What Should Christians Call GOD — ALLAH

Apparently some Dutch bishop thinks that all christians should call GOD ALLAH. More and more christian beliefs are being trampled on. Other religions say that christians dismiss their beliefs but they are doing to the same thing to christians.

4 thoughts on “What Should Christians Call GOD — ALLAH”

  1. simple solution to all this bullshit. drop these organized religions and start tuning into the source via YOURSELF. WAKE UP!!!! I CANT BELIEVE HOW STUBBORNLY STUCK TO THE SYSTEM EVERYONE STILL IS!!!!

    1. Well, this is a controversial topic you have chosen, Nicole. Many believe in organized religion. Why is it that you are so bothered by this?

  2. CANT YOU ALL SEE HOW THIS IS ALSO A TOOL FOR DIVISION, CONTROL AND OPPRESSION???? Everyone at each other’s throats or semantics and beliefs???? stupid ! idiotic! unnecessary grief caused by this. untold numbers of deaths. is it really so hard to figure out???

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