President Barack Obama is making waves again with a couple new executive orders that are designed to disallow discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation and a new one, gender identity.  If you are wondering what gender identity means, we can understand.  Current orders instituted by Lyndon Johnson and amended by Bill Clinton already prohibit employment discrimination based on sex.  That meant that you can’t just ignore all the female applications for a job just because you wanted a male.  And vice versa, although the opposite almost never comes into play.  So what the hell is gender identity?

And the Lord Obama said "Let there be gay preachers."  Wait a minute!

And the Lord Obama said “Let there be gay preachers.” Wait a minute!

Gender identity is referring to those of us that are one sex physically but identify as another sex mentally.  There has been plenty of commotion about this in recent years, with several incidents of boys that want to be girls being upset because they can’t go in the girls’ restroom with the other girls and so on and so forth.  Basically, President Obama is now prohibiting employers from refusing to consider someone’s application because they happen to like to masquerade as the opposite sex.  How an employer would know such a thing from an application is hard to say?  Certainly, at the interview phase, they will probably suspect that their “boy” is not as male as they might have thought.  So, in another silly law that no one knows how to enforce, the employer must either hire that person regardless of their other qualifications or face the hard, cold facts that someone might accuse them of not hiring that person because of their gender identity.

Pretty soon, there will probably be an executive order prohibiting employers from discriminating against job applicants because of their personal references, work history, or education.  As a matter of fact, it might be easier if the government just did personality profiles and assigned us all jobs right out of the gate.  In the least-Communist kind of way possible, of course.

Some people in conspiracy circles are wondering what this means for Christians.  What if your church is looking to hire a minister?  Does this mean you now have to consider a homosexual minister?  Could you be accused of discrimination if you don’t?  Are we about to see a rush of transgender Christian ministers all over the nation’s churches?

Don’t worry Christian friends.  Your buddy George W. Bush has your back.  He amended these things to make sure that religious institutions were not required to follow these laws when it obviously goes against their religious doctrine.  And your even better friend, Muslim Barack Obama, left all of those exemptions intact.  So, Christian churches (or any other church for that matter) do not have to worry about being forced to consider gay or transgender ministers anytime soon, thanks to Barack and W.

Does that make you feel better?  I hope so.  It’s law now.

The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 has set conspiracy forums into overdrive.  No one has accepted responsibility for what multiple sources insist is a missile attack on the flight that had almost 300 people on board, all of which are presumed to be dead.  The plane crashed near the Ukraine-Russia border on Thursday, an area where there was already plenty of controversy and tension.

Incidentally, many conspiracy theorists are comparing scenes from the crash site of Malaysia Flight MH17 to a very famous crash in America on 9/11.  Is this what a real plane crash looks like?  Some are posing the question.

Incidentally, many conspiracy theorists are comparing scenes from the crash site of Malaysia Flight MH17 to a very famous crash in America on 9/11. Is this what a real plane crash looks like? Some are posing the question.

Basically, there were three parties that it would make sense that could be responsible for the attack.  One is the Ukraine military.  The other are the rebels in Ukraine attempting to topple the government.  The last, of course, is Russia, who has made plenty of waves internationally with its intervention in the Ukraine crisis.  However, conspiracy theorists everywhere will tell you that there is quite likely a fourth party that could be responsible.  This is, of course, the United States of America.

This theory didn’t really hold water until this morning.  Now, President Obama has announce that one American is confirmed to be dead on Flight MH17, and there is already a movement that a case is being built that either Russia or pro-Russia forces are going to be fingered as responsible.  This is pretty much every American’s worst nightmare.  It will do nothing but escalate the tension and hostility over the Ukraine-Russia crisis, and President Obama seems pretty adamant that now every American has a stake in it because this one person has died on Flight MH17.  If there ever was a classic setup for a false flag operation, this is it.

Never mind the fact that original reports said that there were over 20 Americans on the flight.  Where did that information come from.  In conspiracy circles, there are even more sinister theories formulating.  Some are pointing to the interesting coincidence that both lost planes were from Malaysian Airlines, and even pointing to the dates and flight designations as suspicious.  Flight MH370 went missing on March 7.  That’s 3-7.  Flight MH17 happened on July 17…7-17.  That’s a lot of sevens, and some believe that the numbers are a pattern indicating that a third incident will or could happen on July 27.  This is reaching, of course, but there are some interesting similarities in the incidents beyond just the obvious.

