War on Christmas — Myth or Massive Conspiracy?

In keeping with the holiday season, we will take a break from the usual conspiracy theories and look at something that gets brought up at this time of year over and over again.  What is the supposed “War on Christmas?”  Does it really exist?  And if so, who is the active perpetrator of this war?

What Do You Mean “War on Christmas?”

There are plenty of people trying to capitalize on the idea of a war on Christmas.
There are plenty of people trying to capitalize on the idea of a war on Christmas.

The actual term “war on Christmas” has no specific origin.  Yes, popular conservative figures like Bill O’Reilly may claim to have coined the term (he even published a book with that as the title), but in fact, the phrase has been tossed around for decades.  What does it really mean?  Well, that is totally up to you, the individual.  Your viewpoints on a variety of issues will probably determine how you feel about the alleged “war on Christmas” and what it means to you.

For our first example, let’s take an atheist who is tired of Christianity and religion in general dictating too many things in our world.  To him or her, the term “war on Christmas” is typical religious nonsense.  They will find it laughable.  A deeply devout Christian probably believes the war is very much alive and raging on as we speak.  Some on the fence may view Christmas as so commercialized by now that it hardly matters.  As you can see, where you stand on these issues greatly shapes how you feel about this.  But which of these groups has the facts on their side?  Isn’t that the real question?

Once again, the problem with trying to factually debate an issue like this is the fact that there are little facts.  One thing we know for sure:  the Christmas holiday is a mad commercial success.  The all-important fourth quarter literally makes or breaks companies.  It is there to save a company in a slump, and it can be the final nail in the coffin if it doesn’t live up to expectations.  If there is a war on America’s most celebrated holiday, it has lost bitterly.  Even those atheists we discussed above probably exchange Christmas gifts with friends and family and go along with the holiday to some extent.  From this standpoint, it’s hard to see any way that a war like this is being successfully waged.

Myths Propagate Myths and People Believe What They Want to Believe

Another reason that the idea of a war on Christmas has become so prevalent in society today is that myths propagate myths.  What does that mean?  Okay, it’s a little confusing.  The premise here is that if you use proven myths as facts to support something, it only snowballs.  A great example is the now six-year-old legend of President Barack Obama and the First Family ending the tradition of the White House Christmas tree.

Whoops!  What do we have here?
Whoops! What do we have here?

Ever since President Obama took office, each year a message circulates through email and social media explaining that President Obama has decided there will be no Christmas tree at the White House any longer.  This is usually tied into the “War on Christmas” and the other even longer running mythical legend that President Obama is actually a closet Muslim that somehow ascended to the highest position in the land.  People eat this up.  They want to believe it, and they insist that it has to be true.  After all, everyone knows that President Obama is a Muslim, right?  The reality is that people believe what they want to believe.  People hear what they want to hear.  If it supports the position they have, then they usually jump onboard.  This is no different.  Mind you, a simple Google search for each of the years that the Obama family has occupied the White House will quickly reveal videos and photographs of the Christmas trees and the holiday theme that was selected by First Lady Michelle Obama for that year.  The story simply isn’t true.  It can be disproven with a few simple keyboard strokes.  Yet, every year, it is passed around and a whole new group of people take it as gospel.

What About a War on Christianity?

If you really want to get down to the meat of this issue, people that believe there is a war on Christmas actually probably mean something different.  The war on Christmas would more accurately be described as one battle in the war on Christianity.  Is there a wider war on the religion of Christianity in America?

Well, once again, the first thing to check is how Christianity is faring.  While every atheist in America will vehemently deny that the United States of America is a Christian nation, there still is an undeniable truth that the overwhelming majority of Americans identify as being a member of some form of the Christian religion.  To insist that Christianity is not a force to be reckoned with is lunacy.  Like it or not, Christianity continues to exert huge influences on politics and law in America, regardless of how many efforts there are to remove any references to it from places of government business.  Much like we found with Christmas, if there is a war on Christianity, it isn’t winning.

