Why the Debates Over “Religious Freedom” Bills are Totally Bonkers — On Both Sides!

This law in Indiana labelled as “religious freedom” has a lot panties in a wad all over America, from both sides of the political spectrum.  For many conservatives and Christians, it represents a law that gives them the right to not be forced to participate in activities that are against their religious beliefs by the government.  For everyone else, it is simply a law making it legal for people to use religion as a valid reason for discrimination.  Common Sense Conspiracy wants to break down why these laws are not really important, nor are they worth much more than the reams of paper they are being written on in dozens of states around the country.

Indiana-religious-freedomFirst things first, let’s think about what the law supposedly provides.  While the law doesn’t state this religion or that religion, the example that most people think of here is a business run by Christians refusing to serve gay people due to religious grounds.  As you probably already know, most Christian denominations view homosexuality as a grave sin and the concept of gay marriage a complete miscarriage of justice when it comes to keeping with the word of God as they perceive it.  So, if you had a business making wedding cakes and you were a Christian, the law supposedly allows you to not bake a wedding cake for a gay marriage because it violates your beliefs.  Well, this is actually America, and here’s a shocking piece of news:  Christians already had that right.  Any business in America has the right to refuse service to anyone at all.

That’s right.  The religious freedom laws are redundant; they secure a right that business owners already have.  If a drunk person comes wandering into your establishment, you can refuse to serve them.  If a person that slept with your wife comes into your establishment, you can refuse to serve them.  And if you have a blood-death vendetta against gay people, well you can refuse to serve them.

But wait… you do have a right to refuse service, but not in a way that discriminates.  Well, that’s stupid.  Think about it.  Anytime you refuse anyone service for any reason at all, it is discrimination.  If you refused service to them because they were wearing a green parka, you discriminated against people that like to wear green parkas.  So, no you really can refuse to serve anyone for any reason.  The discrimination is kind of built in.

So, regardless of how you feel about religious freedom laws, they did not give any person in this country anymore latitude than they already had.  More importantly, it’s a pretty bill for conservatives to put on ballots to convince their mostly Christian bases that they are looking out for them by passing laws that are meaningless.  Meanwhile, liberals and gays are heavily protesting this law because it will open the door to discrimination…and yet that door was already wide open.  But it’s just as silly to think that these religious freedom laws will cause any more discrimination than already exists.  That’s simply not possible.  People will continue to do what they want to do.

But there is another reason for these laws.  It’s division.  The government loves to keep America bitterly divided.  We have watched as President Barack Obama spent two terms in office bitterly dividing whites and blacks in America, setting race relations back fifty years.  These religious freedom laws serve the same purpose.  For the government it doesn’t matter if it’s race, religion, or sexuality that is keeping everyone busy hating each other just as long as they are all hating each other.  Just as long as everyone stays divided.  Just as long as everyone believes that the other side is the problem.  The government’s worst nightmare is for blacks and whites to come together and realize the real problem in America.  The government’s worse nightmare is gay people and straight people to stop worrying about who is sleeping with who and suddenly point the finger at what is really wrong in America.  There is nothing that makes the government drip sweat at night more than the thought of atheists and Christians co-existing peacefully with each other, and then realizing what the real problem in America is.

Do you know what the real problem in America is?

Airbus A320 and Andreas Lubitz — The Remaining Questions that Conspiracy Theorists are Asking

The terrible, tragic, and now we know intentional crashing of Airbus A320 has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the globe over the last couple of days.  As more information becomes available, it is clearer and clearer that 27-year-old Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot, waited patiently for the captain to leave the cockpit before locking him out and preceding to calmly and methodically crash the plane into the normally scenic Alps.  One black box from the flight was found intact.  This is helping provide some answers about this tragedy, but it is also raising questions as well.

As is usually the case here at Common Sense Conspiracy, we’re not here to report the news.  You can get the official account of this situation at any number of mainstream or alternative news outlets.  We are talking about the incident from conspiracy theorists’ everywhere point of view.  So, let’s analyze this situation and see what some of the lingering questions are.

The most obvious question is one of motivation.  There is no clear indication of why this young man would do such a thing.  So far, we don’t have any background information.  If he was depressed, mentally ill, and wanted to commit suicide, it seems that there are quite a few ways to go about it without killing 150 innocents along with yourself.  How many suicidal people come up with a plan like that?  There is also the premeditation.  This was not a fit of madness.  He waited for the right moment.  When the captain left for a restroom break, he locked the door.  He obviously knew what he was doing.  He didn’t just take over the plane.  Then, for what we now know was almost nine minutes, the captain tried desperately to get back in.  It has a lot of people wondering how someone could be crazy and yet make such competent decisions to accomplish his apparent goal.

