Brooms Standing On Their Own — Planetary Alignment or Simple Question of Physics?

Won’t see many of these classic brooms standing up by themselves.

Brooms standing on their own, defying gravity before our very eyes. This is something that has sparked a lot of intrigue around the Internet. Apparently, it originated back in August of 2009 in Prattville, AL when a woman saw her everyday, average broom standing straight up without anything holding it or securing it. It was simply balancing perfectly on its bristles. Since then, the phenomenon has been documented in many other places all over the globe, and the theories about why this is happening have gotten quite ambitious. It has been blamed on planetary alignments, magnetic pole shifts, increased solar activity, and even some nonsense about Mercury and retrograde motion. As more and more reports of standing brooms sweep the nation (no pun intended), we at Common Sense Conspiracy decided it was time to take a closer look.

The first thing you might want to note about these videos and still pictures is the similarities. While the mysterious standing brooms come in all sizes and colors, they all share a few characteristics. All of them are brooms where the bristles form a flat, horizontal surface at the bottom of the broom. Notice the absence of any angled brooms. Coincidence? Not at all. Angled brooms are not featured in any of these videos because you are not going to get an angled broom to stand up on its own without any outside force helping out. You will find angled brooms standing up, but most of them look fake from the start. So, are we implying that flat brooms can stand up? Absolutely.

Now, not every broom that has a flat bottom can stand up. Notice that most of the brooms you see doing this are either quite new or in excellent shape. That means that the bristles are still strong and have not been worn down so that the bristles are very different in length. From there, it is simply a not-so-superhuman feat of finding the broom’s center of gravity. Sure, it takes a soft choice and an elementary knowledge of physics, but our investigation revealed that anyone can do it, given the right broom. While it does look pretty cool, we have to admit, it is hardly any phenomenon of nature, except for that one we call physics.

Some of the theories have even suggested that there are only certain times of the day where the brooms will stand. These theories are absolutely correct, because the only time of day the brooms will be standing like this is when the owner carefully stands it up, perfectly balancing it along its center of gravity. However, the laws of physics do not change across day or night, so the odds of getting any broom to stand on its end do not improve by the time of day, position of the sun or planets, or any spooky incantations you might utter while trying to make it happen.

So, is this a hoax? Well, not really. It is true that it can be done. The deception comes in the creation of the illusion that the brooms are doing this all by themselves. It implies that the brooms at some point just move themselves to this position. However, you will find zero video evidence (at least reputable, undoctored videos) to corroborate this. This whole adventure probably started when the woman in Prattville accidentally placed the broom perfectly on its center of balance when she was done with it. Or perhaps one of her kids passed through and performed the feat for her to witness later. In any case, all of the stories you hear are bent in some way to make this seem even more supernatural and paranormal. For those of you still wondering what the hell we are talking about, here is the video that supposedly started it all:

When someone shows us a broom that moves to this position all by itself and then lifts itself off the ground, having no contact in any direction, then we will be happy to report a real paranormal event.

EDIT: It has been brought to our attention by our loyal readers that many have found that an angled broom is just as easy to stand up as any other. Common Sense Conspiracy has performed some more experiments, and we still feel that the condition of the broom’s bristles is definitely a factor in this, but be aware that this can be done on any day. There is nothing special going on any particular day or time that makes this possible. If you don’t think so, do it over and over again at different times of the year. If this were truly a natural phenomenon, you would be able to do other objects as well. While the planets do have effects on the Earth as a whole planet, they most certainly do not exhibit any effect over objects as small as a broom. Also, this is a recurring urban legend for years. It has gone through different forms. Obviously the broom is the popular one of the moment, but historically, the same rumors were spread about standing an ordinary egg on its end. And, yes, you can stand an egg up to. How about some user-contributed photos in the comment section of a freestanding broom next to a freestanding egg. Common Sense Conspiracy will publish any such photo ops on our front page, so get to it… Also, anyone that posts a pic of a standing broom and standing egg gets a free copy of the novel “Crisis Point.” Show us what you can do. Here’s a photo from just a couple of minutes ago from the CSC Headquarters… notice Dan the Man’s fearful look at the “Broom of Doom.”


133 thoughts on “Brooms Standing On Their Own — Planetary Alignment or Simple Question of Physics?”

  1. Actually, you are wrong. My girlfriend and I have an angled, 2 year old, semi regularly used broom. My gf saw on Facebook a comment about the brooms, neither of us never hearing of it before. My gf grabbed our angled broom, tried it, and it worked. Handle tilting way out, and it clearly should have fallen over, but it didn’t. We did it several times, and there was a slight feeling of it pulling itself upright. Whatever makes it do it, it clearly works. And whether or not anyone believes it means nothing to me, because we saw it ourselves and that’s all that matters. It’s crazy. -from Texas.