Winning alone doesn’t determine whether there is a war, however.  You can wage a war on something and lose, but a war is still a war.  Many Christians point to atheist movements as proof of their position.  It can be hard to argue with some of their points of view.  On a daily basis, atheist organizations file lawsuits over prayers in schools and such.  The lawsuits often succeed, because by the letter of the law they may be right.  Of course, reasonable people would find little reason to be offended because little Tommy says a prayer to himself in the school cafeteria before he scarfs down lunch, but some people can’t stand it in any way, shape or form.  Just like there are those Christians out there insisting that they are being horribly persecuted, there are an equal percentage of atheists pushing agendas like this that have little purpose but just to enrage the other side and claim some sort of “moral” victory.  Meanwhile, the real loser is the American public, whose taxpayer dollars have to facilitate these gargantuan wastes of time in the court system.

So, what is our conclusion here?  Is there a war on Christianity?  Well, it’s probably not a war.  More like a few people out there trying to start a war, but finding an American public that is largely indifferent.

The Real War on Christmas

After all of that analysis, we are just going to come out and say it.  There is a war on Christmas.  It is raging right now.  It is raging out of control.  And it is winning.  Say what?

The holiday of Christmas used to mean something different in America than it does today.  Yes, the religious implications are obvious.  That’s not really what we are talking about.  What we mean is that America used to look at Christmas as a holiday for everyone to enjoy a break from hard work, some well-deserved family time, and just try to show a little goodwill for your fellow man.  In this day and age, Christmas is different.  The holiday season officially kicks off with Black Friday, where people tackle each other to get the best deals in retail establishments that already ruin Thanksgiving by opening their doors halfway through what should be a family dinner.  The same people that used to keep stores closed on Sundays for the sanctity of family now can’t even stay closed one day.  People don’t spend time with their loved ones talking about things that matter; they talk about the Black Friday ad breaking at six o’clock and then leave before grandma’s apple pie is through warming up.

It kind of makes sense though.  It is a small look at our overall society.  Family life has changed.  People don’t sit down at the dinner table like they did in decades past.  It’s a world that runs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  More people have jobs where they are working overnight swing shifts.  More and more parents hardly ever see their children.  The effects on society are obvious and moving.  Still, thanks to the real war on Christmas, we can’t even let all of that be suspended for one twenty-four hour period.  The march of capitalism and commercialization does not stop for holidays.  The almighty dollar doesn’t have time for Christmas or Thanksgiving.  This is the true war on Christmas.  This is not a myth.  This is happening, and chances are, you already knew about it, whether or not you chose to admit it to yourself.

So, what can you do?  Do you want to fight back?  That’s the beautiful thing here.  This is not about religious people versus atheists.  This is not about conservatives versus liberals.  It’s not black or white, boys or girls.  It’s a war that is being waged on every single one of us in America, and it is a golden opportunity for us all to fight together as one for one thing.  Can’t we all at least agree that Christmas, whatever it might mean to you deep down, is a tradition worth saving?  Can’t we all agree that at least a few hours of family time a year should be protected from the greed of the retail industry?  Can’t we all agree that a 24/7 society doesn’t have to be 365 too?

The war on Christmas is real, but the truth is that it is really a war on you.  The question is what are we going to do about it?

The Obamas That Stole Christmas: A Little Fact-Checking About the White House Christmas Tree

One of the Laura Bush trees in 2005 was decorated entirely with white lilies.

Be it on Facebook, Twitter, or in your personal email, it’s hard for anyone to have not run across what we at Common Sense Conspiracy are now labeling the “Holiday Tree Scam.”  Unlike most scams out there, this is not trying to get your money or personal information.  It is simply trying to spread disinformation.  Let’s start by saying that the CSC certainly believes that personal liberties are being taken away from us one-by-one.  We have extensively covered information regarding the New World Order and we are never going to be accused by anyone of being Obama’s biggest fans.  However, we also believe in a mantra around here that those that read regularly know so well:  sometimes it is what it is.

