George Carlin Rationally Explains New World Order/Illuminati — Death Sentence?

The late comedian George Carlin got carried away and delivered this bit in one of his shows heard the world over. It is entirely possible that no one has ever explained this concept better, and we thought it worth sharing with you.
I guess what we’re saying is, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

3 thoughts on “George Carlin Rationally Explains New World Order/Illuminati — Death Sentence?”

  1. Too bad many of his social beliefs, as expressed in his later years, helped them out. The Illuminati needed us deChristianized and demoralized to move in their beliefs. Good job, George!

  2. Do you really believe they don’t control the religious establishment?

    Have you heard anything Ol’ Pope Frankie has been saying?

    George was spot on.

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