    1. I totally agree with the one above. My broom is an old angled broom , but it stood up on its own. Yes, you could feel something kinda pulling it, but not sure of the explanation for that:)

      1. Points taken, guys. The point of the article was that you could do this on any day, not just when the planets or whatever align. I have to agree, though, it will freak you out for a second. I did experience the pulling effect, but it seemed more like just finding its balance. Definitely cool, and I thought it would be a lot harder with an angled broom, but it turns out it’s not really that hard at all. However, I will point out that it only vindicates what we are saying…which is that standing a broom up like this is possible anytime, any day, and nothing supernatural or resulting from an astronomical phenomenon. Also, we would like to point out that you can’t do this with other objects. If this were a true phenomenon caused by something like a planetary alignment, then other unlikely objects could be stood on their end as well.

        1. WRONG again ! I have a 2 year old worn out angled broom and when my wife and I heard about it we tried it an t and it worked. Now I tried it 2 days later and can’t get it to stand for the life of me.

          1. I used a broom today that was like 2 years old, in really bad condition, and the shape of the
            bristles on the bottom are practically round. But im pretty sure you can do it any day if you
            did it 2 days ago and the rest of the world can do it today

        2. Brooms are not human! Objects don’t look for balance, but energy does! A friend of mine posted brooms, mops, and golf clubs! I’m going to try it on & for a year and I’ll get back to ya!

          1. I do believe this is a Christian sight that sounds to me that they don’t believe in anything other than a simple explanation….if God didn’t do it than it’s not possible!

          2. Hello, he wasn’t implying that the broom was cognitively seeking something, but rather it was falling towards its center of gravity. This broom “phenomenon” is something anyone with a steady hand can do to nearly any object with a relatively flat bottom surface and an obvious center of gravity.

      2. My broom is angled and old and very used inside and outside, far from being in good shape. It stood up in the kitchen, living room, hallway and outside on the deck. I took pictures of it in all of those places. I was amazed….I could walk around it and it didn’t stop standing until I picked it up and put it away!

      3. I wish I could figure out how to upload a picture here because my angled broom is standing right now and has been for the past hour.

      4. I have an old angled broom standing alone im my kitchen where it has been for the past couple hours with the dust pan attached to one side i have four kids and 2 dogs running around and its still standing I also got my webster duster to stand alone and it has a circular top or bristles

    2. I totally agree with Chris T. I saw this on facebook too so I grabbed my 3 year old angled broom from the closet and expected it not to work. I wasn’t even trying to balance it….I just simply let go of it and it stood there. I too felt like there was a slight pull when I let go of it. Don’t understand why it is standing. The handled is tilted back at an angel..totally weird!

    3. Does your angled broom have a light weight plastic handle? If so, then the center of mass will be located very close to the base of the broom where the brisles are located allowing it to balance. Physics is amazing! Just ask Newton!

    4. Your angle on the angled broom is B.S. I’m looking at one standing up right now.

      If you are revering to a push broom, then you should clarify that.

    5. Funny thing, after hearing all this from my wife, I decided to go to my local Walmart and test this theory. Yesterday, March 7th I was able to accomplish this task with 16 brooms. I also had the classic wooden handled, plastic handled, straw bristle, nylon bristle, straight, and angled. Result…..THEY ALL WORKED. The physics side of my brain (I am a qualty engineer for an aerospace firm) said “wide base…flat surface, of course this will work”, but on angled brooms? Makes you think……

      1. That’s exactly the “common sense” we employed when writing the original article. However, we were wrong, and it does make you wonder, doesn’t it?

        1. It’s true. Have photos and will try to upload. Went into work yesterday and all the brooms were standing up.Also on Tues. night the globe above my kitchen sink fell off the base and didn’t fall vertically it projected out into the middle of my kitchen floor. Just crazy thought someone was breaking in.

      2. I have a video of my ANGLED BROOM standing on the top of my wooden chair i also have my angled brrom standing on my railing with video and pictures to prove that angled brroms do the same thing.

    6. I was just gonna comment when I read this post, my wife and I also have an angled broom, with severely worn bristles that are askew every which direction. On top of that, we have very old worn out uneven hardwood floors and the whole time our 30 lb 2 year old daughter was running around and jumping around the broom and its still standing 30 minutes later and I plan on leaving it there all night to see what happens. I really need an explanation because I don’t believe in ghosts and don’t know enough about the solar system and its really intriguing the hell out of me so if anyone has some substantiated answers please do tell

    7. I found this rather interesting because I myself have been seeing random posts about the standing broom trick all over facebook today. So, about 15 minutes ago, 11:47pm on Thursday night, I got my ANGLED broom to stand up. I would love to show you the picture. I took 3 pictures of it at 3 different angles, proving that i literally walked passed my broom two separate time once I got it to stand.


    8. I did this last nite when my 23 yr old daughter told me of this.
      I had 2 different types of brooms stand alone.
      one broom was slated one was a twisted bristle type and I felt the pulling when trying to stand it up.
      both worked.!!!!!!!!!