So, what do you think?  Is this a false flag operation to set up a real reason for the U.S. to get involved in what could be a spark for a world war?  Did terrorists shoot down the plane in the hopes that the wrong party would get fingered?  Or did someone just mistake the MH17 as a hostile aircraft in their airspace and doesn’t want to come clean?

It has now been confirmed by multiple sources (including the airline itself) that yet another Boeing 777 from Malaysian Airlines has went down under mysterious circumstances.   It is now assumed that all 295 passengers on board are dead and the flight is confirmed down in Ukraine Jay some 50 kilometers from the ever controversial Ukraine-Russia border.

While information is trickling in slowly,  the consensus is at this point that the flight was shot down.  Early reports show that the probable weapon used to shoot down the plane is really accessible to all sides in Ukraine.  Russia, Ukraine, and the rebels have all denied involvement.

While it is definitely too early to call this a conspiracy,  if is a classic setup for a false flag person to allow multiple parties internationally to get involved.   If it turns out a number of Americans were on this flight,  it could be the beginning of something huge.  In any case,  two planes going down from the same beleaguered airline under mysterious circumstances in this short amount of time is sure to cause plenty of speculation in conspiracy circles.  Common Sense Conspiracy will continue to monitor the situation as more information becomes available in what could be a world changing event.   The video below shows the crash site in Ukraine from a distance.  No guarantees on how long this video will stay online.

Just last year Corey Monteith died of a drug overdose, the first star of the ensemble hit show Glee to fall victim to what some or now considering to be a curse.  Today, the plot thickened when another star of the show Becca Tobin’s boyfriend was found dead in a hotel room in Philadelphia.

becca-tobinIt’s the usual story in situations like these so far.  The 35-year-old nightclub owner was found dead and the police say that there is no indication of foul play so far.  They also haven’t revealed any information on whether Becca was around when it happened and whether drugs played any role in Matt Bendik’s death.  They did reveal that his body was discovered by a maid around 1:00 P.M. today.

Naturally, when something like this happens, we get a lot of questions about Illuminati involvement.  There is a school of thought that not all Illuminati-related deaths have to actually be the person.  There have been instances where it has been theorized that the Illuminati has used people close to the person as a sacrifice of sorts.  Often this is a situation where they still have some predetermined use for a person so they want to get their attention but can’t afford to actually lose the person.  Whether there’s any truth to that is mostly up to the eye of the beholder, but when something like this happens around a popular television program with the events in such close proximity to each other time-wise, you can bet there will be lots of speculation.  In the meantime, check out this video which examines the actual show Glee and the possibilities that it is an Illuminati device in and of itself.

Many in the conservative ranks are calling for Lois Lerner to be actually arrested for her role in what seems to be a pretty clear case of disposing of some emails that were pretty damning evidence in a federal investigation.  While it’s safe to say that you or I would already have been booked if we even came anywhere near this kind of perjury and evidence tampering with the Feds, it’s equally safe to say that Lerner will probably never see the inside of a cell, or even a nice bunk at a Club Fed minimum security facility.

Why is that?  Because like President Barack Obama and most of our other high-ranking political figures, Lerner is above the law.  That is something that Americans still don’t seem to understand.  Barack Obama is above the law.  John Boehner is above the law.  Lerner is as well.  They can do pretty much anything they please, and while they may have their names drug through the mud as political targets, they never have to worry about the long arm of the law.  The law simply doesn’t apply to them.  Now we can debate all day long whether that is the way it should be, but Americans on both perceived sides of the one-party-masquerading-as-two-party political system need to grasp that regardless of right and wrong, that’s the way it is at this point.

That being said it is nice to see that Lerner is not quite the criminal mastermind she thought she was.  While she did a great job of getting rid of those damning, incriminating emails, she did forget one that is now coming back to bite her in the ass.  In an email now made public due to a Freedom of Information lawsuit, Lerner cautions her staff to watch what they say in emails because there have been instances in the past where Congress has sought them.  She then inquired about the IRS’s instant messaging system and whether there was any record of these conversations.  She was quite relieved to find out that using the messaging system left no trail unless someone purposely recorded the message by saving it on their computer.  Since they are all in cahoots together, there’s no reason anyone should be doing that.

