Not only does Hudson deny any Illuminati involvement in her career, but she takes offense to the insinuation as well.

Especially in the wake of Whitney Houston’s death and Jennifer Hudson’s touching performance on the Grammy’s as tribute to her, more and more people are pointing fingers that Jennifer is in the Illuminati.  Some even say that she was handpicked by the Illuminati to be Whitney Houston’s replacement.  However, Jennifer herself was more than happy to address these rumors and spoke out against the Illuminati conspiracy theories.

““I’m so glad someone brought this Illuminati mess up because only a child of God would address it. That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life. And it’s offensive because basically what? The people that are here today don’t deserve to be where they are? What, we didn’t work for it? So I find-and I hate to go there-but I find it’s those that can’t make it that would probably join Illuminati, or whoever that is, to get somewhere.  Don’t listen to that type of stuff, don’t follow that stuff because those people are only luring you in to become a part of some mess like that, so know that you’re only falling victim. That’s their way of gaining [followers]. I’d advise you to stay away from it. Those who are reading it are falling into it. It could not be more untrue.”

So, Miss Hudson not only denies the Illuminati rumors, but encourages people to not fall into the trap of believing in the nonsense, citing it as a self-fulfilling prophecy as the paranoia creates itself.

Maybe the world needs a few more people like Jennifer Hudson to speak out.

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