Freedom of Speech? Not If You Are Talking About God – Clemson Coach Interrupted During Postgame Interview

Clemson’s head coach Dabo Swinney was being interviewed on the field after a down-to-the-wire emotional win for his football team over Notre Dame Saturday. Everything was going along just fine in live-TV land until Swinney decided to thank God for his situation. At that point, ESPN hurriedly cut to Sportscenter anchors who didn’t even know they were being cut to because it was premature.

While ESPN says that it was an accident, it certainly appears that Swinney’s subject matter triggered someone to dump him sooner rather than later. Of course, if he had been thanking Allah you can bet ESPN would have aired it to its conclusion and even asked some follow-up questions.

Oregon Shootings Spark More Crisis Actor Allegations — Messing Up the Script?

The tragic events in Oregon yesterday have many in conspiracy circles claiming that this is just another false flag event designed to help the federal government get a little bit closer to enacting sweeping gun control legislation.  It also is considered by some to be cover for other events happening in the world, namely events in Syria.

As with almost every mass shooting, someone accuses interviewees in the aftermath of being crisis actors.  This is a long-standing theory that we have seen over and over again, and many times the people that are interviewed after an event like this prove to be remarkably similar, consistent with the concept that they are trained actors selling a grand delusion.  Do you think the Oregon shooting is a false flag, or another example of a culture of violence?  Mental illness?  Lack of appropriate gun laws?  What do you think?


Hoax Alert: Facebook to Charge $5.99 to Keep Your Profile Private and “Legal Notices” of Copyright

It happens once or twice a year.  All of your friends post a legalese-looking message that says if you just cut and paste it to your own wall, it will prevent Facebook from claiming all of your posts, photographs, and other content as it’s own intellectual property.  To take it a step further, this year we have posts that are now saying Facebook is about to start charging everyone $5.99 to keep their information private.

Both of these are total hoaxes and not founded in fact whatsoever.

For starters, the silly message that everyone is cutting and pasting into their newsfeeds wouldn’t hold up a second in a court of law, assuming Facebook did pull a fast one on its own terms and conditions (which you claim to have read when you signed up and each time it has changed since).  It’s not that simple to absolve yourself of all responsibility, and it’s not that simple to make another party have to go along with your feelings.  The reality is that Facebook has never tried to take its users posts and content as its own, and the terms and conditions continue to lay that out as of the publication of this article.

As for the $5.99 thing, it’s another hoax that doesn’t even make sense.  If you did pay $5.99 to have Facebook keep your profile private, it would defeat the purpose of having a Facebook profile in the first place.  Having no one able to see your page would make it in effect useless.  What’s more, the idea that $5.99 represents more to Facebook than using your information to sell to other companies in the form of advertisements and your internet habits is ridiculous.  If Facebook did offer a service like that for $5.99, they would be undercutting their entire business model.  And there is one other piece of evidence to consider… you can block anyone from seeing your profile at any time.

Facebook is a very smart company.  Genius, really.  No way they would go for either of these strategies.  And saying “Gotcha” to Facebook does not mean that your content is suddenly copyrighted in the Library of Congress.

Mainstream Media Continues to Conceal That Kentucky Marriage License Clerk Kim Davis is a Democrat

Kentucky marriage license clerk refuses to grant marriage licenses to homosexual couples even after the Supreme Court rules against her, all because of her Christian beliefs. She now is saying that she is taking a “stand for God” by continuing to resist, almost certainly forcing a judge to hold her in contempt soon. And what did everyone in America say?

Never gonna get it, says Kim.  A hard-working Democrat doing her job to the fullest of her ability.
Never gonna get it, says Kim. A hard-working Democrat doing her job to the fullest of her ability.

Those crazy Republicans. Tea Partiers. Christians that take it too far. Conservatives.

Well, it makes a lot of sense to think that way. Kim Davis, the Rowan County marriage license clerk, an elected official, has all the hallmark signs of those things, and yet, she is a Democrat. She was elected by the people, a Democrat in Kentucky. It’s a matter of public record, and yet the mainstream media has worked overtime to make sure that fact never appears in any of the news stories. You would think other Democrats would be down on Davis, and yet they don’t seem to know this is one of their own either. That’s right, people. The last holdout in America against gay marriage is a Democratic marriage license clerk in Kentucky.

