Brooms Standing On Their Own — Planetary Alignment or Simple Question of Physics?

Won’t see many of these classic brooms standing up by themselves.

Brooms standing on their own, defying gravity before our very eyes.  This is something that has sparked a lot of intrigue around the Internet.  Apparently, it originated back in August of 2009 in Prattville, AL when a woman saw her everyday, average broom standing straight up without anything holding it or securing it.  It was simply balancing perfectly on its bristles.  Since then, the phenomenon has been documented in many other places all over the globe, and the theories about why this is happening have gotten quite ambitious.  It has been blamed on planetary alignments, magnetic pole shifts, increased solar activity, and even some nonsense about Mercury and retrograde motion.  As more and more reports of standing brooms sweep the nation (no pun intended), we at Common Sense Conspiracy decided it was time to take a closer look.

The first thing you might want to note about these videos and still pictures is the similarities.  While the mysterious standing brooms come in all sizes and colors, they all share a few characteristics.  All of them are brooms where the bristles form a flat, horizontal surface at the bottom of the broom.  Notice the absence of any angled brooms.  Coincidence?  Not at all.  Angled brooms are not featured in any of these videos because you are not going to get an angled broom to stand up on its own without any outside force helping out.  You will find angled brooms standing up, but most of them look fake from the start.  So, are we implying that flat brooms can stand up?  Absolutely.

Now, not every broom that has a flat bottom can stand up.  Notice that most of the brooms you see doing this are either quite new or in excellent shape.  That means that the bristles are still strong and have not been worn down so that the bristles are very different in length.  From there, it is simply a not-so-superhuman feat of finding the broom’s center of gravity.  Sure, it takes a soft choice and an elementary knowledge of physics, but our investigation revealed that anyone can do it, given the right broom.  While it does look pretty cool, we have to admit, it is hardly any phenomenon of nature, except for that one we call physics.

Some of the theories have even suggested that there are only certain times of the day where the brooms will stand.  These theories are absolutely correct, because the only time of day the brooms will be standing like this is when the owner carefully stands it up, perfectly balancing it along its center of gravity.  However, the laws of physics do not change across day or night, so the odds of getting any broom to stand on its end do not improve by the time of day, position of the sun or planets, or any spooky incantations you might utter while trying to make it happen.

So, is this a hoax?  Well, not really.  It is true that it can be done.  The deception comes in the creation of the illusion that the brooms are doing this all by themselves.  It implies that the brooms at some point just move themselves to this position.  However, you will find zero video evidence (at least reputable, undoctored videos) to corroborate this.  This whole adventure probably started when the woman in Prattville accidentally placed the broom perfectly on its center of balance when she was done with it.  Or perhaps one of her kids passed through and performed the feat for her to witness later.  In any case, all of the stories you hear are bent in some way to make this seem even more supernatural and paranormal.  For those of you still wondering what the hell we are talking about, here is the video that supposedly started it all:

When someone shows us a broom that moves to this position all by itself and then lifts itself off the ground, having no contact in any direction, then we will be happy to report a real paranormal event.

EDIT:  It has been brought to our attention by our loyal readers that many have found that an angled broom is just as easy to stand up as any other.  Common Sense Conspiracy has performed some more experiments, and we still feel that the condition of the broom’s bristles is definitely a factor in this, but be aware that this can be done on any day.  There is nothing special going on any particular day or time that makes this possible.  If you don’t think so, do it over and over again at different times of the year.  If this were truly a natural phenomenon, you would be able to do other objects as well.  While the planets do have effects on the Earth as a whole planet, they most certainly do not exhibit any effect over objects as small as a broom.  Also, this is a recurring urban legend for years.  It has gone through different forms.  Obviously the broom is the popular one of the moment, but historically, the same rumors were spread about standing an ordinary egg on its end.  And, yes, you can stand an egg up to.  How about some user-contributed photos in the comment section of a freestanding broom next to a freestanding egg.  Common Sense Conspiracy will publish any such photo ops on our front page, so get to it… Also, anyone that posts a pic of a standing broom and standing egg gets a free copy of the novel “Crisis Point.”  Show us what you can do.   Here’s a photo from just a couple of minutes ago from the CSC Headquarters… notice Dan the Man’s fearful look at the “Broom of Doom.”


