A secret Nazi Pope?

A secret Nazi Pope?

In case you didn’t know, there has been plenty of hubbub about previous Popes actually being Nazis.  Pious, Benedict…actually, the list goes on and on.  That is why some Catholics gave a collective sigh of relief when Pope Francis was elected this week.  Because he was from Argentina, heralded as the first South American Pope, many thought that maybe they wouldn’t have to hear the Nazi cries.  Even Bill Maher congratulated the Catholics for finally selecting a non-Nazi Pope.  But wait a minute?  Aren’t we forgetting something?

Argentina was a haven for fleeing Nazis during and after World War II.  Why?  Well, that answer is a little complicated.  After all, Argentina was a half a world away, so to speak, but then, Nazis needed a place like that to run to.  Argentina made a perfect candidate.  Germans had migrated there since the 19th Century, so it was not uncommon to see German people in the area, so that made it a less conspicuous place for them to turn up.  Also, even though Argentina was technically neutral during World War II, it is pretty generally accepted that then President Juan Peron was a Nazi sympathizer.

If those weren’t enough reasons, here’s the icing on the cake.  Argentina has some of the world’s most rigid extradition laws.  It is very difficult to successfully have a fugitive extradited.  The reason for the labyrinth of laws surrounding extradition is the nature of the region.  South America has frequently been unstable with various coups taking over for periods of time.  When a military coup or otherwise takes over, often previous leaders would flee to neighboring countries seeking asylum.  For that reason, the laws kind of sprung up across South America to protect political figures, and then, later, would be beneficial to Nazis.

Well, here’s the good news.  A thorough examination revealed no direct ties between the newly anointed Pope Francis and Nazi Germany.  That’s good.  However, the Argentina connection will continue to haunt him, and there will be plenty of people, especially those in conspiracy forums and such, that will continue to accuse him of a history with the most infamous of regimes.

To his credit, Pope Francis has already, even two days into his reign, reached out to the Jewish people in a positive way, hoping to put aside some of the anti-Semitism that plagues the Catholic Church to this day.  Will it be enough?  And will more damning information come out as time goes along?

Common Sense Conspiracy will keep you posted.

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