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September 26-27 Elenin Alignment In Progress — No Effects Recorded

Well, folks, time for today’s comet Elenin update.  As many of you are aware, today, September 26th, is the beginning of one of the alignments of Elenin that was most prominently featured in some of the doomsday predictions that have been circulating on the web for months.  Today, even as we speak, the comet is passing between the Earth and the Sun.  As of 5:10 P.M. Central Standard Time, the comet’s trajectory has had no recorded effects on the Earth, as we here at Common Sense Conspiracy have long expected.  To be fair, this may not mean that all the theories were incorrect; in fact, the comet Elenin has disintegrated so much over the past month that it is quite possible that it simply isn’t large enough to cause some of the problems that were forecast.  In any case, the comet will soon have completed its dance between the Earth and the Sun and be on to its next destination (which no doubt will result in a whole new conglomeration of theories and predictions).

There were three recorded earthquakes during the last twenty-four hours.  None of them were over 6.0 magnitude which is what seismologists refer to as a “significant event.”  In fact, the three earthquakes were quite normal, and many days feature more of these small tremors than today.

For those interested in some facts about comets in general, the comet Elenin’s tail always points directly away from the Sun.  So, as it approaches the Sun, the tail will indeed be pointed at the Earth, but due to the disintegration of the comet and the simple fact that it is quite a large distance away from us, the tail poses no danger.  Most likely it never did, regardless of Elenin’s composition.  These fun facts are courtesy my old Introduction to Astronomy textbook I had to dust off after retrieving from the closet.

Of course, if you are one to believe in the more outlandish theories about this incident, such as UFO’s riding along behind Elenin and huge brown dwarf planets re-entering the solar system, I guess the jury is still out.  So far, they seem to have piggy-backed on the comet and passed us right by.  I’m sure they have a terrible, sinister reason for it that they just haven’t revealed to us yet.  Stay tuned!

The following animated image shows the trajectory of comet Elenin as it passes between the Earth and Sun today and tonight.  Just for your viewing pleasure…

CERN Already Proposing Time Travel Possible With New Findings

Powerful "skytracer" floodlights light up the 27-kilometre ring of the Large Hadron Collider of the CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, in Geneva, Switzerland.
On the heels of reports that the CERN laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland had discovered particles called neutrinos travelling at speeds faster than light, the physicists there are already happily talking to the media about what these new findings might mean for humanity.  One of the most notable possibilities that they are discussing is the advent of time travel that could come as result of these groundbreaking findings.  Jeff Forshaw, a professor of particle physics at Britain’s Manchester University, told the Reuters news service that this makes possible the idea of “sending information into the past.”  That sounds like opening the cosmic door for time travel to us here at Common Sense Conspiracy.

Read more: Time Travel Possible With Faster Than Light Particles Revealed.

This could be a revolution in physics like never before seen in humanity, and yet, it is only meagerly reported in the media.  The scientists at CERN seem more than happy to talk about their impressive findings, but the appetite of the media seems less than excited.  What do you think?
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