Asteroid 2004 BL86 Poised for Earth Fly-By

In what seems to be a neverending stream of these,  NASA has once again announced that an asteroid is going to make a too close for comfort fly-by of planet Earth on Monday.  While this asteroid is one of the closest yet,  NASA contends that it is no threat to the Earth in any way despite it being so close it will be observable by small telescopes.  As usual, there plenty of people in conspiracy circles who disagree with this assessment.

What Really Happened to “American Sniper” Chris Kyle?

rp_csc-default-image-2-hands-globe-300x240.jpgThe film adaptation of the book American Sniper is leading the box office and even garnered Oscar nominations.  But even as patriotic Americans flock to theaters to see the story of a real American hero,  Chris Kyle,  an alarming number of Americans have no idea what actually happened to Chris Kyle resulting in his death and the myriad of conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Too many Americans assume or are led to believe that Chris Kyle died in combat.  He did not.  He was murdered at a gun range in the good old United States of America along with a friend.  This only after becoming a celebrity and outspoken gun advocate.  It is also said that the government was very critical of his decision to publish his book.

Just What We Need!?! A Pissing Contest Between Al Qaeda and ISIS

The attacks in France were obviously an act of terror.  However, in the aftermath, it is inevitable for everyone to start wondering if these were just some lone wolves with a score to settle, or if they were offshoots of a major terrorist organization.

csc default image 2 hands globeWith most crimes in the world, no one wants to step up and take the blame.  With terror, though, there are major rewards to getting credit for an attack such as this.  It increases their visibility and fame, and possibly helps recruit new people out there that want to join up with fellow whackjobs.  Our old friends Al Qaeda have had a rough couple of years watching ISIS rise to power and get all the press.  So, it was no surprise that Al Qaeda and ISIS are both trying to take credit for the Charlie Hebdo attacks.  Yes, that’s right.  What we have are two major terrorist organizations having a pissing contest to prove which one is the greatest.

On the surface, that might seem like a good thing.  Two enemies of America and the rest of the free world at odds with one another.  It’s not at all.  This is not two enemies fighting each other.  They aren’t trying to kill each other, and in fact, they even share most of the same ideology.  The contest is to prove who is the bigger, badder terrorist, and that’s real unfortunate for us infidels, because the only result can be be bigger, badder attacks to take credit for.

The Paris attacks brought up another situation that always rears its ugly head during times like these.  Many people defend the Islamic faith, pointing out that it is by and large a peaceful religion, and most Muslims are not supporters of these kinds of anomalies.  Well, that is absolutely true, but it is still time for them to realize that they have to do more to separate themselves from the extremists in their ranks.  Think of Christianity.  The Westboro Baptist Church is as extreme as Christianity has gotten thus far, yet no one really condemns Christians as a whole for the actions of Westboro.  You know why?  Because Christians publicly condemn Westboro’s actions even though they are technically part of the same whole.  Muslims need to do more to do the same going forward if they want to change that image.  If they don’t, then they may still be in the right, but they must understand the stigma that goes along with the violence that a select few of them continue to execute (no pun intended) on the rest of us.

Did NASA Cut a Live Video Feed Because a UFO Showed Up Near the International Space Station?

csc default image 1 Well, you read the title.  This blogger is proposing the theory that NASA abruptly shut down a live feed of the International Space Station because a “huge” UFO showed up unexpectedly (because there are times when they show up expectedly).  With condemning evidence like this video, it’s hard to imagine that there will not be a full investigation forthcoming.

Sia’s “Elastic Heart” Video Accused of Pedophilia with Shia LaBeouf — Illuminati Sacrifice or Desperate Ploy for Attention?

hqdefaultPop singer and songwriter Sia is no stranger to Illuminati accusations with her unusual behavior on and off stage, but her new video for song “Elastic Heart” is making waves even beyond the norm.  Sia tapped troubled actor Shia LaBeouf to star opposite Maddie Ziegler, the extremely talented but unfortunately just as extremely creepy child interpretive dancer from her “Chandelier” video.  As if there weren’t enough Illuminati accusations going around already, now Sia is trying to explain away what many interpreted as a pedophilia-laden video.

