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The story started out with a couple of states petitioning the White House for permission to peacefully secede from the United States of America.  Now, the movement has grown and encompasses twenty states, most of which are known as “Red States,” or states that voted Republican in the election last week.  In our previous article yesterday, we outlined the relative silliness of this and how it is a very small amount of people involved compared to these state’s entire populations.  However, there was a line in the sand from the White House “We the People” website for when a petition becomes serious enough to warrant a real response from the President.  Texas has now passed the magical 25,000 signature mark in its petition, meaning that by the White House’s own rules, they must now respond to the request.

Okay, we hate to spoil the movie in the middle, but President Obama is not going to approve this.  That is obvious.  Especially for the state of Texas, which is one of the states petitioning that the United States would truly consider to be crucial to its livelihood.  But Texas is also the only state that could realistically pull such a move off.  After all, the petition itself cites that Texas as a state is the 15th most powerful economy in the world.  Texas was a republic of its own before.  However, the bottom line is simple, as usual.  Texas has a lot of resources that might make it able to go it alone, but there is not enough military they could muster to overcome the United States.  And Obama would likely be forced to turn to that option if this movement really got out of control and spiraled into violence.  Being that millions of people in Texas do support Obama, despite the state going to Mitt Romney in the election, you can bet that there will never be a majority in this matter.  These petitions try to act as if the entire state is unified in this request, but nothing could be a greater stretching of the truth.

If you are one of the now thousands considering signing one of these petitions for your state or another, we do want to issue you some words of warning.  The White House website requires you to register some basic information in order to sign the petition.  This is presumably to verify you are a real person and in the United States and to provide a means for communication.  After all, the site claims that all people that sign a petition that warrants a White House response will get a private correspondence with the President’s official response.  But there’s a bigger door being opened there that many of you might not have thought about.  Yes, if you are disenfranchised with the federal government and the election results, it may be tempting to sign onto one of these frivolous petitions to show your frustration and send a message.  The bigger message might end up at your doorstep.

What if the people that sign these petitions are considered to be enemies of the government in the Fed’s eyes?  Think about it.  Just signing one of these petitions probably instantly escalates your standing on the watch list.  An ordinary citizen yesterday, a domestic terrorist that tabs must be kept on the next.  That is the world we live in.  It is foolish to think that the government will not pay any attention to this whatsoever.  More likely, they will use it as a quick way to isolate thousands of people that seem to be going against the grain, so to speak.  Ever heard of “no fly lists?”  You might be on it, if you signed one of these petitions.  Home-grown domestic terrorism has taken the spotlight away from overseas extremists; don’t sign your life away on a silly petition and put your name out there for something a lot more than the “statement” you were tying to send.

Picked up a few extra parties this time around… This makes building the border fence rather difficult.

For the record, when we call these petitions silly, we don’t say that because we take the right of the people to petition their government lightly.  We are just pointing out that these “movements” are started by a few.  Chances are, most of the thousands signing are not really hardcore wishing for a secession.  They certainly don’t want to fight a new civil war with the American government.  Here’s the truth:  the process by which a state would really attempt to secede from the union would be a lot more profound than an online petition that anyone can start.  For starters, you can look back to American history for some pointers on how this would go down.  When a state secedes from the union, they are declaring their independence as a sovereign nation.  See another little petition called the Declaration of Independence.  As America did back then, you don’t ask for permission to leave.  Maybe you do at first, but ultimately, secession is not a peaceful exit but a declaration that you are backing out because the government breached their part of the contract.  From there, it would probably end up with Texas or another state taking their case to the Supreme Court, arguing that they have the right to leave peacefully because of the Constitution (which incidentally, includes nothing at all about a process for secession).  From there, one side would either give in or a war would probably be the final result.  Once again, we don’t think Texans or any other state are prepared to go that far.  So, before you sign up voluntarily to be a domestic terrorist for the rest of your life, you might want to think if it is really worth it.

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