John Kerry Saves the World — Tehran Agrees to Nuclear Pact

Thank goodness!

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are now completely relieved!

It seems that John Kerry has engineered a “historic pact” that has alleviated all of our fears about Iran and its nuclear program.

It was so historic, even President Barack Obama spoke on it.  After all, he could use a little good press right now with Obamacare dismantling itself before our eyes.

Anyway, now that we know that a rogue nation has pledged that it will agree to not do what  we tell it not to (because they would never break that vote of confidence), we can all rest easier in the safer world that Kerry and Obama have created for us.

kerrycomic2I’m sure Israel isn’t even going to bother worrying about Iran after this.

Oh yeah, and a big part of the deal was giving Iran access to billions of dollars that we are providing, even though everyone knows from the debt ceiling “crisis” that we obviously have no money to fund such an endeavor.

The world is a little safer tonight, thanks to John Kerry.  Be appreciative.

2 thoughts on “John Kerry Saves the World — Tehran Agrees to Nuclear Pact”

  1. Wouldnt it be better if you did a bit of fact checking before making biased judgements. The funds in question are actually iranian funds and assets which have been blocked in European and chinese banks as a result of US sanctions. Giving access to these funds is part of a US charm offensive and will not cost the US tax payer anything. Furthermore this is only a small part of blocked funds which are being returned.

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