Godlike Productions Bans New Users to Promote Its Subscription Service

We at Common Sense Conspiracy know a good conspiracy-themed website when we see one. And Godlike Productions is as good as it gets. We even feature a link to them in the bottom left of our homepage. However, in our ordinary travels to spread our message to the masses, we decided to visit GLP and post some good information that we thought others might like to see. To our surprise, our IP address had been banned. Now, we had never posted anything at all at Godlike Productions, so imagine our surprise that our IP would be banned on arrival. But, they offered a nice prompt box to request that your ban be rescinded. So, an innocent party, we went through the process.

The reply came almost instantly through email:

As you can see, our good friends at GLP have banned our IP with no explanation, but they are more than happy to let us in if we just upgrade our account, for a small fee of course.

GLP has gone to new lows with this practice. There was no reason for this IP to be banned, except that they want new users to upgrade to be able to see their mountains of content. You can rest assured that Common Sense Conspiracy will never go for such a low-down, controversial business model.

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79 thoughts on “Godlike Productions Bans New Users to Promote Its Subscription Service”

  1. GLP is a government disinfo operation. Look into who own that site, and their business relationships.

    Post the word “Bitcoin” and see if you get an instant I.P. ban.

    1. Though this is old news, I too have been banned from there many times. I quit going and tried several other forums. I ended up at a bunch I didn’t like, but I do like doomjunkie dot com.

  2. Yes, it seems to be a consensus. We here at Common Sense Conspiracy used to scour the GLP boards looking for what everyone was talking about, but they banned us. Doesn’t really matter that much…we are still doing just fine without accessing GLP. Just favorite us and you’ll get everything you need to know without the censorship and craziness you get over there. No permabans here 🙂

  3. Just wanted to ssy I havd looked on godlikeproductions probably a total of 30 times in 5 years, ive never posted on there and only sent the link to someone twice…..i was also banned

  4. Well they f**ked with the wrong guy. I emailed the mods with my youtube video, showing them my LOIC. (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) and how I’d just be willing enough to use it if they don’t cut that s**t out right now. I won’t tolerate being censored by anyone, let alone a bunch of f**king crooks. But then that’s how the entire internet is.

    mark zuckerberg is a crook.
    moot of 4chan is a crook. I heard recently he raped a girl.
    richard burlew recently scored a million dollars from his dumb a*$ fans, another crook. He’s a pedophile.

    The internet is one big mafia syndicate, and that’s why they call it the web. Because it’s a web of lies and exploitation. I’m sick of going through the trouble of writing intelligible content, to get no appreciation, or even the basic dignity of being left alone. I’m not asking for cash or praise, just mods keep their grubby hands to themselves and leave my content be. If they can’t do that, then they deserve to get DDoSed, and if I had that info, I’d put up their credit cards and everything.

  5. Also, I’m not surprised alex jones is a filtered word. alex jones is another criminal scumbag. Who spews ignorance and lies, that The Illuminati is trying to shut him up, then bans everybody from prisonplanet or his youtube page. That fat bastard just needs to get a heart attack already, and do us all a favor.

    Same with david icke, same with all of them. They all talk about how they want to educate the masses, and wake people up. To what exactly?! We already know the world is fucked. They don’t hide it. They don’t need to cryptically slap pyramids and dildos everywhere. It’s blatantly out there that one percent of the world’s population controls 99.9% of it’s resources. We know this, and most of us don’t care. Because human beings are slack jawed, stupid, brutes. That would rather think about sex and football. Partially by design, partially by nature.

    I don’t talk about this s**t or get outraged because I “think about the children” or something. But right is right, and wrong is wrong. It’s the principle of the matter, it’s “ALWAYS” about the principle. You guys should look up FKN News. That’s the most reliable “conspiracy theorist” I’ve ever seen.

    “The planet’s fucked, it’s your fault, AND it’s getting worse!” <–His slogan.

    John Alan Martinson Junior was another good one. But he ran off to another country or something. Because apparently his radical beliefs made it impossible for him to get a job in the "free market" western society.

  6. i have been banned from GLP several times now. it is not for rude behavior or racial slurs. it is for making sense. yep anytime i make sense on that site they throw me a ban to shut me up. they also delete my posts and let me back on only to view that they have done so. if i try to post it brings me back to the you have been banned page.

    trinity uses that site to stir up hate and seems like he is just trolling with most of his/her posts now.

    i mean his latest post being who is more racist whites or blacks?

    tell me that dumb s**t is not trying to start some s**t?

