What is Daylight Saving Time All About and Is It Really Necessary in this Era?

Spring forward! Fall back! But why?

We’ve all heard the catchy slogan…Fall back, spring forward.  It refers to the concept of Daylight Saving Time, which pretty much all of the United States has to adhere to in order to make sure we are not out of tune with the rest of the world come Sunday morning.  It is like a rite of passage for us.  We blindly go with the flow, but how many people really understand the history of Daylight Saving Time and where it comes from?  Well, don’t worry, as always Common Sense Conspiracy has you covered.

A man you might have heard of named Benjamin Franklin first coined the Daylight Saving Time concept way back in 1784, but it wasn’t until 1895 when it was first really given serious consideration.  The concept behind it is tied to many advantages that come with having some extra hours of daylight at certain times of the year.  The biggest one is energy conservation.  By adjusting clocks and adapting to a little different schedule, it is theorized that tons of energy resources can be conserved because that extra daylight hours means much less demand for artificial light.  Also, it gives more time for recreational activities during the pleasant months of the year.  Additionally, Daylight Saving Time has been credited with a reduction in automobile accidents.  The idea is that since the adjusted clock schedule keeps more people out in daylight instead of dark, less accidents occur.

This all sounds really great, but many authorities disagree on whether Daylight Savings Time actually provides any of the benefits advertised.  For example, recent studies in the modern era show that Daylight Savings Time does reduce the need for artificial light in the afternoons.  However, the light beats down on the interior of homes, causing it to stay warmer inside than it does when the sun goes down earlier.  Since people are up and about at these times, studies found that people were cranking their energy-hogging air conditioners up even more to accommodate the temperature difference.  Because running an air conditioner units uses a lot more energy than artificial lights, many are pointing out that it actually has a negative effect on conservation of resources.  The automobile accident benefit is another area that is under fire.  While it is true that fewer accidents are reported during the summer months when DST is in effect, it only changes the time frame.  Basically, when the clocks go the other way and it gets darker right around rush hour, even more traffic fatalities are recorded.  So, many experts are saying that DST doesn’t make the roads safer, it just makes them safer at a particular time of year.

Then there’s the health aspect.  Yes, it’s great for the kids and adults alike to have extra time to bask in the sun in the summertime.  However, in the winter, when it gets dark earlier due to DST, the opposite effect happens.  Now, most say that this is okay because winter temperatures keep the kids in anyway.  However, with a population that shows a strong propensity for being Vitamin D deficient, less hours of sunlight in winter just mean that more people are not getting their needed Vitamin D totals.  Vitamin D is created in the body when it is exposed to sunlight.  It does not occur naturally, which is why orange juice and milk were fortified with supplements to help the population fight the deficiency.  Furthermore, the loss of an hour of sleep when we spring forward causes a surge in heart attack prevalence as well as those that have trouble adjusting to sleep cycles anyway.

Obviously, Daylight Saving Time has big fans in various industries.  For example, if you are running a golf course, it’s pretty easy to see that DST is your friend.  It has mixed effects economically.  Daylight can be a golf course owner’s friend, but the movie theater is sucking wind.  Concession stands are flourishing at softball games while retailers find their stores empty.  Put simply, every cause has an effect, every yin a yang.  If one thing is doing better, then something else is doing worse.

Not every state in the United States observes Daylight Saving Time, even now.  Hawaii, Arizona, and the Midway Islands (a United States territory in the Pacific) choose not to observe it at all.  While this doesn’t really matter for Hawaii and the Midway Islands, imagine the dilemma of those living on the state lines in Arizona (which is not a small state, by the way.)  If you live close to the state border, and perhaps even commute to work in another state, you are constantly fighting the DST battle.

So, when it’s all said and done, Daylight Savings Time is something that many are unsure if it is even necessary in this day and age, or if it presents any positive results from its’ institution.  What do you think?

The History of Halloween — A Dark Holiday for Dark Times

We all know the routine.  Kids dress up in ridiculous costumes and go door-to-door filling their totes with candy.  Trick or treat!  Halloween is considered a fun holiday and a rite of passage for American children.  But it has always been controversial, from its beginnings in history to right now.  So, where did Halloween come from, and is it a celebration of evil?  We’ll take a quick walk through the history of Halloween and then analyze it today from a conspiratorial standpoint.

Ever considered a Celtic druid costume for Halloween?

Today, most people don’t put a lot of emphasis on Halloween as having any true meaning to speak of except just being a fun occasion for children to dress up and go out on the town.  To the Celts 2,000 years ago that dwelt all over Europe, the holiday was actually a ritual that was considered to be very important.  The Celts celebrated their New Year on November 1st with a grand festival.  It revolved around the end of the harvest season and was a segue into harsh winters.  Many animals were killed as part of the festivals and celebrations, and the mass killings kind of resonated against the backdrop of winter’s arrival.  In that time period, winter was a precarious thing.  Everyone knew that many of them wouldn’t make it.  So, the festival came to be associated with death, both of animals and the upcoming deaths of humans.  The Pagan Celtics had a theory that the day between the end of their year and the New Year (October 31st going into November 1st) was a special event in both reality and the spirit world.  During this brief period, they believed that the lines between the living and the dead were blurred, and spirits could pass between the two planes at will and congregate with the living.  There were all sorts of things attached to this opening of the “spirit door.”  Some people believed in demon possessions.  Others believed the evil spirits simply wreaked havoc on crops and caused whatever mischief they could.