So, in recap, Lerner cautioned her staff to watch what they say in their emails by using an email.  In the ultimate twist of poetic justice and bitter irony, that email that cautioned the others to refrain from discussing incriminating things in email is the very one that is now being ridiculed and picked apart in our nation’s capital.

When it’s all said and done, what we see is that Lerner is actually quite dumb.  We would like to say that this will be her undoing, and yes, she might lose her post over this or have to find a new seven figure job after all this is over, but jail?  No way.  What’s even more depressing about it is that half of the country that subscribes to the Democratic system and actually believes they are in opposition to the other side probably applauds what Lerner was doing.  Anything they can do to hold down the Republicans is worthwhile, after all.  That’s a big problem in America right now.  It’s a perception that one side is right and the other is wrong, all the while missing the big picture that both parties are actually part of the same machine with the same intention.  And none of those intentions are good.

There are so many Hollywood stories about diplomatic immunity.  This is the concept that foreign diplomats are above the law in order to not damage the relationship with the other country.  Well, in America, diplomatic immunity is nothing to be concerned with.  We have a much wider problem called political immunity, and it is snaking its way into every corner of our society.

In closing, listen to the link below where IT experts called into a radio show to discuss why it is absolutely impossible to lose emails in this day and age altogether.  Congress knows this, the President knows this, and Lois Lerner knows this.  Nothing was lost.  This is a coverup.  They are spending our taxpayer dollars sitting there on the Hill debating a fictional and in fact, impossible event.


There are several movements on the horizon by Democrats trying to reverse or alter the Supreme Court’s decision about the now infamous “Hobby Lobby” case where the highest court in the land found that businesses could refuse to provide contraceptives through health insurance for their employees if it violated their religious principles.  The mainstream media has ramped things up too.  You can’t turn on any mainstream media source without seeing a devastating article about all of the horrible things that this is going to open up.  People claiming to worship their dogs to get out of cooperating with ObamaCare.  People killing their children and getting away with it because it’s based on their religious principles (there’s a story in the Bible that frequently gets thrown in this outlandish theory).

clownsThe truth of the matter is it doesn’t make a lot of sense why the government would make all these requirements for everyone to go along with and then start issuing exemptions.  If there has to be exemptions, then you are already full-on acknowledging that the law was not right to begin with.  There should never be an exemption to any law, and once you open that worm can, you end up with monstrosities like our tax code.  Exemptions start the slippery slope.  However, the Democrats are fighting an interesting battle.  Let’s just look at the hypocrisy for a moment.

Remember ObamaCare?  When the controversial health care “reform” bill reached the highest court in the land, Democrats were nervous.  It took a last second rebranding of the entire law to get it past the Constitution test, but it made it.  So as soon as the gavel landed, what did the Democrats say?

“Justice is done.  The Supreme Court has spoken.  This is the final word.  ObamaCare is law and there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about it.”

Yet now, that same Supreme Court has spoken once again.  Only now, Democrats don’t feel that the word should be final.  Hmm.  Changed your tune.

That’s just one.  Here’s another one.

Democrats generally support the alteration of the laws in the United States to allow people of the same sex to get married.  Notice we did not say marriage equality.  That’s because that is a term misused by the media.  Marriage equality already exists.  Every person in America has an equal right to marry someone of the opposite sex.  They also are equally prohibited from the opposite.  That is the very definition of marriage equality, and when the media uses that term to try to stoke bad feelings, we think it’s kind of funny because they are actually siding with the wrong side with that terminology.  In reality, they are pushing to change the law so that we ALL gain the right to marry someone of either sex as we see fit.  Every straight man in America will gain the right to marry another man if gay marriage is eventually installed.  Then, marriage equality will still exist, because both sides will still have exactly the same rights (once again, the definition of equality).  Now, most straight men will not consider this to be a very useful right, but it will be the same.  It is obvious that most gay men don’t consider the ability to marry a female very useful either.

