And, yes, you or I could file papers in some of these court systems overseas claiming any sort of outlandish things about anyone we choose.  It doesn’t mean that it’s true by anyone’s definition.  Is it interesting?   Hell yeah.  Is there reason to look a little deeper into this strange Obama family kinship?  Absolutely.

But what should we really take away from this?  Just who is Malik Obama, and if he really exists and does the things that they say he does, what kind of massive conspiracy could be at work that we never once heard him mentioned in either election campaign?  Don’t you think it just a tad strange that neither Mitt Romney nor John McCain nor the Republican Party as a whole saw fit to call Obama out for his half-brother being a near terror mastermind?

So, the charges are interesting, but what is most interesting is Malik Obama…the man…myth or legend?

What Does the Number 231134421 Mean?

A mysterious YouTube video with some disturbing imagery leaves us with this number and an ominous warning to “Be Ready.”  People all over the world are flocking to this video, wondering what it all means.  Well, first we show you the video:

The video is strange enough, but another YouTube user has really broken this down, and the slowed down version with explanation is even more menacing:

So, what do you think? Is this a hoax or ploy to get a lot of attention? Or is this a true warning that yet another horrible event is being planned on the world stage? And if so, will it come through water? Could we see another massive tsunami? Katrina-like hurricane? Or could it signify water a different way, as in the water supply?
All we can say is the video is fascinating, and whatever the case might be, it never hurts to “Be Ready.”

Russell Brand Wants a Revolution — And We Agree With Him

Well, if you had told us five days ago that comedian Russell Brand would be spreading the message that we do here each and every day at Common Sense Conspiracy, we would have said you were nuts.  Turns out that Russell’s statement calling for a “revolution” of sorts is exactly our message.

While Russell may not be “qualified” to make these statements, the ones that are “qualified” in Washington sure don’t seem to be the answer, so perhaps unqualified should be just the candidate we are all looking for.

The best part of this inspiring tirade by Brand is when the interviewer tries to play a card that we hear all too often here at this site… but if you don’t vote, you can’t say anything.

What a load of…what would Russell say?  Rubbish.

The idea that if you don’t vote, you have no say in what happens in anything is ludicrous.  Think about it for a second.  If there is no viable candidate to vote for, why should you vote?  Just so you can argue that you voted in a debate.  No, no option means no vote, and unfortunately, that has been the case for many, many years now.

To vote for one of two choices when both represent nothing but more corruption is to vote to keep things the same, and in fact, prolong it for years to come.

Why do you think we have all these “Rock the Vote” campaigns each election year with a steady stream of celebrity personalities encouraging us to get out and vote.  Think they just want us to embrace our civil liberties, the same damn ones they are methodically taking away?  No, of course not.   They do want us to get out and vote because it matters.  Not because our vote really counts, but because if we are all out voting from the lesser of two evils, we have once again cast our vote for this system to remain intact.  See, from the government’s standpoint (and when we say government, we don’t mean Republicans or Democrats, we mean the real powers-that-be, the ones that control what is really going to happen), if we are all divided by a faux two-party political system, we can never muster enough people to actually make a difference in reality.

World Bank Strategy in Coming Years — Income Redistribution on a Massive Global Scale

Well, the title says it all.  A good, informative report about what the World Bank intends to do and just how they might have the stroke to pull it off.  Also, what it means for the rest of us that fit in that now global middle class, otherwise known as rich people.

Alex Jones Says Rebels Responsible for Chemical Attacks on Fox News: Spreading Info or Helping the Government?

Okay, so we know that title may seem contradictory at first, but bear with us.

Popular conspiracy theory “expert” and radio show host Alex Jones has a penchant for flamboyant accusations that has made him a controversial figure in the conspiracy world.  Some people live and die by Alex Jones; others feel that he is just the kind of person that makes people that believe that everything in our world is not always what we are told it is look silly and foolish.  Common Sense Conspiracy has frequently addressed Alex Jones in our articles, sometimes agreeing with him, and sometimes pointing out that not everything that ever happens is part of a grand conspiracy.

So, we are not surprised by the video below which features Alex Jones sparring off on Fox News about who is really behind the chemical weapons attacks in Syria.  We do want to point out one thing about it.  If Alex Jones was a threat to the government, do you think for one minute that they would let him on the mainstream media (which we know is essentially run by the government) to peddle his thoughts and theories?  Of course not.  So why is he on there, preaching his gospel?  Easy.  Because the government wants him to.

