Why Do Conspiracy Theorists Think that Michelle Obama is a Transgender Male?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy have avoided this topic because it seems to border on the absolute ridiculous. Yes, we cover some “out-there” theories here on this site, but there are some conspiracy theories that even we don’t want to get involved in. However, due to continued queries about this subject from our reader base, we have no choice but to address this issue.

There is a persistent theory on the Internet in conspiracy circles that First Lady Michelle Obama is not really a woman. It goes pretty far into it. She never gave birth to the children that are currently living in the White House and the kids were “rented” to make the Obama family more palatable to the American public. There are videos all over the Internet that break down in detail why they think Michelle Obama is really a man, and the allegations that President Obama is gay go back decades (and have been previously addressed on this site during his initial candidacy as well). And there is even a fringe theory that Joan Rivers outed this and that is why she was basically murdered on the operating table.

We’ve included a couple of videos below that outline why some people think these things. One is just one part of a series examining Michelle Obama and trying desperately to convince you that she has manly features that are easily discerned if you look carefully. The other explains the Joan Rivers theory. We do not have anything to do with these videos and are simply sharing them in case you are totally in the dark about these concepts and want to at least peruse it for yourself.

Having said that, Common Sense Conspiracy is of the opinion that Michelle Obama is a woman, those are her children, and there is no real reason to question that. Almost any woman could be questioned if you put them through the unbearable scrutiny of these videos. And the idea that a figure like Joan Rivers was privy to such an important secret and then had to be murdered to keep her quiet is reaching at best. The Joan Rivers one is particularly insane as it revolves around what mostly seems like a random innocuous comment.

There are plenty of conspiracies right in front of our face, and plenty of those involve the President of the United States. But come on, guys? Michelle Obama is a transgender? That’s a little much.

One thought on “Why Do Conspiracy Theorists Think that Michelle Obama is a Transgender Male?”

  1. At first I thought, wow, commonsenseonspiracy has really jumped out of the window on this one. It was refreshing to see you reach the same conclusion as me. She’s definitely a woman, those are her children, and thank you for remaining so respectful of the first lady.

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