Doink the Clown Dead — Illuminati Connection?

Yes, Matt Osborne, better known as the WWE character Doink the Clown, was discovered dead at his girlfriend’s apartment yesterday. Yes, he was only 55 years old. It’s tragic. Yes, a homicide investigation has been opened, but that is kind of deceiving, because it is a formality really to do that when a death has no known cause. For now, police say that they don’t know why Osborne died, but the word on the street is that there is no reason to think that foul play is involved at this point.

Remarkably, we had several people contacting Common Sense Conspiracy just minutes after this happened wanting to know if we had any information and if the Illuminati might have killed Doink the Clown.

The answer is: NO, ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Why on Earth would the Illuminati kill Doink the Clown? Really?

Anyone that follows our site on a regular basis knows that we cover the Illuminati regularly, and we certainly believe that they are active and have blood on their hands historically. But to infer from any of that they might be sitting around plotting to kill Doink the Clown is ridiculous.

So, instead of debating silliness, let’s instead remember Doink the Clown and try to move on. Case closed.

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