We at Common Sense Conspiracy know a good conspiracy-themed website when we see one.  And Godlike Productions is as good as it gets.  We even feature a link to them in the bottom left of our homepage.  However, in our ordinary travels to spread our message to the masses, we decided to visit GLP and post some good information that we thought others might like to see.  To our surprise, our IP address had been banned.  Now, we had never posted anything at all at Godlike Productions, so imagine our surprise that our IP would be banned on arrival.  But, they offered a nice prompt box to request that your ban be rescinded.  So, an innocent party, we went through the process.

The reply came almost instantly through email:

As you can see, our good friends at GLP have banned our IP with no explanation, but they are more than happy to let us in if we just upgrade our account, for a small fee of course.

GLP has gone to new lows with this practice.  There was no reason for this IP to be banned, except that they want new users to upgrade to be able to see their mountains of content.  You can rest assured that Common Sense Conspiracy will never go for such a low-down, controversial business model.

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