Homeland Security to Partially Shut Down — Oh No, What are We Going to Do Now?

It’s typical Washington, D.C. garbage.  The Republicans successfully thwarted a bill to temporarily fund the Homeland Security Agency until another bill could be agreed on.  At midnight tonight, the funding for Homeland Security will end because Congress is once again playing silly games with America’s wellbeing and money.  However, it’s all grandstanding, and the average American has little reason to be worried about the partial shutdown.  As a matter of fact, the average American will probably be annoyed, as it will seem like nothing happened.

That’s right, all of the functions of Homeland Security that actually matter/affect people will stay right in place.  That means you’ll still get raped at the airport terminals, and all the critical operations of national security (i.e. listening in to everything you do via the NSA) will carry right on.  As a matter of fact, there is no information whatsoever available to indicate exactly what function of Homeland Security will be shut down by this political rain dance.  Perhaps the cafeteria will have to serve bologna sandwiches instead of a five-star meal.  Perhaps no one will answer if you dial Homeland Security and ask for the front desk.  Maybe a trash can somewhere in America won’t get emptied.

Homeland Security, much like Congress, only partially operates anyway, so a partial shutdown doesn’t mean much to anybody except someone trying to make some kind of political splash, one in which the only one getting water on them is, as usual, the American people.

Eyes Playing Tricks on You? Mysterious Dress Takes Internet by Storm — Black and Violet or White and Gold?

Nothing like a natural scientific phenomenon to get the Internet and social media worked into an all-out frenzy.  The mysterious dress that might be white and gold or might be black and violet depending on your eyes, or even what time you look at it, has friends everywhere flabbergasted while outright calling those around them liars when they seem to see the opposite right there in each other’s face.

So which is it for you?  Black and violet?  White and gold?  Check back later and your answer might be different.
So which is it for you? Black and violet? White and gold? Check back later and your answer might be different.

So, what color is the dress?  Well, the answer is a lot more interesting than you might think.  It turns out that it has to do with the way our eyes adjust to light and process information, especially with the retina and cones.  Below, you will see explanations of the science behind this, as well as one post that is going around that claims to be the actual starter of the experiment.  As you might imagine, proving that this post is from the originator is impossible, as it could so easily be faked, so we still can’t confirm that the dress is actually black and violet, despite this post claiming that the actual, real, physical color of the dress is so.

This post is going around claiming to be the one that started this whole thing.
This post is going around claiming to be the one that started this whole thing.

What is making this even more fascinating is that it is not just a person-to-person difference.  You actually will see the same image differently yourself if you look back at it at different times of the day or at varying levels of brightness.  No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes.  Everyone just is at a different level of adjustment when they see the picture, explaining why one person can literally see it as black and violet holding up their phone while the person standing next to them sees it as white and gold.  It is quite likely that at a later time, the phenomenon would be exactly the opposite, or the two people might agree on the color.  In any case, no one is lying, changing the picture, or trying to play a trick on you.  The mystery of the dress is there is no mystery.  Like optical illusions you see everywhere on the Internet, it’s a simple case of a real-life situation showing us the mysteries of how our own eyes work.

And now, the science behind these things:

dress explained 2

Actor Ben Woolf Dies After Unusual Car Accident — Struck by Moving Car Mirror? American Horror Story or Illuminati Horror Story?

Actor Ben Woolf, currently playing the character Meep in the acclaimed American Horror Story television series, is dead at the young age of just 34.  But the circumstances of his death are even more interesting.  Last week, Woolf was hit by a moving car, and apparently the impact from the car mirror put him in the hospital clinging to life.  Now, reports indicate that he has passed away from a stroke related to the incident.

ben woolfWhile Woolf is not famous of the caliber of some other famous celebrities that have passed away recently, there is still rampant speculation due to the absolutely rare, unusual manner of his death and the major lack of information surrounding it.  We still don’t know who was driving the car or the circumstances of the event, and whether Woolf or the driver was doing something wrong that might have perpetuated the incident.  So, it’s only natural that some of our readers are wondering if this could be some sort of Illuminati-inspired situation, especially with the controversial death of Paul Walker, also vehicle-related.

The answer is it’s hard to say with the information that we have.  While Woolf was talented and may have been on the rise, it’s hard to imagine why an Illuminati entity would have been terribly concerned with him at this time.  The Illuminati normally targets people that are very well-known and carry a large realm of influence on the general public.  While Woolf was clearly loved by family, friends, and fans alike, there is little reason at this time to think that this is anything more than a very unfortunate accident.  However, as more information becomes available, Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to keep our readers updated.