Andreas Lubitz, a 27-year-old mass murderer.

The next problem many out there in the conspiracy world have with this whole situation is the nature of the descent.  By all accounts, the descent was slow, controlled, methodical.  If Lubitz’ goal was simply to crash the flight, he could have taken a much more direct path to do so.  He did not.  He locked the pilot out to make sure he would have no interruptions in a controlled, purposeful descent.  What is the purpose of that?   Additionally, the retrieved black box tells us that his breathing was normal during the descent, even while he was in the process of murdering 150 people and the captain was going bonkers just outside the cockpit door.  Is that the breathing of someone who is stark raving mad or someone who is well-trained and well-prepared for what he is doing?

As more information becomes available, some of these critical questions may be answered, but thus far, there are no concrete attempts at why any of these things were so.  Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to pass along information about this situation as more revelations come down the line, but for now, we encourage our readers to apply their usual skepticism to the mainstream media’s reporting.

President Obama Says Voting Should be Mandatory — Is That the Bells of Freedom We Hear?

Well, with the dissolution of the Democratic hold on the Senate, President Barack Obama opened up this year in a sea of irrelevancy for the last leg of his final term as President of the United States.  Although he is making plenty of splashes with vetoes and threats of executive orders, his agenda is mostly being quashed by a completely Republican-controlled Congress.  So, like many lame duck Presidents before him, Obama has taken to going around the country trying to take credit for anything good that he might be able to sell and talking about increasingly more bizarre things as his roller coaster eight years heads toward its end.

I said vote!  Now!  Don't backtalk me!
I said vote! Now! Don’t backtalk me!

One of those things came yesterday when the Prez started talking about mandatory voting.  A lot of people are talking about this today.  There are a couple of things we want to explain to you right off the bat.  Most importantly, there is absolutely no chance of mandatory voting becoming law in the United States.  For one reason, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to enforce.  Secondly, politically, one party or the other will always oppose it because one party always benefits from more people voting and one party obviously doesn’t benefit.  Kinda goes with the whole faux two-party system thing.  In the current climate, Republicans would not benefit from more people voting because a large percentage of Americans that don’t vote are poorer and less educated.  And those people, if they did vote, would almost definitely vote for the Democrats.  We say “in this climate” because these things invariably change.  Watch.  A decade or two down the road, the Republicans will be rallying people to vote and the Democrats will be trying to stop it.  If you don’t think so, remember that that guy that stood in the schoolhouse door because he didn’t want to let the black people integrate the University of Alabama was a Democrat.  And that legendary president that freed the slaves…yeah he was a Republican.  It goes back and forth, and it will again.  But for now, yes, the Republicans would never allow mandatory voting as long as they have enough of a majority to block it.

The point:  this is not a real issue, only some ridiculousness that a lame duck president is tossing about that even he knows is not going to happen.  But what if it did?  Well, isn’t it ironic that a nation that prides itself on freedom would think about coercing its people to vote?  Crazy talk, right?  Like forcing its people to get health care insurance whether they can afford it or not?  Hmm.  Do we see a theme here?

Truthfully, mandatory voting would be a terrible injustice because it would force people that realize that the choices being put on these ballots are not real choices and do not represent the best interests of America.  Unless they always allow a “none of the above” vote on every election, this would force a lot of people to participate in a system that they prefer to sit on the sidelines with now.  What do you think?  Is mandatory voting something that you think would help or hurt America?  Would it bring Americans closer together or tear them further apart?  And is it fair to make people vote when the two-party system is really only a one-party system in reality?

Oh yeah, and just a day later, President Obama, amidst political backlash, is already going back on his statements.  It’s like election year is here early.

Did Al Gore Really Create the Internet? Why Did He Say the Most Famous Quote of His Political Career?

