Cory Monteith was just coming into his own as a Hollywood sensation thanks to the remarkable success of the television show Glee.  That all was cut short Saturday, July 13, when he was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada.  Just 31 years old, his body is scheduled for an autopsy, and authorities are giving us a story that is now all too familiar:  no cause of death known but no foul play suspected.

Could Cory, 31, be the Illuminati's latest target?

Could Cory, 31, be the Illuminati’s latest target?

It is worth mentioning that Monteith just completed a substance addiction treatment program (otherwise known as rehab) back in March, so the obvious first thing we will all expect here is that the final verdict will be a drug overdose.  However, we just don’t have enough information at this time to make any kind of judgment on whether the official story seems likely to be the correct one.

For those of you that may be thinking that this has all the warning signs of another Illuminati strike, we can certainly see the logic there.  Another young Hollywood burgeoning star passes away in what is at least initially a somewhat mysterious situation.  There is only one indication we have found that Monteith may have been involved with the Illuminati, and it is the simple fact that he is a follower of @TheIlluminati on Twitter.  Obviously, we don’t believe that this particular Twitter account is genuine, but it does play the part (meaning it doesn’t behave as a prank, it really walks the walk of what you might imagine an Illuminati Twitter account to be like, all with cryptic riddles and prophetic Tweets).  While it hardly indicates that Monteith was a disciple of Enlightenment, he was at least aware of it.  Whether or not that is indication that there is more at work here remains to be seen.  Certainly if we find out later that Monteith was in a bloody bathtub when they found him, that will probably increase our feelings on the matter.  In the meantime, we’ll continue to see what we can dig up on Monteith’s past and his possible connections to the Illuminati until more information becomes available.

Who is that there at the bottom?

Who is that there at the bottom?

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