Italian Court Rules and Compensates Vaccination Victim — American Media Completely Ignores Story

Talk about agenda-free reporting, huh?  In Italy, a court ruled that vaccinations did indeed cause autism in a young boy, and compensation was awarded.  This was not just a judge taking a walk on the wild side.  The trial featured comprehensive evidence, and the Italian and European media reported on this case as the gigantic story that it should be.

The American media?  Not a word.  Not even a little blurb, a tiny headline, a passing mention.  Not a word.  Now, regardless of what you believe about vaccinations, you have to admit that the story should have at least made the news, even if only to be picked apart and ridiculed.  No.  The mainstream media in America completely blacked it out.  Doesn’t that seem just a little bit strange?


Fact and Fiction about Bobbi Kristina Brown — Whitney Houston Death Anniversary Hoax

There has been mass speculation on the Internet about the situation of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, and as a result, there are a myriad of rumors circulating, most of which are not the least bit based in fact.

Bobbi Kristina Brown with boyfriend Nick Gordon in happier times.
Bobbi Kristina Brown with boyfriend Nick Gordon in happier times.

What we know for sure is that Bobbi Kristina Brown used drugs before she was found unresponsive in a bathtub, eerily similar to the fate of her mother.  That drug was most likely heroin.  The police have announced that they are investigating the case from multiple angles, which led to widespread speculation that her boyfriend or other family members might be suspected of murder.  The truth is that in a high profile case like this, the police are obviously going to examine this thing thoroughly, and the statement they issued was probably not as damning as some have read into it being.  As for her actual medical condition, she was put into a medically-induced coma presumably to stop damage to her brain from her condition.  She has been kept alive all this time by the use of a ventilator and life support.  Doctors have said repeatedly that there is little chance for recovery, and this was more or less confirmed when the ventilator was removed and there was no change.  Bobbi Kristina Brown is a vegetable…that’s the bottom line.  Her family is bickering about when to cut the cord and let her go.  These are the facts.

Every day there are more rumors about the family and the internal feud surrounding all of this.  The family itself has repeatedly asked for prayers and privacy… nothing more and nothing less.  All of the media’s sordid reports are just click-attracting gossip.  With the track history of the Houston and Brown families, it’s a pretty safe assumption on the outside looking in that there probably is plenty of strife, but still, if you want to look at this as a fact-based thing, we know absolutely nothing about what is going within the families and their decision-making process.

One hoax that caught fire in conspiracy circles said that the family was waiting a few weeks to take Kristina off of life support so that she could die on the anniversary of her mother’s death.  This really tickled a lot of people’s imaginations and got passed around on the Internet virally, but this one is easy to defuse.  Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012, so this theory is definitely not true.  The date in question passed over almost two weeks ago and the girl is still alive.

The theories about this situation and all sorts of angles such as Illuminati involvement will continue to be tossed around as the saga continues, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy thought it important to set the record straight and kind of have a reboot of the facts.

So Bill O’Reilly and Brian Williams Fabricated Elaborate Stories to Advance Themselves — The Mainstream Media Does it Everyday

It was a ridiculously hot story for no good reason at all.  Respected news anchor Brian Williams had to grudgingly admit that he told some tall tales when he said that he was in a helicopter that was fired on in Iraq.  And now there is even more uproar as Bill O’Reilly’s “no spin zone” might be the “all spin zone.”  Our question at Common Sense Conspiracy is simple… who cares?

hillaryBut what about journalistic integrity?  Well, this doesn’t make a hill of beans either, because there never was any in the first place.  When you have a mainstream media propaganda machine that reports the “news” as it sees fit on a daily basis, what difference does it really make if the anchors say they were in wars or not?  They are already delivering fake news to us by the minute.  Maybe they simply have told so much crap in their days on the air that they can no longer separate between what is real and what is fake.

brian williamsIs it kind of sickening to think of these rich pricks acting like they were in seriously dangerous situations?  Yeah.  Soldiers in real combat put their lives on the line and will probably never have a fraction of the yearly income of these blowhards.  But our point is that when your nightly news telecast may as well be advertised as a completely fictional television show anyway, well, does any of it really matter anymore?  At least Jon Stewart’s show didn’t try to sell you that it was 100% up front and legit.  Give us a break.

They Just Won’t Leave the Internet to Be Free — The Department of the Internet Coming Soon?

Whether they label it net neutrality or try to disguise it behind national security, the government can’t stand a free Internet out there for the world to enjoy, and they just won’t stop trying to find a way to take it over.  The video below kind of parodies a Hollywood movie trailer for the fight against the government’s Internet takeover, but it’s not really meant to be funny as much as to show just how important this is going to become.  The government made a huge folly when they let the Internet grow out from under their thumb, and they will not rest until it is controlled and filtered.  Department of the Internet?  It’s a reality that is coming soon to a government near you.