The arguments against Kim Davis make a lot of sense. They can’t fire her because she is an elected official. They could impeach her, but she’d probably be up for re-election before they finished the process. She says she is taking a stand for what she believes in. She could have quit, though, instead of refusing to do her job, but she isn’t willing to go that far for her beliefs. Of course, those on her side would say that why does she have to give up a good job because she operates within the framework of her religious beliefs?

The bottom line is that Davis’ stand is only going to be noble to the extremely hardcore religious conservatives (which she is not) who think that gay marriage is the final bell for the last round in a fight where the goal is to exterminate Christianity from America altogether. They will be impressed, for everyone else she is an embarrassment, and yet, the battle does have some interesting aspects to watch. For the first time, we have someone who might go to jail because of their religious beliefs in America, and while you can make a strong argument that it doesn’t have to be that way if Mrs. Davis just resigned, still, it is troubling that a judge now has the ability to fine or imprison Mrs. Davis over something that can be traced backward to God and religion. It was an almost constant talking point by opponents of religious liberty laws that this would never happen in America, and wasn’t even being threatened. Just a few weeks later, not only is it being threatened, but it is actually set to happen.

What do you think? Is Mrs. Davis off her rocker? Did you think she was a Republican? Do you support her taking a stand or do you think she should resign if she has a problem with doing her job as determined by the government?

Were More Crisis Actors at the Scene of the Virginia TV Reporter Shootings?

The terrible shootings that occurred in Virginia yesterday are leading to even more aggressive calls for gun control from Congress, the President, and presidential candidates.  This shooting is unique from other incidents that conspiracy theorists pointed the “false flag” finger at.  First of all, this was apparently perpetrated by an African American.  That is different in and of itself.  These types of shootings have long been the faculty of white people almost exclusively, but maybe this signals a change on the horizon.  Other than that, it seems the same old script we are used to seeing.  There are already calls about mental illness and gun control, and I have even seen some people saying that companies should have programs in place to help people when they get fired.  As absurd as that sounds.

Anyway, there are going to be a group of people that believe that this shooting, even though it occurred on live television, never happened.  And for those people, the video below will be very palatable.  It is interesting for sure why these very familiar figures always are around these situations.  It is also a good question why someone that just heard that their daughter was shot in cold blood on national television would feel the need to speak to Megyn Kelly a few hours later and seem basically emotionally intact.  Although we live in a society where the mainstream media trumps any concept of privacy, it still seems strange that someone would want to do that.  It’s not the kind of thing where you want to get your fifteen minutes of fame, you know.  In any case, the video below may be garbage, but it’s presented well, and there are at least a few things about it that bear discussion.

Why the Concept That People That Do Not Vote Have No Voice is Absurd and Stupid

I heard it on the radio just today as I was going to work.  A couple of jocks were venturing into the realm of politics on their radio talk show, and they started addressing the field of candidates currently in the United States’ presidential race for 2016.  They were talking vote-for-nobodyabout the decline of religion’s influence over politics, and one quoted a statistic that some 30 million evangelical Americans didn’t take part in the 2012 election.  Then, one of the hosts made a comment that I have heard hundreds of times, especially in election years.  He said that anyone that doesn’t get out and vote has absolutely no right to complain about anything.

It’s a statement that people make without even really thinking about it.  With all the “Rock the Vote” campaigns where uber-popular and cool celebrities try to encourage people to do their “civic duty” and vote, we have created a culture where to conscientiously object to the process is considered to be almost a crime.  They try to paint the picture that if you don’t vote in an election when you are eligible to do so, it means that all of those valiant soldiers that died for your freedom are being dissed by you and your laziness.  It means that you either don’t care and your just the kind of person that likes to complain without wanting to do your part.  They brainwash people into thinking that way, and it works.  The truth is that people that don’t vote, if they do it for the right reasons, have every right to complain.