But getting back to the point, Democrats support this.  Republicans vehemently oppose it.  One of their arguments is the slippery slope.  If you legalize gay marriage, what is next?  People marrying animals.  Multiple wives and husbands.  The Democrats will tell you real fast that that is a bunch of bologna, but what are they arguing about Hobby Lobby?  That it opens up all of these possibilities for people to do all of these things.  Hmm.

Common Sense Conspiracy actually supports the idea that the Supreme Court is the last word.  Not because we always agree with it, but there has to be a last word, and in this imperfect system, this is as good as it gets.  So why can’t Democrats and Republicans both recognize it as such when rulings are handing down?  And why must each party directly contradict itself when the ball doesn’t bounce the way that it wanted it to?

Wow!  It almost seems as if there is a carefully-guarded dynamic where both parties tussle against each other just enough to keep everything perfectly divided.

But that’s crazy talk isn’t it?  Let’s get back to real political issues…like who people want to marry or whether your insurance company should pay for your birth control.

What have we got ourselves into?

It was national news today because Texas governor Rick Perry refused to meet the President at an airport in Texas.  His reasons:  he wanted a more substantial meeting to discuss the “border crisis.”  Now, Sarah Palin is piling on as well, demanding that Congress impeach President Barack Obama on his mishandling of the border “crisis” and various other things, like executive orders and “lawlessness.”

impeach obamaIf you are a Democrat, you are probably laughing and saying “Those crazy Republicans are at it again.”  You’re right.  There is a better chance of President Barack Obama declaring himself permanent dictator of America than him being impeached by Congress.  Actually, there’s a much better chance.  In any case, President Obama isn’t going anywhere.  But there’s no reason any Democrat should be shaking their head and laughing.  Why?  Because if you flash back just six or seven years ago, it was the Democrats anxiously calling for President George W. Bush’s head.  He was to be impeached for all sorts of political concoctions, right up to and including war crimes!

Like everything in America, it’s just a bullshit cycle.  The Republicans are doing it now.  The Democrats did it before.  Whoever wins this next election, you can bet somewhere along the line someone on the other side will be calling for his or her impeachment.

Even if there was a snowball’s chance in hell that President Obama could be impeached, we all learned from a previous Democratic President that it doesn’t matter.  President Bill Clinton was impeached for outright lying to the American people.  The House of Representatives went along with it.  The Senate did not.  Consider another thing for a moment.  What if in November the Republicans win a supermajority and capture both the Senate and the House at the same time for the last two years of President Obama’s lamest-of-all-lame-ducks final term?  Surely they could impeach him then.

Guess again?  You know why they wouldn’t dare impeach him.  It has nothing to do with the law, the Constitution, or any such things.  America quit adhering to those long ago, and in fact, we’re not all that far from the day when the American government outright denounces them as out of date and no longer valid.  They are conducting themselves under that assessment already.  The real reason a supermajority Republican-dominated Congress still wouldn’t dare impeach President Obama:  because it would open up the possibility to the same being done in the future.

They like to talk about it.  They like to scream about it, actually.  They like to throw it out there, especially in election years.  And when we say “they” we mean all of them.  Republicans, Democrats, all the members of America’s ONE-PARTY system participate in this little game where there are no winners and no losers, except of course for the American people.  But they will never actually follow through in any meaningful way on this.  President Obama has done some questionable things, but he has done no more questionable things than his recent predecessors.  In the end, the Democrats didn’t impeach Bush and the Republicans aren’t going to impeach Obama.  What they will do is waste time talking about it while they full well know they can’t or won’t do any such thing.  While that is going on, our country continues to suffer from a political system that has the American people’s interests absolutely last in their chain of thought.

One last thing…this concept that the media is pitching that there is a “border crisis”… That “border crisis” is not an emergency that just sprung up this week.  It has been going on for decades.  Remember the “social security crisis” back when Bush and Gore were duking it out years ago.  Nothing was ever done about the fact that the system is going to cold and admittedly run out of money.  But for one month of one election cycle, it was hot news.  This “border crisis” is the same way.  It will run its course and then you won’t hear about it again.  Meanwhile, the illegals will keep streaming in like hotcakes, don’t worry.

While it may be very true that Obama is doing little or nothing to fix this problem, to even imply that he should be impeached for it is ridiculous without a whole host of retroactive impeachments for many other U.S. Presidents.

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