So, the Celtics needed something to protect themselves from these evil spirits and try to keep them from passing through to their reality.  So, they dressed up in scary costumes, made lots of noise, and made offerings in a pagan effort to deter the evil spirits and make their lives easier in the coming months.  There was a legend that fairies went throughout their lands, knocking on doors and begging for food.  They were thought to dress up as less fortunate individuals.  The idea was that if you gave the fairy some food or a gift, they left you alone.  Otherwise, they would wreak havoc, right up to the possibility of death upon you.  Sound familiar?  It should.  This is the modern day concept of “Trick or treat!”

The Roman Empire took over most of the Celtic land eventually, but they loved a good festival as well.  The Celtic traditions got wrapped up into the Roman’s own penchant for festivals honoring the dead.  This was a hallmark of Roman occupation; they took over menacingly, but they usually preserved some of the former ruling people’s culture, absorbing it, tweaking it, and ultimately making it their own.  This kept the people happier and less likely to revolt.  So, the festivals continued in some form or fashion for hundreds of years until the next big chance came along:  Christianity.

No one likes to see a black cat cross their path, unless of course, he’s hunting down a rat with the plague. Who had the last laugh?

As Christianity took hold, the Catholics expressed their distaste with the concept of a pagan celebration.  So, they came up with a suitable replacement.  This is very common throughout history.  One culture absorbs another’s traditions by just putting a different spin on it.  The Pope at the time, Boniface IV, selected May 13 and declared it All Saints Day, a day to honor saints and martyrs of the Church.  That wasn’t enough to keep everyone happy, so they later moved it to November 1 as well, allowing the pagan festivals and the Christian festivals to operate in tandem.  So, you see, even this new hybrid Halloween still revolved around the celebration of death.  The concept of trick or treating continued, with many less fortunate people enjoying this opportunity to get some freebies.

As a side note, the superstition about black cats and Halloween started way back in medieval times as well.  Black cats were thought to be evil at the time (history is not completely certain why, but it came from some sort of folklore as well), and around the same time the Bubonic Plague, or the “Black Plague,” millions of black cats were annihilated.  Ironically, rats, whom the cat population helped control, became the major spreaders of the plague.  So, killing the “evil” cats may have actually been a huge contributing factor to the outbreak of the Black Death.  Another example in history of folklore and religion causing harm with good intentions.

Would this be as cool if it was a turnip?

Incidentally, pumpkins were not always associated with Halloween.  The concept of the Jack o’Lantern goes back to Irish folk tales.  Jack supposedly tricked the devil and found himself stuck between heaven and hell.  But the devil had a soft spot for ole Jack and gave him a light to find his way.  The ember was carried in a turnip that was hollowed out.  In the United States, turnips were not as available in the appropriate size, so pumpkins became the new way to carry your light.  In other countries, the idea of a pumpkin is completely foreign.

So, there you have it.  Now for modern day.  Every Halloween, there is a debate among those of the Christian faith whether celebrating this holiday makes sense.  No doubt, thousands of Christians rally against the practice and its pagan roots.  Others think it is a celebration of the devil.

What do we think?  Well, like most things in life, it is what you make it.  If you are dressing your children up in Halloween outfits and going door to door because you think you are driving off evil spirits for the winter, maybe you need to re-assess your position.  If you, like most people, think it’s a fun activity for children with no purpose except to have a good time, socialize, and do something harmless and entertaining at the same time, then we would suggest you carry right on and just be safe out on the dark streets.  The real evil spirits are predators that know that children will be out past their usual times.  Those are the “evil spirits” we must ward off.

NASA Antares Explodes Seconds After Liftoff — Video Shows Explosion

NASA unmanned Antares rocket was to go to the International Space Station this evening, but it didn’t even make it out off planet Earth. A powerful explosion rocked the ship just seconds after takeoff, chronicled in numerous cell phone videos of people gathered to watch the launch. At this time, there is not a whole lot of information about why this happened or how many people may be injured. There already are reports of property damage from debris, so the incident was not contained just to the launch site.
There will be a lot of speculation about this event throughout the evening and tomorrow, but at this time there is no reason to suspect this is anything more than an accident. Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to monitor this event as more information becomes available.

Freingate?!? Pennsylvania Basically Under Martial Law for 40 Days Over One Suspect?

We all know that it seems like the police put a little extra effort into their crime-fighting efforts when one of their own is the victim.  In Pennsylvania, the massive, rights-stomping search for Eric Frein, the alleged shooter of two police officers back in September, has elevated to almost ridiculous levels.  There are citizens that are afraid to go about their day-to-day activities because of police harassment.  One unlucky man that had to walk to work has been stopped several times, some at gunpoint, because he committed the crime of looking vaguely like the suspect in a “all-white-people-look-the-same” kinda way.  In any case, there are murders and other heinous crimes being committed all over our country on a daily basis… how many get this kind of attention from the authorities?  But you can kind of overlook that in a way.  It’s easy to see how the police would really get their panties in the wad, ditch the donuts, and decide to go after the bad guys when it’s a copkiller they are dealing with.  But how far is too far?

