Pope Francis I — St. Malachy’s Prophecy Complete? Final Pope?

In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit … Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations: and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible judge will judge his people. The End.

We have a new Pope!  But is it the last?
We have a new Pope! But is it the last?

Those are the chilling words of the final passage of St. Malachy’s Prophecy, the infamous 12th century vision that revealed all of the Pope’s. All of this, of course, leads up to today (an interestingly foreboding date of 3/13/13), when the white smoke rose into the sky to confirm that the council had indeed agreed on a new Pope, the one expected by believers of the prophecy to be the last one. This comes on the heels of the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict. Prior to his resignation, many believed the final crowning moment for St. Malachy’s Prophecy may still be several years down the road, but now it is upon us. So, did Malachy get it right all the way to the end. Does the new Pope fulfill the prophecy or tear it down at last? And what does it mean for the future? Is this really the final Pope?

The new Pope is Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the 76-year-old archbishop of Buenos Aires. He is rumored to have been the runner-up to Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) back in 2005. He’s a pretty natural selection and explains why the conclave was able to come to a decision relatively quickly. Latin America also is home to the largest portion of Catholics in the world, making it a symbolic choice as well. He is the first Pope from South America and the first ever to not be from Europe. This could symbolize a moving away from tradition in an attempt to reform and modernize the Catholic Church.

A picture of the now Pope Francis I.
A picture of the now Pope Francis I.

All of that is fun to talk about, but let’s get to the point. What name did Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio select to start his reign? The name of Francis makes history. Pope Francis is Pope Francis I, and the very name is an indicator that the new Pope has reform and changing the image of the Catholic Church on his mind. After all, Francis of Assisi was synonymous with church reform and the rebuilding of the church in a very turbulent time. He also was a champion of humility and charitable works. He was such an influential figure in the annals of Catholicism that many believed no Pope would dare take his name because it would be considered almost sacrilegious. And yet, Bergoglio has done just that. Could it be because the end of the line of Pope’s is soon at hand?

We will be analyzing where this Pope announcement fits in the St. Malachy Prophecy. At first glance, there seems to be no connection. However, in the history of the prophecies, often it is some overlooked detail that allows people to find a way to make a case that Malachy was right again. We will have more on this later this evening as more research on Bergoglio is completed. At this point, the only connection that we can come up with to the prophecy is that the Cardinal selected a name that was a first. The name of Peter was considered the same way as Francis…untouchable. That was the meat of the prophecy, that the last Pope would cast aside all of that and take that name. Perhaps this Pope taking Francis, a first, is a roundabout fulfillment of the prophecy. But that’s just reaching right now and knee-jerk reaction. Better to wait until more research, opinions, and actions unfold to see what the real connection might be.

Pope Francis' first public outing.
Pope Francis’ first public outing.

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      1. Peter Never went to Rome. God told him his assignment was to evangelize The House of Isreal. Paul the Apostle was sent to the gentiles (all who are not Jewish). The book of Romans was written to the gentiles in Rome in the New Testament. People should read it for themselves.
        Also an estuary (bone box carved out of stone) was found in Jerusalem 40 or more years ago
        with Perer’s Jewish name carved into it – Simon bar Jonas. Peter is burried in Jerusalem.

        1. You are so right – Peter Simon bar jonas never went to rome but Simon Magnus of the book of Acts went to rome and with great miracoulous signs and wonder started the roman church on the foundations of that old and wicked Babylonian System

    1. Baraq ubamah translated from hebrew means lightning from heaven. JESUS SAYS IN REVELATIONS “I BEHELD SATAN AS LIGHTNING FROM HEAVEN translated to hebrew and its baraq ubamah. Antichrist is very real from revelations. Antichrist is also portrayed as a man of peace. HOW GOT THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE??? 9/11/11 IN FRONT OF 2 BOTTOMLESS PITS WHERE THE TRADE CENTERS USED 2 B . BARAQ ALSO DECLARED HIMSELF AS GOD. EXACTLY WHAT REVELATIONS SAYS ANTICHRIST WOULD DO. READ REVELATIONS 9:11 AND IT ALL COMES FULL CIRCLE. ANGEL OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT…IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  1. To second what was said above, CNN just said that he is the only Pope to come from outside Europe…besides Peter, the first Pope!

