Renowned for his role as Tony Soprano in the HBO classic series The Sopranos, James Gandolfini died suddenly today in Italy as a result of what is being reported as a massive heart attack.  At just 51 years of age and famous for playing the enigmatic head of a crime family, conspiracy forums and the Internet in general were abuzz with theories.  It’s something we see quite often here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  Anytime someone famous dies in a manner that can even remotely be viewed as mysterious or unexpected, the insinuations of Illuminati-involvement rise to the surface.  While not all of these have no validity, we just want to take a moment here to stop this one before it starts.

An investigation on the Internet shows absolutely no information that James Gandolfini was ever meaningfully connected to the Illuminati in any way.  That’s almost hard to believe.  No one at all has ever suggested that this star actor was Illuminati influenced.  So, based on that, it is alarming to see that just because he died suddenly at a younger age, the Illuminati rumors are now being floated out there.

First of all, rest in peace Mr. Gandolfini.  You entertained millions with this role and others, and while it’s only natural that people debate things like this, it shouldn’t take away from what is at its heart a tragic loss.  Having said that, let’s examine why this is definitely not an Illuminati hit job.

The first and most obvious reason:  there is no connection between Gandolfini and the Illuminati.  The Illuminati doesn’t spend a lot of time killing people for no reason.  It’s not worth the effort.  People that have legitimate Illuminati hit job claims can always show a progression between the Illuminati and the person of interest and usually a certain moment in their career where they did something that went against them or did not follow their prescribed path exactly.  Like a bad romance, real Illuminati relationships ebb and flow through stages.  There’s the courtship, then the acceptance of each other, usually followed by a major acceleration in stardom and fame.  Then, there’s that pivotal moment in time where the person is pushed too far or begins to buck the system.  Then, we watch the long kiss goodnight.  This relationship simply doesn’t exist in the case of Gandolfini.

Unfortunately, it's not altogether unbelievable that James Gondolfini could be a heart attack risk.

Unfortunately, it’s not altogether unbelievable that James Gondolfini could be a heart attack risk.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, consider reason #2.  The Illuminati seeks out people that are widely influential to even wider groups of people.  They want icons that can appeal to multiple demographics.  The kind of people that are on the cover of every magazine at the supermarket on a regular basis.  The kind of people that are in the public’s eye on a daily basis.  Gandolfini became famous as a beloved character in a very popular television show, but he was never that kind of figure.  As a matter of fact, since the end of the series, Gandolfini was rarely in the public eye at all.  The Illuminati simply doesn’t waste its time with people like Gandolfini.

Last but not least, the Illuminati uses symbolism in their hits.  Think Jimmy Hendrix and the wine.  Think Michael Jackson and all of the crazy weirdness in that spectacle.  A heart attack is not enough to indicate Illuminati involvement.  Put simply, if it can be explained away as halfway normal looking, you can bet the Illuminati had nothing to do with it.  Think Heath Ledger.  The list goes on and on, but when the Illuminati strikes, there’s a story.  Details come out.  Everyone scratches their head and wonders how that could have happened.  Think Whitney Houston.  Right now, there is no reason to doubt the story that Gandolfini simply died from a massive heart attack while hanging out in Italy, which we’ll give you is ironic, considering what made him famous.

Unfortunately, while the Illuminati has claimed plenty of victims before their time, there are more forces in the world causing people to die young than just them alone.  Not every surprising death is an Illuminati hit job.

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