Jeffrey Alan Lash — Dead Man Rotting With 1200 Guns and a Wife That Says He Worked for a Government — Oh Yeah, He is Also an Alien

The case seems right out of The X Files. A man’s body is found decomposing in his car out on the street where they determine he has been for a week or more. He has a stash of 1200 guns, over $200,000 in cash, and fourteen vehicles, one at least specially built to ride underwater (yes, Toyota apparently can do this for you if you have enough cash).

That’s the crazy story of Jeffrey Alan Lash in California, and the plot is thickening by the moment. His wife says that Lash confessed to her that he was working for the CIA and several elite government agencies on some super-top-secret stuff. His family has confirmed that he is an “alien hybrid” constructed from DNA that apparently our government already has from extraterrestrials. And, as you might imagine, the mainstream media has little or nothing to say about it.

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