    1. Yep! There is some weird stuff going on with the ownership of that website for sure. If you dare question a moderator’s posted thread of information that is a sure fire ban. There is also a lot of war propaganda going on with the owner of that website and his close circle of friendly mods. If you question any of their war propaganda posts from any of the mods that is basically a sure ban most of the time. Basically 99% of the information posted there is bogus information, political spin or some weird fantasy of doom being preached there. It’s not that good of a place to look for verifiable information. GLP used to be a cool place to post information before the original designer and owner of the website sold it out to someone else. That said, since it is a privately owned website I guess the owner has the right to ban people and run that website any way he/she sees fit but doing so like the owner is doing now is never going to make that website a important place to gain important information of subjects and events going on around the world

  7. It’s all about the Benjamins.
    When you start seeing the nag page to join for free,
    you have a week or so before the mass bannings.
    The object is to get as many “addicts” to sign up
    and pay as possible.
    When the cow is milked dry, the ban will be lifted.
    Never fails.

    1. Yes, that sounds about right. We are glad to provide an alternative where we will not be employing such tactics…not now…not ever.

  8. yeah just got banned from GLP. no idea why, don’t care. they offered me protection from this with their 10$ a month upgrade. i don’t think so. it’s a scam

    1. That’s the spirit. Hang out with us here at the CSC. We are better anyway. And a lot more fun. And we won’t ask you for money…ever!

    1. Yes, they just won’t quit. I guess this tactic is working for them, but we can assure you that you will never see anything like this at Common Sense Conspiracy.

  9. i heard even lurkers were banned, i found myself banned also, after 1 week since i started visiting there, and i did posted but nothing that would get me banned anyway, i have read somewhere that if u go to their website from an external link you will get banned also… their reasons are money driven so it is means to stay away from that place for myself at least

  10. Been going there for years. Some of the topics were quite humorous. Suddenly after all of this time I get banned. Paranoia will destroy you.

  11. I’m not paying 10 dollars a month for a bunch of regurgitated BS. Paid shill is all the site is about. Before I can type a reply, I am banned. My internet provider keeps changing my IP address, not me, so when they do I can revisit the site only to be banned within minutes and they claim I am stalking. What a bunch of fa** they are. If I could only figure out a way to spamm them bastards. Somebody has posted stuff on this site though.


  12. Ive been using GLP for the past year. During that time ive been banned around 20 times. Ive.never ebven posted anything, i just go there for the stories as news updates. They always unban me after about 5-10 days.

    I always knew something was up with the way they banned me and then offered to unban me for $10. What a shame.

  13. Yep. Thought I’d check out an article at GLP today; haven’t been there in months. What do you know about that. I’m banned. They made me the same upgrade offer. How nice. Guess I’ll never link them again.

  14. I used to look around on the website now and then, but never ever posted anything (nor have i used the search box). Still I got banned and got the message saying I could purchase a subscription to unban.

    I sent them an email asking why they had banned someone who never posted anything. They didn’t reply.

  15. I went to GLP once from my work. A couple of days later I returned to the site from work again find that my IP had been banned. I knew I had done nothing to deserve being banned so I filled out the request box. Here’s what I got back —

    “Godlikeproductions Bans wrote:
    Your unban request was denied.
    We’re sorry but the IP address you are using to access this website has been banned. If you wish to immediately bypass this ban, you can choose to become an upgraded member. Follow the instructions and links for this option on the “banned page” you receive when trying to view godlikeproductions.com. If you are already an upgraded member, you can log into your account from the ban page and you will be able to access the site immediately. If you choose not to become an upgraded member of GLP you will have to wait for the ban to be lifted before you will be able to view this website. Please check back later.”

    I also tried the site from my cell phone and was banned with a totally different IP address. What’s weird is that I’d never even used my cell to visit this site. I filled out the ban form and received an identical message.

    Well, I won’t check back later and I won’t be goated into paying for a site that, while I am curious about, that I haven’t spent any real time on. So, whatever these people are doing (or trying to do) on GLP – the end result is going to board death.

    Buh’ bye GLP !!!!

  16. “trinity” the head kook at glp is and has a severe case of AIAD or ASSOCIATIVE IGNORANT ASSCLOWN DISORDER… I would not or ever donate to anyone or any site that hs a deep sense of self loathing, desperatly lacking in moral courage, and has no emotional intelegence at all.( must be emotionally constipated.) the site is primative, and in my opinion..a violation of the constitution…as if that makes any diff anymore.

  17. f**k GLP. What a collective of stains. Jason Lucas is a two-bit clown. I block these douchebags at my router, along with the rest of the clowns.

    Don’t waste your time. Go somewhere else.

  18. I remember seeing a postq by trinity that was titled ” coons just stole my watermelons” he filmed a couple of african American men picking some watermelons. Unles you are a racist or conservative glp is not for you.

  19. I just got banned a few minutes ago and I haven’t posted on there in months. Then I get the deny email trying to extort money out of me. No friggen way. What a scam.