Yes, some people just don’t care.  And if you just are apolitical and could not care less about any of it and you don’t vote, perhaps you can make the argument that you don’t really have a right to complain about the government.  However, if you really are one of those people that simply isn’t interested, chances are you weren’t doing a whole lot of complaining anyway.  It’s the other group, those that would love to vote if they were given a system and a candidate that they could attach their “civic duty” to and come away feeling good about it.  American politics has become so watered down by corruption and the ever-warring but ever-colluding two-party political system that every election now consists of nothing but people going to the polls to cast their vote for the lesser of two evils. evil If there is an independent candidate, they can vote for them, but everyone knows that is like not voting at all because our system is wired so that there is no chance for them to win.  You don’t vote for the candidate you believe in.  You vote for the candidate that you think is likely to do the least amount of damage to the country in the next four years.

As we gear up for 2016, there is absolutely nothing looking different.  Hillary Clinton is plagued in scandal, and almost no one in America on either side of the political aisle can really say they trust her as far as they can throw her.  If Vice President Joe Biden gets in the race, everyone regards that as just Obama Part III.  The guy behind Hillary, Bernie Sanders, is making a big splash, but he’s just employing a tried-and-true political tactic that seems new because the last couple of elections have all been about wars and “hope and change.”  Bernie is kicking it old school by simply making a bunch of absurd promises that he cannot keep and in fact has no intention of attempting to keep.  Bernie Sanders knows that the minimum wage is never going to be increased to $15 per hour, especially with a Republican-controlled Congress.  Free public college sounds great, but it’ll never pass, and there’s not money to pay for it.  Even if there is, it’s a real bum deal for millions of Americans swimming in student loan debt that did have to pay for their college education (or are still paying, as it were).  The reality is that Bernie Sanders is saying a lot of pretty things to get a lot of naive people to jump on his bandwagon.  It works, and it is working for him.

That was a quick look at the Democratic side.  The Republican side is even more troubling, regardless of how you feel about the general politics of it.  Donald Trump has somehow risen to the top of one of the biggest fields of candidates ever, a sure sign that America is just so tired of career politicians that almost anyone that is not seems like a viable option.  After Trump, you have Jeb Bush, a guy whose name alone is enough to make people shudder.  After that, you have a strange crew of candidates that aren’t particularly good speakers, don’t really have any direction to their ideas, and mostly just try to appeal to Bible thumpers by trying to convince everyone that they are being persecuted and discriminated against.  That’s an interesting strategy for Republicans to take with their base, as they borrowed it directly from the Democrats who have made their living in politics convincing people they were being done wrong for generations.  These are our options.  Why would anyone want to vote?

Yes, voting is a sacred part of America’s supposed tradition of freedom and democracy.  But what does it mean when the system is just setting you up for more disappointment.  Just look at President Barack Obama.  He is a great example.  He was a breath of fresh air when he came on the national scene, and even diehard Republicans couldn’t help but be a little inspired by him.  Then, he won the election, and as soon as he was inaugurated, it was clear that he was just more of the same, albeit with a little darker skin tone.  People that voted for Obama still don’t seem to grasp that for his first four years, he mostly continued the policies of George W. Bush, just putting it different in speeches and having the sympathy of the American people for having inherited such a mess, so much in fact that the American people gave him a half-a-decade pass for doing almost nothing about it.

So, that old phrase that if you don’t vote, shut your mouth needs to be permanently retired.  It’s absurd.  Maybe if more people didn’t vote, we might put the system in a position where it had to change because it became so apparent that it no longer represented anything even resembling the will of the people.  What if no one voted at all?  Would they assume the responsibility of selecting the President themselves?  And why on Earth do we need an electoral college system in an era where the Internet makes it possible for each and every person’s voice and vote to be heard?  Yet we rely on an archaic system that was designed to make sure that if Americans ever picked someone a little too far out of the normal political spectrum to get behind, Congress can still use the electoral college to veto it and stop the system from getting away from them.