  2. Prophecies are never written in stone. They can be used to guide. Perhaps the prophecies have helped alter the direction that the church is moving towards. Maybe there was a choice made by the church to move away from those predictions. I hope so. I hope that this pope does look to change things to fit in today’s time and language, using it to spread the message of love unity and peace. The people of the world that feel that within them need to become the more vocal the more heard. Be the light =]

    1. You are confused if it’s a biblical Prophecies that are absolutely written in stone . But anything else is not written in stone … God Word reminds absolute truth and one of the evidence of this biblical prophecy always comes true

  3. I was gonna say the same thing and the fact that st Malachi was alive near the time of Francis Assisi. Thefact that he is 1st pope besides Peter to take role it could be fulfillment totally unexpected but that’s how God works

  4. Francis ~ On a pilgrimage to Rome, he joined the poor in begging at St. Peter’s Basilica. This made him truly “the Roman.”

  5. The completion of the papal conclave has proven that Malachy (if he existed at all) was wrong, (or at least the hoaxer is wrong who attributed the prophecy to Malachy in the first instance. Know one knows the hour or day the end will come.
    God has HIDDEN this from all eyes. Why else is the book of revelation so vague and disconnected to our time and space?
    Antichrist and the false prophet WILL arose, but it’ll be be millions (thousands more probably) years in the future.
    This end time foolishness is boring, pointless, stupid and too far into the distant future to worry over.

    Its the end when its the end
    M sincere apologies to all those dooms day buffs!
    Maybe next time, hey?

    1. There is no way to know when the end will come, but the accelerating rate of decline leads me to doubt that humanity has as much time as you suggest.

    2. Read 1 Thess 5:4 It tells us that time will come as a thief in the night upon the world, but believers will know, they wil not be caught off guard. If you are a believer you know the time is short, malaci prophecy real or not.

    3. To “Truth” …. You are not telling the truth. In Luke 21, Jesus is very explicit about when the “end” will come. He gives the disciples a whole shopping list of things to watch for, then talks about the fig tree blossoming. The fig tree is a symbol of Israel. Jesus tells the disciples that Jerusalem will fall and not one stone of the temple would still be in place. Then He says that whe the “fig tree” blossoms again, these signs He’D listed would begin to come to pass, AND the generation that saw Israel made a nation again would see all these things. Israel was not a nation for over 2000 years, then, in a day, May 14, 1948 it was reborn. It is the only nation to do so, ever! So … We CAN know the time .. What we cannot know is the actual day and hour. AND … We are that generation. ALSO… Revelation is completely understandable. NOW. Previous generations have had difficulty understanding it because it seemed so surreal. We who live in the 21st century have no difficulty understanding the concept of 200 million, for example. And John’s descriptions of weird animals are not so strange for those of us who know about helicopters, tanks, flame throwers, and the nuclear bomb. Please find a teacher who will actually lead you through Scripture … not just quote Scripture out of context.

    4. Jesus said that to the world He would come as a thief in the night, but to the believer He would not. To Quote Matthew 24 is the standard argument of all who fail to understand that not only do we know exactly WHEN He will return, we also know to within a 48 hour time frame of His return. He died at Passover, was in the ground for three days( Matza), He rose on First Fruits, and sent the Holy Spirit on Pentecost ( The first Four Jewish Feasts all fulfilled ) He will come for His bride on Trumpets, He will reappear in Glory on Atonement, and Rule and reign for a thousand years ( Tabernacles )…..the three feasts yet to be fulfilled. His return is imminent, could even be this year, but it is VERY close. Wake up my friend, you need to repent and get ready.

    5. Truth…

      how do you KNOW that the antichrist will not arise for “millions of years”? While Jesus did state that no one will know the day or the hour, He DID state that we would know the season, and recognize it by the signs… Furthermore, He also told us to watch and pray that that day did not come upon us unprepared…

      So how is it, you contend that those who, unlike yourself, accept Jesus’ words are, how did you put it “…foolishness is boring, pointless, stupid and too far into the distant future to worry over…”?

