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Supposed ISIS Video Shows U.S. “Accidentally” Dropping Weapons to Terrorist Fighters?

With almost three quarters of a million views on YouTube, this video that purports to show the United States forces “accidentally” dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS warriors has definitely gained traction. Is it authentic? Well, as is all too often the case with these things, there is little or no way for the average layperson to determine whether the video is authentic, but there aren’t any glaring problems with it either. Assuming the video is real, there are two possible explanations for it. Depending on which side of the propaganda bandwagon you happen to reside on probably determines how you perceive what you are seeing.
For those of the ISIS persuasion, it probably looks like a small victory as they believe they have intercepted weapons that the United States dropped for others that are supposed to be fighting ISIS. But many in conspiracy circles believe that the United States might be dropping these weapons on purpose. That may seem crazy at first glance, but many believe that the United States and the powers-that-be on the international stage want ISIS to continue to flourish, leading to a real, full-scale war in the future. So, basically, you have to decide between whether you believe there is a massive conspiracy and the United States is secretly supplying its supposed enemy with weapons and supplies, or whether the United States is just really bad at making sure the weapons it is dropping land in the right hands.
Which one makes you feel better?

Weird Al Yankovich Pokes Fun at Illuminati and New World Order with “Foil” Parody of “Royals”

Weird Al pokes fun at conspiracy theorists everywhere and their tin foil hats in his latest parody video of the song “Royals” by British star Lorde.  He references everything from the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati to the New World Order and Big Brother.  So, what do you think?  Is Weird Al cashing in on the stigma of conspiracy theories, or could he be nodding to something that he might believe in more than he wants to let on?

Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg

Our friends at The Corbett Report published this excellent video that delves into why the Bilderberg group is such a threat to all of us.  It also takes a look at American politicians and their seeming fascination with “transparency.”  If you really think about it, when was anyone in Washington transparent about anything?  Yet they talk about it all the time, even as they work overtime to make sure no one has a clue what they are up to.  Great video and please visit their site to support their work.

Sydney’s Massive New Year’s Eve Fireworks Display Features an Illuminati Surprise — All Seeing Eye Down Under?

Well, for those of you that are always keeping up with the latest movements of the Illuminati and the globalist New World Order movement in general, there are plenty of reasons to believe that 2014 has plenty of surprises in store.  While most of these require a bit of knowledge and reading between the lines, the people of Sydney, Australia got a more alarming in-your-face sample that 2014 may indeed be the year of the rise of the Illuminati.

Sydney holds a massive fireworks show to celebrate the New Year each year.  It is quite a production, with thousands of fireworks displays choreographed perfectly with a musical soundtrack.  This year, however, there was a little surprise in there when the Sydney night sky lit up with the internationally-recognized sign of the Illuminati:  the all-seeing eye.  The eye was one of the most eye-catching (no pun intended) spectacles of the show, and certainly left a lasting impression on many that saw it either live or through the wonders of the Internet.

The first video below shows the actual moment in question with a little alarming music to make you scared while you watch it.  The second is an actual good-quality video of highlights from the entire sequence of which this is only actually a very small part.  It is quite an impressive display and worth the watch, even if the Illuminati is not the top of your list of priorities.  Having said that, for God’s sake, shouldn’t it be at the top of your list of priorities?

It’s 2014, people.  Happy New Year.  Happy Enlightenment.

World Bank Whistleblower Reveals Nuclear Attack Plans on Parts of the United States

This video takes us inside the world of the World Bank and what one former associate claims is an elaborate plot to influence the world’s politics and finances.  It also goes into detail about a particularly disturbing plot to nuke certain areas of the United States as part of a much larger plan to institute a New World Order environment.  It’s interesting at the very least, and well presented.


Australian Online Bank Robbed for Million Dollars Worth of Bitcoins

Well, this is an obvious problem of currency that exists only in the domain of the Internet.  No more gunmen, marked bills, and tellers pushing silent alarms… the new, modern bank robbers hide behind firewalls and computer screens.  Never mind trying to wrap your mind around the concept of money that was digital being stolen.  Where did it go?  Where was it in the first place?  Anyway, this is a big problem for the digital era, and someone will have to figure out how to deal with it if Bitcoin is to be as big of a mover and shaker as some believe it could be.  Of course they could always just make more…that’s worked out really well for the Federal Reserve in the United States of America.

World Bank Strategy in Coming Years — Income Redistribution on a Massive Global Scale

Well, the title says it all.  A good, informative report about what the World Bank intends to do and just how they might have the stroke to pull it off.  Also, what it means for the rest of us that fit in that now global middle class, otherwise known as rich people.