In the video, Shia LaBeouf, naked except for a flesh-colored garment covering his private parts, dances with Ziegler in a variety of artistic but what the average everyday person would probably tag as grossly inappropriate dance moves.  No matter how much you like your symbolism and interpretive dancing, this video is hard to ignore and write off due to artistic license.  In any case, as you might imagine, several of our favorite overzealous religious sites are taking it even further, labelling this video as an Illuminati sacrifice and a major sign that the apocalypse can’t be far around the corner.  The truth, as it tends to be so often, is probably somewhere in between the extremes.  What do you think?  Was Sia’s “Elastic Heart” a little too elastic for you?

Oil Prices are Nice Right Now, But What Does It Mean? What Happened Last Time Oil Dropped 50% in Months?

Millions of Americans have been cautiously enjoying the complete caving in of gasoline prices.  In what seemed like an overnight change, gas prices literally split in half, now reaching under $2.00 per gallon almost everywhere in America.  Rising gas prices had a whole lot to do with the crippling of the American economy over the past several years, and for many Americans it was a very welcome reprieve.  However, more than ever before, people are wanting to know why the gas prices could drop so radically and what exactly it means for the future.

History is repeating itself right before our eyes.
History is repeating itself right before our eyes.

Well, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to warn those that are smart enough to realize that something like this can’t go on forever that they are right.  They may even be more right than they thought they were.  The reality is downright scary.  Would you care to know the last time gas prices dropped so radically?  You probably don’t remember, because when it happened, it was nice then too, but the repercussions were so grave that no one can even remember the time before it and what the economic climate was like.  We’re talking about the second half of the year 2008.  The bottom fell out of gas prices just like now, and it was a harbinger of what many term as the greatest economic disaster since the Great Depression.

President Obama is well aware of what this means, and he is already trying to set up Americans for what comes next.  Just today, he spoke to the public, indicating that while gas prices were nice right now, it was totally unsustainable and that people “aren’t going to be too happy” about what is coming in the future.  That’s pretty powerful omens from the mainstream media spin machine.  It appears that our fate is so set in stone now that even the spinsters can’t see a way to disguise it any longer.

Nothing like this happens for no reason.  There are cause and effect relationships throughout economics, and you can bet that the gas price situation is not the result of someone at OPEC thinking that Americans need a break.  It’s also not because America is producing more of its own oil.  Nothing’s changed on the surface but the price, but that’s simply not possible.  When gas prices skyrocket, everything in society is affected, usually in a negative way.  It stands to reason that therefore, when gas prices plummet, there must be effects felt also.  Those effects are forthcoming, and there is a consensus in the economic community that they are not going to be good ones.

Why the Terrorist Attack on French Magazine is Probably Not a False Flag Operation

csc default image 1The terrible events unfolding in Paris, France today are obviously very interesting to our readers and those that frequent conspiracy forums and websites.  As always, Common Sense Conspiracy does not report the news anymore than necessary.  You all can follow the story at a myriad of other news sources.  We just want to take a second to address an issue as emails are pouring in from our readers about the possibility that the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine is a false flag operation.

Many major terrorist attacks often are suspected to be false flags.  In this case, there are quite a few reasons to not suspect such.  For starters, France has never been a major hotbed for false flag operations, and they seem an unlikely candidate now.  The magazine does have a sordid past history with Muslims in general.  They famously published satirical pictures and stories about the Prophet Mohammed which caused quite a stir in the world of Islam.  The magazine was attacked by a bomb a few years earlier, so this is not the first time they have had some beef with Islamic extremists.  Also, this attack will be termed a “terror attack” but it is isolated enough that it is doubtful France will be opening up an all-out war on any other nation because of this.  False flag operations almost always lead to an international conflict between major powers or the willful giving away of freedoms.  In this case, there really doesn’t seem to be anything like that happening, so for now, it looks like a group of Islamic extremists stormed the magazine and killed several people because they were trying to “avenge” their prophet, as it has been widely reported they said during the attack.

While we wait for more information, it is important not to jump to conclusions.  On a more sinister note, we must turn our attention to whether this attack is an isolated incident or part of an ongoing narrative.   If this does indeed turn out to be the work of ISIS, the next thing we have to worry about is how they got into France, how they could pull this off and apparently escape, and most importantly for Americans, whether or not small groups such as this already are alive and well in the United States and ready to stage a similar attack on American soil.

We did find some YouTube videos of the situation in Paris, including a gunfight between terrorists and police, but they are being blocked by YouTube as soon as they become available.  It is unclear what the reason for this is at this time.