2016 WF9, the Doomsday Asteroid, is Coming in February 2017 to Destroy the World — Worried?

It’s a story that is repeated yearly. Remember comet Elinen and what a big story that was in the conspiracy world. There’s a new one every time you turn around, and 2016 WF9 is the first one of 2017. According to conspiracy theorists, this asteroid, which is supposedly a chunk of Nibiru, the mysterious planet that some say is encroaching on the solar system, will smash into the Earth, causing a doomsday scenario with mega tsunamis quite possibly leaving no one left standing. Predictably, NASA says it’s no big deal and no one should be worried. Below are some videos from people out there pushing that this is it. Should we even bother filing our taxes this year with the end just around the corner? Let us know what you think. Are you worried about 2016 WF9?

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