Fort Hood Suspect Nidal Hasan Still Gets His Salary Today — Is the Government Worse Than Him?

Total insanity is what it is.  Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan has been locked up for years waiting on a trial that is finally approaching jury selection.  But because we are a caring and compassionate nation, this Islamic extremist that opened fire on our servicemen and servicewomen in a non-combative setting continues to reap the benefits of his Major position.  He still gets paid at his pay rate and has amassed over $250,000 in wages while he waits for his trial.

Rules are rules.  That’s what the military says.  Not being classified as an enemy combatant leaves Hassan with all the rights and luxuries the average American citizen has when they run a stop sign.  He continues to get paid, because despite the fact that everyone in the free world knows exactly what he did, it has not technically been listed as a conviction, so the Army has not terminated his employment.  And his classification actually prevents victims from getting all of the benefits they might have received if this was termed and treated as an act of terrorism.

Fort Hood is another example of political correctness gone amuck.
Fort Hood is another example of political correctness gone amuck.

Why is he still getting paid?  Well, he hasn’t been convicted of anything yet.  For four years, our wonderful justice system has managed to keep him afloat on the sea of appeals, motions, and nonsense.  Here’s our question.  How many of you think that if you suddenly were jailed without bail for a murder trial that your day job would not terminate your employment?  You obviously are not satisfying your normal purpose as you are incarcerated.  Hasan was a psychiatrist of all things.  Is he still seeing patients behind bars?  Why can they not at the very least cast him out of his position?  Do we now have  a Family Prison and Criminal Protection Act that we didn’t know about?

We know the wheels of justice turn slow sometimes, but the Fort Hood incident is one of the worst you’ll ever see.  The fact that the families of those that were senselessly murdered by a madman have received not even baby steps toward justice is an atrocity almost on level with the crime itself.  Why do we as a society sensationalize these people?  Now, the judge has ruled that Hasan can represent himself in his trial, as he requested.  This means he will get a platform to spread more of his extremist nonsense with a media circus to help propagate his message.  All while still receiving what most Americans would consider a very decent salary from the American military.

Sometimes we feel like conducting things with no common sense should be listed as an act of terrorism itself.

Is there enough magic in the moonlight for Hasan to walk?  Because that would really be the icing on the cake.

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