    6. Sorry Truth……this IS the end…..for us a glorious meeting with our Lord in the skies……for you 7 years of horrific tribulation…..are you pretending because the bottom line is that it scares you half to death? Just repent……say Jesus I’m sorry I doubted you, and you can join us in the clouds…..I find that most people who deny the truth are full of fear for their future, Jesus said FEAR NOT for I am with you. Praying for you.

        1. This Maneths Braineth is filled with Of Mucheth O twoeth, and Aireth, this man is of much intellegentis, and straight fowardeth. Baptist’s are just plum stupid, and backwardeth.

    7. The Bible also tells us that you will know the season. Since Israel took Jerusalem, the “season” started, and we are also told that this generation will see the second coming. So, 1967+40 to 120 years, leaves us with 2007-2087(certainly not telling us the day, but the season.)

      1. Another example of foolishness like Harold Camping ? .Maybe something where there is nothing.We seen enough of this garbage date setting days and a year .Quit make some mathematical magic number fit .They never will . Signs yes math now …

    8. Here a example of someone who know little of biblical truth .Over and over Jesus warns to be aware of the signs .He scolds them in scripture for not being aware of His coming the first time .He show Matthew 24 and Luke 21 sign to look for on His second coming. All scripture is God inspired not some . We also here a pastor quote a thief in the night except they seem to fail to read the rest of the text .You as in believers are not children of the day that this day (Jesus returning) show take you by surprise .

    9. The Bible says to be watching and waiting for those looking for Christ’s return…those watching will see the signs, those not watching will ignore them or refuse to see them. The book of Revelation is not that vague if you take the time to study it. I don’t know if the prophecies of the this man are true or not but I do know that the Bible is true and the signs of times are everywhere! God bless, seek Him and He will be found!

  6. Peter the roman?!???!!! lol ol lol eee aah ee!
    Final pope!, you people!, really!
    I suppose the truth’ll be twisted to make the prophecy the new pope, lol!
    Good luck with that one!

    1. you art a dumest assest, you are thicketh, of common senseth, You eateth of the Goats grain, and shall be seperateth of the goats to the left, your all leftisteth, and biblioidolerteristith, and you shall be in the lake of fireth. I disembowelest, baptistist from my cracketh hole like Bobeth DeBoyeth.

  7. The prophecy says he will feed the sheep,i don’t see any apostasy with the prophecy.And Pope Francis is at least half italian on his father’s side but does he have jewish blood?St.Peter was Jewish.Either way Jesus is coming.

    1. An exhaustive article I came across before Francis, covered the prophecies and how they were fulfilled by each of the popes. I thought the connections made to explain the fulfillment of the prophecies were very obscure and some farfetched; I expect someone will come up with something to connect this pope to the prophecy down the road despite his name.

  8. St. Malachy could be right. Actually, I fear the last persecution he talked of is true and real. I fear I hold the key to trigger such a persecution.

  9. This new Pope is a Jesuit. The high priest of the Jesuit was always called the black pope. Petrus Romanus, means Peter the Roman. Peter means the rock or stone and stone of Rome means the black stone in Latin.

    1. It could be that the Vatican’s council did acknowledge the prophecy and choosing this name was kind of an acknowledgement. As for the end of the world the only things that come to end are the things that prevent our growth. Sometimes it takes big time resets (disaster and destruction) in order to rebuild or renew. It seems as if humans still cannot see a better way to change before disaster strikes. This whole revelations and end of the world to me only means the end of the world that never worked and the beginning of a new world in where technology and humans progress and advance faster then we ever have in the past. Its all the negative and all the brain overload and distractions that prevent us from progressing. But judgement day where humans are no longer or even the end of Catholicism or the church. That will never be the only thing to come to pass are the negative things or people that stop our progress.

  10. Jesuit priests are the only order of priests who can give the rite of reconciliation/confession to the pope,it’s interesting that Pope Francis is a Jesuit,i wonder if he heard any previous popes confessions?

  11. Petrus Romanus means the black rock. Jesus called Peter the Rock. Please google the “stone of Rome” what is called in Latin and you will see it’s known as the black rock. Black is the color of the Jesuit and they have the black pope name for their leader. The pope is the rock as he is the representative of St Peter. So black rock (petrus romanus) is the Jesuit Pope.