It’s a running joke that will never totally leave the public’s collective consciousness.  Former Vice-President and the one that lost to George W. Bush in the hotly contested 2000 election, Al Gore, famously (or infamously as it were) boldly claimed that he created the Internet in a speech.  His actual quote was “I took the initiative in creating the Internet.”  It was a bold claim, no doubt, and it was an unbelievably stupid thing for him to say publicly.  But what did he really mean?  Does Al Gore really think that he created the Internet?  What was the real motivation behind this quote that would be repeated perpetually from now until the end of time?
al-gore-internet-firstpersonIn reality, what Al Gore was probably trying to say was that he was one of the first political leaders in power to really recognize what the Internet was and its potential in the world.  He also helped fabricate a lot of policy and legislation that created fertile soil government-wise for the growth of the Internet.  After all, while the Internet is basically a global network of people’s computers, the actual physical connectivity of it is what makes any average Joe have the ability to put whatever they want on the net for anyone around the world to be able to view if they are connected and have a web browser.  Al Gore’s policies helped create a stable system to make that level of global connectivity possible, but more importantly, it was left out of total government control.  After all, the Internet is a global entity, and therefore no individual nation should harness complete control over it.  Al Gore could have realized the potential of the Internet and sought to monopolize it and bring it under the government’s thumb.  Instead, he chose to make the situation favorable for it to grow by the leaps and bounds they did.

So, in recap, no, Al Gore did not physically create the Internet.  It is doubtful that Al Gore even knows how to code a web page, much less create a global network.  However, you could make a strong argument that Gore did aid in the creation of the Internet through his policies and influence, and many heavy hitters in the Internet world have praised him for what he did back in those times to create the vehicle that we use today.

Unfortunately, Al Gore chose a very dumb way to express the sentiment, and that will forever be all that the public remembers.

47 Members of Congress Broke a Federal Law in Open Letter to Iran — So What? It Happens All the Time

We at Common Sense Conspiracy get it.  We understand that people all over America are excited about the prospect of 47 Republican Senators being hauled off in handcuffs to serve three years in Club Fed for the open letter sent to Iran that President Obama is up in arms about because it undermined the supposed “peace deal” him and John Kerry are brokering with Iran.  It all goes back to a law passed in the 1700s that states that no unauthorized person can just up and communicate with another nation on behalf of the United States of their own accord.  It’s called the Logan Act, and it is real.

Much like the American Constitution, the Logan Act simply isn't all that important these days.
Much like the American Constitution, the Logan Act simply isn’t all that important these days.

The bad news for those chomping at the bit to see some American Congressmen in chains:  it’s never actually been used as a basis to prosecute anyone so far in these hundreds of years.  And it won’t this time either.  While President Obama may whine about what Congress did to his amazing “peace deal,” the truth is he isn’t going to do anything either.  How could he?  After his game of Twister on the Constitution of the United States the past six years, he’s the last person on Earth that is going to be blowing the whistle about politicians breaking federal laws.  Even he’s not crazy enough to open that can of worms up.

The reality, my friends, is that none of this matters one bit.  The “peace deal” with Iran that Obama is so proud of will be the ultimate tarnish on his legacy; the “peace deal” makes a major mistake…it trusts Iran to do what it says it will do.  We bet you could stop an Iranian on the street randomly and he’d tell you they have no intention of keeping that deal.  What they want is to say all of the right things to get the materials they need to make a nuclear bomb.  They want to say all the right things to get the economic sanctions imposed on them off their back so it will be easier for them to raise money to get the materials they need for a nuclear bomb.  They also know the clock is ticking.  President Barack Obama is by far the most passive President in recent years, and Iran is well aware that almost no one else in that office would have even entertained the notion that Iran could be nuclear and peaceful because everyone signed on the dotted line.  Even if the White House stays on the Democratic side of the fence in the 2016 election, the new president is not likely to be this personable to Iran.  They are not likely to continue the epic cold shoulder Obama has given to Israel, America’s longtime ally.

Nobody in Congress is going to jail.  No one in Iran gives two you-know-what’s about that open letter from the Republican Senators.  They already know what’s inside.  They already know that President Obama is the only sucker and they’ve got to make this work quick before anyone else steps foot in that big White House.

Legal or not, none of that matters.  Our political leaders are among the most corrupt in the world, and it’s almost gotten to the point where they don’t even try to hide it any longer.  If you think any one of these 47 Senators has even thought about the Logan Act for one second and what it might mean for their freedom, you are sadly mistaken.  Like their Democratic counterparts, they are above the law, they know this, and they will continue to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it while you and I continue to pay their salaries that the only thing they can agree on across the board is that they are too low.

It happens all the time.  Why is this time going to be any different?

Barack Obama — The First Anti-Semitic President?

This is not the only way some people on the Internet compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler.
This is not the only way some people on the Internet compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler.