    9. We tried the experiment at school with an angled broom. It stood up most of the day even when students were changing classes. I would send a photo but I’m sure you would say it was fake.

    10. I have a straight broom and an angle broom standing upright side by side to show the difference. They have been standing upright for almost 5 minutes now. I have taken several pictures as I can’t believe it myself. It is cool and crazy. It is possible for an angle broom to stand unassisted. I have found that it will only stand with the tilted handle pointed toward the East. No other direction seems to show results. WOW!!

    11. The brooms are the topic of the day. Our school has a standing broom in the hallway that has been there for most of the day. It is ANGLED and OLD and it is STANDING ALONE with no support. This is reality not fantasy as the author of the article would like us to believe.
      This is great. It’s not magic, it is fact!!!

    12. Sorry guys! You are bad wrong! I grabbed the angled broom from my closet about 15 minutes ago, didnt try to balance it, simply let go, and bingo…standing on its own. Got the pics to prove it. Might want to do a bit more research before going online and looking – well, ignorant! Good luck!

    13. I agree w/ you from Texas, I have 2 brooms one w/ a nylon bristles & a metal handle very used & worn & isn’t flat by any means & another broom w/ straw bristles & a heavy wooden handle. I’d heard that right now there is a “solar flare” which is causing this phenomenoa to happen all over the world. I tried it & it worked, I’ve got pictures. I called a friend who lives 2 hours away, & I told her to hold her broom up…at first it wouldn’t stand she kept trying & hers is at a complete tilt…but isn’t falling…completely defying gravity! Only other place I’ve heard of this happening is in a vortex. Is this going to continue? Or is it only in Spring? Any scientific answers, I’d love to hear about it-It’s very COOL for sure!

    14. Totally agree! Just tried it with our angled broom. And yep, stood up by itself and is still standing as I speak (write)!! If I could upload a pic of it -I would.

    15. Right there with you. Old, angled bristled broom with some bristles bent upwards. Works like a charm, standing tall! Pretty cool.

    16. Mine too. Old, angled broom with tattered brissels. Stood mine up on the tile in the kitchen and stood our even older and tattier angled one outside on a unlevel patio stone in our yard.

    17. I also agree. I had someone tell me of this just today. I called bulls__t! I tried it with an angled many year old short handled broom. The bristles are worn & stick out every which way. I even did it on a tiled floor that is not completely flat. It worked.

  2. My ANGLED broom is standing straight up and has been for about 30 minutes now. Nothing is holing it up either! Wish I could post a picture to show.

    1. We have recognized that we were wrong about that…but we welcome pictures…post them here or in the forum…we are currently looking for a standing broom next to an egg standing up as well…anyone that can bring that gets on the front page tomorrow! And a free copy of the Crisis Point novel… Any takers?

      1. Booooo! Get your own facebook and your own weird friends that have nothing better to do all night that walk around their freaky brooms!!!

  3. Nah…my mop stood up! So something is going on! No way all these brooms, mops, etc… are just standing on their own. Crazy!

    1. Can we get a photo? LOL… preferably with an egg, broom, and eighteen copies of Crisis Point aligned in a row standing up perfectly.

  4. My broom is angled and it has the dustpan on it. Its about 2 years old. Its been up all day even with my son running around it. Weird!

  5. My angled, 2 year old broom stood in my kitchen for 30 minutes before I got kinda freaked out and took it back to the laundry room 🙂 It will work with angled brooms!! Most definitely!

  6. I couldn’t get my bristled broom to do it but I had no problem getting my old straw broom to do it. I also felt the pulling effect. Lol I have a friend on fb that has all different styles and sizes of brooms free standing along with a mop. One of our gas stations has a penny and Nickle free standing as well.

  7. It works with angled brooms, I tried it with a couple of different brooms one without alot of angle and used alot and one very angled and not used alot worked with both.

  8. I call bullshit on this article. I stood my angled worn out broom and it stood for a day in a half before my dog knocked it over. The person who wrote this article needs to do a little more hands on research before he starts calling the BS flag on everyone else!

  9. Haha. I’m sorry… This is a crappy article. The “experimentation” must have been filled with preconceived opinions about the outcomes. I have stood up several brooms now. One of them was an angled broom and one of them was a well-used old broom with straw bristles nowhere near “good condition.” I’m not saying that this means it’s a natural phenomenon, I’m just saying that this article was based off little, if any, actual research.

  10. Also, a very strange occurrence I noticed while trying to stand up a brand new broom: it actually fell west even though it was leaning east. That is the strangest part that makes me consider the whole idea of the Earth’s tilt or planetary alignment or whatever. It’s pretty cool, regardless.

  11. Not quite true about only nice new firm brooms doing this. My neighbor just came over with an old cruddy broom that her husband uses to sweep their garage. She stood it up on my front step and it just stayed like that until she went home. Weird looking…

  12. We have a used broom, so worn out only about half the bristles are on the floor yet it stands alone and it’s a leaner! Cool! The old mop stands alone too!