    1. Such nonsense. The Latin name “Petrus Romanus” translates to “Peter the Roman”. It has nothing to do with “black”. Also, all priests wear all black more often than anything else. Why am I not surprised that people would stretch things as far as possible or even make up ridiculous nonsense to connect the new pope to this prophecy or to the Illuminati?

      1. Really! Where on earth do they get “black” in “Romanus”? There is SO much garbage on the web, and I know I have to see multiple, independent-of-each-other corroborations of information to pay attention anymore. People just make up stuff, or repeat nonsense they never think about or think to investigate, before incorporating it into THEIR VERY BELIEF SYSTEM! Conspiracies and extra-Biblical prophecies remind me of all these stock market predictors, where it’s forever true that “only time will tell," i.e., tell that they’re wrong! I’ve got a word for you, guys, c-o-i-n-c-i-d-e-n-c-e. You think just maybe it’s a coincidence that, every time some new prophecy, UFO, Bigfoot, et al, conspiracy or radical interpretation of scripture comes along, could it be just a COINCIDENCE there’s somebody selling a book, a CD, or a DVD, promoting the idea, COINCIDENTALLY selling this stuff to COINCIDENTALLY gullible people? Tell you what, all you buckos out there, want a new experience? Try critical thinking for a change. Oh! And maybe somebody needs to tell you that, if it’s on the web, maybe that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s got to be true.

    2. Ed you posted this twice already. Why are you trying to pound your BS lie down everyone’s throat? I have googled Stone of Rome, Black Stone, etc. and there is NO correlation to Petrus Romanus. Cite your source or GTFO.

  12. St Malachy never gave the real name of any pope but he gave hints. Why you are assuming that for this 112 pope he revealed his name by saying Petrus Romanus means Peter the Roman. Not one prophecy that came from saints or prophets gave real names but hints. Peter means the rock as it can’t mean anything else since Jesus said it like that. The Rock of Rome means ONLY the black rock. Whatever you say will not change the fact that the black color was always related to Jesuits. Rock=Pope (St Peter representative) and black is the color for the Jesuits. Jesus always said that the wise will understand. St Malachy’s prophecy was in that direction like all the prophecies thru time.

    1. Know what else he didn’t do? Get anything right about any pope after the supposed discovery of the prophecies. And something else he didn’t do? Exist.

    2. Look at http://www.franciscan-sfo.org/hland/sandamiano.pdf
      “The long hours of soul-searching which Francis went through
      in the years 1205-1206 find their first answer in the words of the Crucifix of San
      Damiano: ‘Francis, don’t you see that my house is being destroyed? Go, then, and
      rebuild it for me.’"
      Jesus told the disciple Peter “On this rock, I will build my church…”
      This is a connection to the new Pope that cannot be dismissed.

      Jesuits currently serve in 112 nations. This is the 112th Pope.

      There are many, many connections…do the research.

  13. The name Peter in the prophecy may refer to “Peter the fisherman” from the bible. The new pope is a member of the Society of Jesus, a jesuit whos symbol features the letter IHS. The new popes coat of arms features the same letters. Read the second statement in the following.

    A common Christogram based on the first three letters of “Jesus” in Greek (Ίησους, in Greek capitals ΙΗΣΟΥΣ, or ΙΗϹΟΥϹ using lunate sigmas, semi-Latinized IHSOVS).

    Early Christians, persecuted in the Roman Empire, used the fish as their secret symbol to recognise another member of the Faithful. It is still used to-day and referred to the Fisherman but had a second significance:

    The Greek word for “fish” was “Ichthus”. I: Iesus, Ch: Christus, Th: Theou (God , possessive), U: Uios pronounced with a “h” (son), S: Soter (redeemer or saviour). Thus “Fish” also stood for Jesus Christus Son of God the Saviour, abbreviated: IHS (Jesus the Son the Saviour).

    The prophecy may well be true,

  14. He was elected on 3/13/13 at 13 minutes after the hour. The 13th chapter of Revelation is about the anti-christ and the beast. 13 was also the number of guests at the last supper until Judas betrayed Jesus. It is also where Jesus prohesies Peter’s denial of him. Some interesting coincidences.