Alex Jones is the kind of person that the government appreciates.  He has incorporated himself into a little conspiracy empire, much like people such as Glenn Beck and others have done.  With that comes exposure, money, and the constant ire of people that believe that people who really are searching for the truth usually don’t become blowhards like Alex Jones.  The government is more than happy to have Alex Jones spewing about false flag operations on the airwaves.  It actually makes people out there that were on the fence head back the government’s way.  That’s right.  To someone that is on the fence, someone who thinks that maybe something isn’t right about this, but then, they usually believe the government is, at least for the most part, on their side and trying to do the best for the American people, seeing Alex Jones doing his number on Fox News will actually drive them away from conspiracy theories.  After all, they don’t want to cast their lot with Alex Jones, right?

So, if Alex Jones is such a conspiracy savant, then why would he not realize this?  Oh, he does.  But exposure means more money from him, and this parasitic relationship between him and the government has allowed him to build a career from basically nothing.  Times like these are booming business for Alex Jones and others.

So, having said all of that, Common Sense Conspiracy completely agrees with Alex on this one.  There is very little reason to believe that what President Obama and the American government is saying is true, and every day, there seems to be more reason to believe what Alex Jones has to say on this matter.  We just don’t think him saying it lends it any further credibility with the average person.  The government knows they have lost the people that are reading websites like this.  These people have seen the light and understand that there is an agenda beneath (or above, perhaps) everything that is the guiding force, and it will not be found off course.  However, for the people that turn on Fox News whilst drinking their morning cup of coffee, the government knows they are still impressionable.  So, they unleash Alex Jones on them, spewing truth with passion, but only obscuring it further with every word.

The Most Radical Conspiracy Books and TV Shows

Conspiracy theories have once again been launched in front of the public eye, this time in response to the current controversy surrounding former NSA sub-contractor Edward Snowden. This controversy first hit the public in this past month, when NSA documents provided by Snowden served as fodder for stories published in The Guardian and Washington Post. According to these reports, the NSA has authorized everything from surveillance of email and Internet searches to an ongoing metadata of all television calls conducted within the U.S.

2800796272_b59e51316a-1The Snowden controversy has inspired questions of security and civil liberties, many of which have spiraled from there into the development of several conspiracy theories — some of which seem plausible and others that are decidedly wacky. Of course, this isn’t the first time conspiracy theories have taken a prominent place in pop culture. The media have long provided the public with plenty of examples of possible conspiracies, as is evidenced in the examples detailed below:


And now, thanks to the latest drama surrounding Edward Snowden, sales of George Orwell’s dystopian classic soar once again reaching record levels. For those of you who missed out on this great book in high school, here’s what you need to know: a province known as AirStrip One is in a state of perpetual war, with its government exerting the ultimate control over citizens through the use of constant monitoring.

All independent thought engaged by those, not a part of the inner elite is labeled as “thoughtcrime” — but one brave soul aims to break through this system in hopes of achieving some semblance of freedom. According to the latest conspiracy theories, the events of “1984” are currently playing out in the U.S.

‘Brave New World’

Like “1984,” “Brave New World” is a dystopian classic that has received much praise over the years, as well as comparisons to current government policy. As with “1984,” the premise of “Brave New World” is that of a futuristic society in which very strict government has become normal and expected … but that this control arrives in a far more insidious format than that featured in “1984.” Author Aldous Huxley feared future generations would become passive and petty, and according to many conspiracy theorists that prediction has come to fruition.

‘Fahrenheit 451’

Ray Bradbury’s famous dystopian novel focuses on what could happen in a society in which all books were banned. In later years, Bradbury would admit to having written the book in response to McCarthyism, a movement that he feared had the potential to spur strong withholding of information from the public. Activists at WikiLeaks have released a number of documents for the very same reason, proving the issues addressed in “Fahrenheit 451” remain relevant today.

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

First known as a wrestler before exploring such career choices as an actor and governor, Jesse Ventura has now set himself apart as the host of a popular truTV show covering today’s wackiest conspiracy theories. Since its premiere in ’09, “Conspiracy Theory” with Jesse Ventura has covered everything from global warming to zany conspiracies surrounding September 11. His coverage is always interesting and often, surprisingly informative. According to, this show proves truTV’s ability to keep up with the most prominent issues of the day.

Image by Dave Winer pursuant to the terms of his Creative Commons license.

Article by:  Victoria Campbell