    1. I got the deny email too, they always lifted the ban before , I don’t like being threatened or accused of multiple IP addresses, and threatened with legal action, there must be a law against this .

  20. Just got banned for the 200th time since the JL faction took over GLP
    shr&dbunker have gone to great lengths to prevent me from posting
    opinions or links
    when I ask why in the past usually there was some phony reason given
    and told to wait a week and go back

    Today there was no cause
    I NEVER use foul language or attack anyone
    tho I have been accused of that in the FORM messages they send out

    today the reply was
    unban denied
    but join or upgrade

    the variety of posts has declined dramatically the last year
    the excellent writers of past years who could get a fifty page
    thread going on are long gone

    Lately I havent gone there much fo r news as the ALTERNATIVE news
    isnt there anymore

    just cc’s of rense and drudge I already read before considering that
    DATA MINING site
    last night the visits didnt break a million
    revenue is way down
    every page I read got me a popup saying join and pay
    so often I just clik out without reading the post
    I can live without that spit in my face every other clik

    and banns for no reason just to hustle me

    JL AND SHR and I suspect dbunker by her posts over the years
    all work for a London based DATA MINING op under the umbrella
    of that notoriously banned word TA VIS TOCK Inst.

    look at the anon topics tryng to get inof on who owns guns
    and peoples sex lives, views on gender, religion, alt life stayles

    all needed to supply DATA to the OWNERS of JL and his coterie



  21. I’m just browsing their website (GLP), and after many clicks reading the threads I got banned! Are they insane or what. They’re just driving the visitors away. Buh’ bye GLP! Just wasted my time there.

  22. I occasionally would go there when linked from elsewhere. Never posted anything – I read only. Just went there and I am banned. The horror. And no thank you GLP…I’ll keep my $10 and NOT upgrade. What a scam.

  23. I decided to try adn post on the GLP website w/o becoming a member or even having to log on. I was able to post twice, once on someones thread and then my own test thread. I had absolutely no problems. When posting a new threat, the site logged me in as someone called
    “anonymous Coward”. This was certaily not me. Then I posted on someone elses thread as who I am “cosmickat” and it came across as just that. I guess I was shocked at the fact that I could even post at all.

  24. I posted and imediatly got a ban. Then i was told I could be unban if I paid. But – no money no unban. Thing is if you get banned from a forum it is because of something bad. No amount of money should change that. This is wrong.

  25. And tbh I didn’t get the ban until I actually went to make a new thread. I guess they target ppl that want to talk and try to squeeze cash out of them. Well they can f**k off. here is fine. 🙂

  26. And as an englishman GLP has the occasional nice story. BUT there is so many conservative americans that are so far to the right they aren’t much better than hitler it is embarrassing to read most of it. Go to “before its news” at least you can filter it yourself.

  27. and pls take them off your friends list – they are just scamming ppl for money. I dont care what the actual motive for the site is but a scam is a scam – f**k them off please.

  28. I came across GLP yesterday. I was just looking and seeing all the wacko on there! I came across alot of information on GLP and was a bit stunned on it’s about. I just now closed the account. The place is full of weirdo’s anyways.

  29. First I was not allowed to reset my password.
    No email was sent to re-set old account.
    Then, they banned me when I tried to post.

    My fear was: the 10$ is just so I can read it. They’ll still keep me from posting.
    Then it hit me: They don’t want the money – they want my bank account info.

    They want to tag me to a bank acount

    I made a link to their page on the Sync Forum, And will have to remove it.

    Hey, I fell into their trap very bad.

    One thing I did get out of reading there – I think. Or my reading in the last couple days – what’s going on in the U.S. is our own version of GLADIO.

    Here is the post I made that got eaten by their Forum. I had a copy saved.

    I’m waiting for evidence “Adam Lanza” was at the scene.

    I heard his body was found dead in the school, with the automatic in the trunk of his Mum’s car in the parking lot. And that he went to the school because his Mum worked there.

    However, since his Mum did not work there, ever; nor was she known by anyone at the “school” … it stands to reason there would be both the question. “Why was the alleged killer allegedly there?” And the further question, prompted by the intuition that the entire “event” was staged “Was the alleged killer even in the building?” Where is the evidence?

    They don’t have a patsy.

    First I had trouble believing and autistic nerd could kill dead, with no wounded, 20 people … with two hand guns. …What did he do, double handed, one in each hand like a gun slinger?

    Americans will believe anything. As IF… the fact they named the “black honda” in a news release means “now we know he rode in the honda” The Honda registered to “Chris” ?

    Now we know there exists a black Honda?… is that the relief?

    Like I said, “Was the young man even there?” “Could he drive?”

    Maybe I’m missing something?