I have a right not to vote.  It’s not because I’m lazy, uninformed, or don’t care.  It’s because I do care.  Just like when you sign your name to something, or put your good name down on a credit application, I believe that when you cast that vote, you take some responsibility for that person and what they do going forward.  People that voted for George W. Bush, especially the second time, deserve a little blame for how that went down.  People that voted for President Obama deserve the blame or credit as it were.  In so many states, the two-party system has it so perfectly divided that if you aren’t voting for the winning side, your vote really doesn’t count.  People aren’t stupid; they know this.

Not voting is voting, in a manner of speaking.  It’s voting against a corrupt system that doesn’t serve the people any longer, if it ever did to begin with, and it needs to be changed so that it does.  Until then, people that don’t vote because they don’t see someone to vote for and someone to attach their name to have every right to complain about whatever they like, because it’s the other guys casting their votes that are keeping that system intact and making people believe that it still works despite a preponderance of evidence telling us otherwise.

The Stock Market Scare of 2015 — What the Media Is Not Saying?

With the stock market taking a major dip that left many people still gun-shy from 2008 reeling this week, the mainstream media has been working its propaganda machine overtime trying to convince all of us that there is nothing wrong.  Talking head after talking head has appeared on every mainstream news channel you can think of saying the same things.  This is nothing like 2008.  Why?  There is no mortgage crisis.  The Fed can still step in and help if it gets really bad.  Banks are in good shape.  The goal is simple.  They want to convince the general public that this is not something to get upset about and panic.  However, the mainstream media is very carefully avoiding some facts that you need to know, and if they were doing their journalistic duties correctly, they would be asking these so-called experts these questions, which you will not find mentioned at all in the mainstream media’s reporting on the subject.

Okay, so first excuse.  There is no mortgage crisis.  This is true.  Homes are not foreclosing at a furious rate.  See, the people that lost their homes in 2008’s aftermath don’t have any credit now, so they can’t buy homes.  The people buying homes now in the so-called recovery were those that did not own a home back when that happened, and now they are taking advantage of record-low interest rates and a buyer’s market like never before to get a lot more house for their money.  This does make it look like the housing

Records are made to be broken.  Isn't that the saying?
Records are made to be broken. Isn’t that the saying?

market is recovering, and to some degree it is, but if you look at it from a broader point of view, it is only a changing of the guard.  Those people used to own the houses while these people used to rent.  Now it’s the other way around.  But the talking heads are right.  The mortgage bubble bursting was a major contributor to why 2008 was so bad, and that shouldn’t be as big of an issue this time around.  Only there’s another bubble about to burst that may be even worse.  The student loan situation should be the first question journalists ask of these experts when they say there is nothing to fear.  But it is not being mentioned at all, and President Obama passed a silly little measure to lower everyone’s payments a little bit and acted like he had saved the world and everything is fine now.  It’s not.  The student loan situation is as big a problem as ever, and with presidential candidates like Bernie Sanders talking about making college free for people going forward, those swimming in student loan debt are only going to feel more despair as all that debt to get an advantage for themselves may very well be free for their competition coming down the line.  The timing of this with that is a classic setup for a very similar situation as what happened in 2008, just with different moving parts.

Second excuse… the Fed can always save the day.  Well, this one is just stupid.  Interest rates are 0% right now, with the Fed casually mentioning trying to inch them up sometime this year (a scenario already looking less likely by the second).  What are they going to step in and do?  Start paying people to borrow money?  Print some more money spiraling inflation out of control (another reason 2008 went the way that it did)?  No, the Fed has little or no options this time, because all of their economic safeguards are already in play.  The Fed won’t be saving the day, not unless it employs some drastic ill-advised measure that will just be a gigantic bandage, something we have seen happen in places like Greece.

So, you see, the mainstream media is trying to spread the message that there is nothing to worry about, but that is just plain wrong.  Now, perhaps all of these things don’t line up just right and this doesn’t get as bad as we’ve seen before.  We all hope that is the case, but it’s important to realize that what the mainstream media is shoving down your throat is ignoring pretty big chunks of a puzzle.