At first glance, you probably are wondering what in the world this article could possibly be about. Is this another Republican trying to make some kind of absurd case that President Barack Obama is actually a closet Muslim and is systematically trying to convert the United States of America to sharia law? Not at all. Common Sense Conspiracy is just asking a question that needs to be asked in light of recent events and the way that the American President has approached his relationship with Israel and the Jewish people in general since he came into office in 2009.
President Obama has long had issues with Israel. It’s nothing new. Historically, the United States and Israel are staunch supporters of one another. Ever since Obama came on the scene, the relationship between the U.S. and Israel was noticeably colder, with more than one instance where the President has basically refused to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel. Back in 2012, President Obama was too busy to meet with the Prime Minister during a brief period when they were both in New York. While the White House has denied this story, many have said that there was another occasion when Netanyahu volunteered to drop what he was doing and come to Washington to discuss situations with President Obama and the President refused. Then, there was the controversy last week when the Netanyahu was invited to speak before Congress, and the President and several key Democrats didn’t bother showing up. Obama said he wouldn’t meet with Netanyahu because it was so close to the election in Israel, but that doesn’t explain his ongoing troubled relationship (or lack thereof) with Israel and Netanyahu and what it all means.
So, why would this mean that Obama is anti-Semitic? After all, it sounds more like he just has a problem with Benjamin Netanyahu, not the Jewish people as a whole. But a lot of the stress and tension between these two key world leaders revolves around the “deal” that President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Iran have been hashing out for literally years. According to President Obama and Kerry, this deal will allow Iran to have a nuclear program for civilian purposes, but not to make strides in developing nuclear weaponry because the United States and the world will have unparalleled access to the program. Israel, of course, is wary of this because there is still plenty of rhetoric surrounding Iran and what they might like to do if they ever gained access to a nuclear weapon, and Israel holds that this “deal” will only put Iran closer to that goal. Basically, Netanyahu is saying you can’t trust Iran to keep its word, and once they have the right tools in the right places, you will almost definitely see an Iraq-like situation where Iran shuts the U.N. inspectors out abruptly because it doesn’t need anyone’s help any longer. A lot of the “deal” also revolves around getting Iran to cooperate by loosening long-standing economic sanctions that have had grave effects on the country financially. Obviously, a better situation economically and financially in tandem with better access to the materials needed to build nuclear weapons all works together to help Iran get where it wants to be. Meanwhile, Obama and Kerry are touting this as some sort of historic deal that will literally remove this threat from the international community. No one, no one at all in the world believes for any reason that this “deal” will in any way, shape or form eliminate Iran as a viable threat internationally. If anything, it will bring a hesitant, peaceful working relationship for a few years until things take a turn for the worse abruptly and without any way of going backwards and stopping the train that has been put into motion. Meanwhile, terror organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS would like nothing more than for Iran to get closer to being nuclear-armed, because almost every expert in the world agrees that a nuclear Iran would happily hand over a nuke to one of these organizations if it meant seeing the “big one” go down for Israel or America. Obama and Kerry are literally setting into motion a complicated series of events that will almost definitely end up in a mushroom cloud.
If you a Jew in Israel, it probably looks an awful lot like anti-Semitism. After all, this American President has given their leader the cold shoulder and is now negotiating peacefully to help a rogue nation that has pledged to blow Israel off the map the first chance it gets to gain the materials it needs to make that threat a sobering reality. He is doing this willingly and against the advice of numerous world leaders and many advisors in his own camp. Whether this is intentional or a misguided attempt at diplomacy is hard for us to determine, but the outcome may very well be the same. It is no surprise that many people may wonder if President Obama is simply not concerned with the Jews or anti-Semitic at the core. What’s more anti-Semitic than helping a country that wants to kill every Jew on the planet?

Flu Shot Only 18% Effective? Passing Grade?

Well, almost everyone has observed the push for flu shots.  What just used to be a casual recommendation from the doctor is now in every grocery store and drug store in America with huge advertising campaigns pushing you to protect yourself.  Employers have even begun to require employees to get flu shots as a condition of their employment.  We are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from required flu shots in schools.  And yet, the CDC has publicly acknowledged that for the second year in a row, the flu shot has failed miserably, fostering only a paltry 18% rate of effectiveness.  That’s 18%.  Think of it in school terms.  60% is a passing grade.  18% is a high school dropout that smoked weed and skipped class half the semester.

Also bear in mind that these are the same organizations urging everyone that vaccinations are perfectly okay and can’t have any negative effects.