    [quote:Anonymous Coward 21528557:MV8yMDk3MTAyXzM1MzE4ODEyXzJBN0MyNkQ1]
    Well that at least confirms that their story is that the Honda Civic was indeed the one Adam allegedly drove.

    Now someone needs to explain why it was registered not to his mom, but a repeat felon.

    Makes me sick I even gave them more info while arguing my case to be allowed on their site.

    Kinda figures it’s a military honey trap…. Wonder how many sock puppets are on there?

    1. Didn’t capture the entire attempted posting.

      “Also said: No need to explain anything. Just draw the conclusion. This type of false – flag was done many times before.”

      Or somesuch. I had written

      As a background. I was banned from all major Forums 4- 5 years ago for my research on 9/11. I’ve been able to express myself and write about it on the Sync Forum.

      Now I’m thinking the GLP folks – military, can really hack me if they want to. Actually, that’s already the case even if I had no clicked on their registration link.

  30. Yes seems they banned everyone free member, even just people reading the forum. Only way to get access is to be a paid member. That’s pretty low way to get money. Shame on them. Pathetic!

  31. Ive been banned there prob 50 times since 2006, all for doing nothing wrong. I just get a new IP and go back. Definately some weird stuff going on there.
    GLP is down right now and is supposedly currently being DDOS’d by some guys named Rory and Ivan from Texas.
    Here’s a catch-22 for ya:
    If GLP is truly a gov op, then they cannot prosecute the hackers because that would expose GL for what it is- a gov op and not a private one, because prosecutions are a matter of public record.

  32. Got banned yesterday for asking if the site was sold. Trinity stated that he was looking for a buyer for the site two weeks ago, next thing you know thread is gone, Trinity is gone and no mention of if it was sold. At the same time the general mood and topics have changed mostly to condemning muslims and very few anti-zionism threads. So I can only assume that it was sold…take a guess to whom?

  33. For me, simple solution.

    Got DSL. Unplugged router. Waited 30 seconds. Router reset with different IP Address.
    Back in. No problem.

  34. Something is definitely amiss at GLP. I’ve been and on and off again subscriber for 2 years. Cautiously weeding through the ignorance to find the valuable nuggets of real information. Knowing from the start what GLP’s end game was. I took appropriate measures to protect my information.
    I can confirm there is no one sane left on that site. I’m even questioning whom if anyone is actually in charge there. They have cranked up the crazy to an entirely new level there. Systematically removing anyone with a shred of commonsense or familiarity with reality.
    I too have finally been banned after questioning the reason for the recent strong arm tactics, directed toward mild mannered, respectful members, asking valid questions. Moderators have taken up a public lynch mob mentality. Seemingly recruiting members to participate in cruel bullying and banishment.
    I get the feeling there are only a few people pulling the puppet strings over there. There online views and page hits are greatly exaggerated to say the least! The percentages just don’t work in their favor. I’ve seen one or two people question the numbers and quickly be removed. As others have stated I have witnessed mods change identity within a thread to incite the participants.
    One last note… I too was a paid member but never received a refund. I submitted a claim through PayPal and await a response. I definitely get the impression someone is a bit cash strapped over there. I’ve noticed Ghetto Monk going out of his way to post outlandish stories of his fictitious wealth. I’ve gotten a good giggle out it. I guess those military cutback are impacting everyone 🙂

    1. i was deceived too by glp, i thought it was a legit site but now that i have been banned for viewing a post that was about to be deleted i realize how fake the site is now.

  35. This just happened to me and I’ve NEVER posted anything on there…
    All I’ve ever done is, once in a while, just look at the forums..

    complete BS, these guys suck

  36. I had no idea a website would descend to extorting visitors like that. Pay a membership fee to be able to read anything? You’d think that if you did something wrong, they’d keep you banned no matter what.
    The premium member prompt page popped up every couple of days. I guess they got tired of me clicking the “Maybe Later” button every time.
    It;s just as well that I won’t be able to wade through all that racist garbage anymore. What a strange website.

  37. LOL You’re not the only ones to be banned. I’ve never visited the site, had anything to do with it, and knew nothing about it until yesterday, when I clicked on a link somewhere that was ultimately their site…and got a ‘you’re IP address has been banned”.

    Bunch of anal-retentive wankers, or what?

  38. what is going on with glp?, i got banned an hour ago, i have been a free member for almost a year now and never posted anything bad or vulgar, never insulted any member, but today i was auto banned for no apparent reason, i don’t understand, i was banned when i was reading a post about eric jhon phelps, just a minute after opening the post, what has glp become into?

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  40. Keats,
    We don’t have a registration per se but you can sign up for our mailing list at the top of the page. Thanks so much and you will not be running into any GLP tactics here.