Some people in conspiracy circles are going ahead and sounding the alarm.  Parts of Pennsylvania has been on what amounts to martial law for forty days, with no end in sight.  What do you think?  The video below explains in detail just how zealous the manhunt has become, and how much it has stretched into the liberties of other people that have absolutely nothing to do with Eric Frein.

Nancy Reagan is Not Dead — White House Astrologer Is

Not sure exactly why this hoax exists or what could possibly the point of it, but Common Sense Conspiracy wants to remind our readers that Nancy Reagan is not dead.  There have been massive viral hoaxes making the social media circles about her death which are simply not true.  There is even more confusion today because apparently a woman named Joan Quigley did pass away.  She was the White House astrologer during the Reagan presidency.  Yes, that’s right.  They had a White House astrologer.  If there is any conspiracy here, I think we just found it.

Marysville, Washington School Shooting a False Flag? SWAT Team Practice at Same Time Acknowledged on CNN

We can’t guarantee how long this video capture will stay live because you can bet there are plenty of government agencies ready to take it down as soon as possible.  In any case, in coverage surrounding the swat_trainingschool shooting today in Marysville in Washington State (north of Seattle), CNN acknowledged on the air that there was a SWAT team training going on at the same time.  Exactly the same time.  For those of you that keep tabs on these shootings, this is pretty common to find out that they were practicing for basically what happened right before or during the event.  What is not common is for the mainstream media to acknowledge such things.  This video feed will be taken down quickly, so we apologize if it is no longer viewable as of the time you read this article.  We do have screenshots from local agencies announcing the SWAT training.  These, as you might imagine, are impossible to find online now as they have all been hastily taken down.

Apple Pay — The New Bitcoin? Do You Trust the iCloud With Your Money?

The iPhone 6 is out and it’s all the rage.  As usual, thousands stood outside retail outlets for hours to get their hands on Apple’s latest technological nugget.  One of the major features that is on the horizon for all Apple devices is Apple Pay.  This technology is somewhat similar to Google Wallet in that it allows you to store financial information such as credit card numbers and such on your phone.  Through wireless technology, the phone can actually initiate a payment just by being close to one of the Apple Pay-enabled readers.  This is making it easier than ever for you to pay, and supposedly more secure for you to do so.  After all, the iPhone 6 also ushers in fingerprint identification to open the phone which should, theoretically, stop theft or at least make it where a would-be thief can’t glean that much information when a phone is stolen.

All of this sounds good, but what does it really mean?  As you might have guessed, there are plenty of conspiracy theories surrounding Apple Pay and what it might mean in the grand scheme of things.  As many of you already know, Bitcoin has long been rumored to be the future of currency in the internet age, but now some are wondering if Apple isn’t trying to supplant it with its own version.

Whether or not Apple Pay is poised to usher in a new world currency, for now, it is merely a medium by which to access your traditional funds.  However, it is one more step toward eliminating the idea of physical currency and moving toward a completely electronic financial system.  Some say this is great, but do you really trust the cloud with all of your money?  And how much easier is it going to be for hackers to make off with huge heists by finding ways to make it through encryption technology surrounding these readers?  Is hacking really the modern classic bank robbery?

Supposed ISIS Video Shows U.S. “Accidentally” Dropping Weapons to Terrorist Fighters?

With almost three quarters of a million views on YouTube, this video that purports to show the United States forces “accidentally” dropping weapons and supplies to ISIS warriors has definitely gained traction. Is it authentic? Well, as is all too often the case with these things, there is little or no way for the average layperson to determine whether the video is authentic, but there aren’t any glaring problems with it either. Assuming the video is real, there are two possible explanations for it. Depending on which side of the propaganda bandwagon you happen to reside on probably determines how you perceive what you are seeing.
For those of the ISIS persuasion, it probably looks like a small victory as they believe they have intercepted weapons that the United States dropped for others that are supposed to be fighting ISIS. But many in conspiracy circles believe that the United States might be dropping these weapons on purpose. That may seem crazy at first glance, but many believe that the United States and the powers-that-be on the international stage want ISIS to continue to flourish, leading to a real, full-scale war in the future. So, basically, you have to decide between whether you believe there is a massive conspiracy and the United States is secretly supplying its supposed enemy with weapons and supplies, or whether the United States is just really bad at making sure the weapons it is dropping land in the right hands.
Which one makes you feel better?

Did John McCain Accidentally Tell the World He Helped Fund ISIS? McCain’s War or Obama’s War?

You wouldn’t think it would be possible for a person like John McCain to have a secret meeting with ISIS and “know them intimately” right? Well, you might want to reconsider that opinion. There is a growing mound of evidence that indicates that John McCain knows a lot more about ISIS than he cares to admit publicly, and he had a lot to do with their arming and funding as well. Is the war on ISIS John McCain’s war?