If you haven’t seen the “Holiday Tree Scam” in action, it goes like this in a quick summary.  The White House has announced that they will not have a Christmas tree this year, but a Holiday tree.  People in America should refer to their own personal trees as Holiday Trees as well.  This is supposedly because of the religious and ethnic differences in our nation.  The idea is that the Christmas tree at the White House signifies that we are a Christian country (what a terrible concept) and it is offensive to people of other religious backgrounds.  It also goes along with an encouragement to not say “Merry Christmas” but “Happy Holidays.”  The scam’s goal is simply to spark outrage.  People get upset when things like this circulate.  They believe it is true because it sounds halfway legitimate with what is going on in our world day-to-day anyway.  It’s not that hard to believe, but here at Common Sense, we do believe in checking facts, and the facts in this case are seriously skewed.   First, here’s an example of what you might see floating around on Facebook:

WHAT A CROCK OF BULL….. We can’t say Merry Christmas now we have to say Happy Holidays. We can’t call it a Christmas tree, it’s now called a Holiday tree? Because it might offend someone. If you don’t like our “Customs” and it offends you so much then GO HOME. I will help you pack. They are called customs and we have our traditions If you… agree with this…please post this as your status!! I AM A PROUD AMERCIAN CITIZEN… MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Do you have what it takes to repost this?

Never mind that the people propagating this list cannot spell “American” which in my opinion is the real crime here.  If you are interested in reading the email that is circulating, a full version of it can be found here.  Ok, so now you have the phony info.  Let’s get on to the real facts.

A lot of the backlash surrounding this scam comes from the idea that a fair sampling of the nation believes that Obama is a Muslim.  Now, whether that is true or not is a debate for another day (and one we will gladly take on in another article), but for our purposes here, the fact that there has been some outcry about Obama’s religious background is part of the reason that the idea that he would outlaw the Christmas tree at the White House is so easy for people to accept.  Ironically, a little fact-checking turns up some very interesting information.  How many people posting and circulating this scam would believe me if I said that First Lady Laura Bush, the wife of George W. Bush, famously refused to include Christ-centered ornaments or themes on the White House Christmas tree.  Actually, when Michelle Obama received the Christmas tree at the White House for the first time in 2009, she immediately did away with Laura Bush’s “themed” ornaments and had over 800 new, traditional ornaments created just for the occasion.  Now, this is not an attempt to say that Laura Bush was trying to ban Christmas; more likely she just had a different taste that didn’t necessarily coincide with traditional American ideas of what a Christmas tree should look like.  It is funny how many people don’t know this and are so quick to condemn the Obama’s for stealing Christmas.

So, at the very least, the Christmas tree is not called a Christmas tree at the White House, right?  Hmm…

27 seconds in. What’s that?

Happy holidays from Common Sense Conspiracy. Or is it Merry Christmas? We can’t tell you.

The Monopoly on Electricity — Close to Completion?

The story of Tesla and the ambitions of free or close to free electricity for everyone is well-known and understood in conspiracy circles.  It doesn’t stop there.  The monopolization of electricity has been a goal of the New World Order for decades, and this inspiring video explains just how we got where we are and where they intend to take things from here.

Sony Decides to Not Release “The Interview” — Land of the Afraid?

It was a mantra we all heard in the aftermath of both the September 11 and Boston Marathon terror attacks.  Continue your life as you normally would.  If we stop going about our daily lives, we are letting the terrorists win.

Now, the United States government is saying that North Korea was involved in the huge hacking cyberattack that aired tons of Sony’s dirty laundry to the public and is now threatening actual physical attacks on movie theaters that premiere the controversial The Interview next week.  While various government agencies have said repeatedly that there is no credible physical threat, movie theaters across the nation decided it wasn’t worth the risk or the hassle to customers of a temporary major security upgrade.  Sony eventually acknowledged how many theaters were pulling out and canned the premiere entirely.

So, to recap, America let the terrorists win.  Fear caused us to not do what we were possibly going to do before.  We have also let terrorism basically censor us.  Think about it.  In North Korea, the government censors anything it feels like is not in tune with it.  Now, they are censoring the United States as well.  A fictional comedy movie is not being premiered because the leader of North Korea is not happy with its implications.  So, he unleashes a cyberattack followed by terroristic threats.  Our response:  we gave him exactly what he wanted.  The movie is not coming out on the appointed day.  You win, Kim Jong.  Well played.

It’s a dangerous precedent.  Where do we go from here?  We frequently hear the FBI and Homeland Security pat themselves on the back and tell us “You just don’t know how many of these plots we thwart on a daily basis.”  Well, in light of this development, maybe Americans are being sold short on this deal.  Does the FBI have an obligation to tell anywhere that has what they consider to be a non-credible terrorist threat so they can close their doors if they wish?  We are making it easy for terrorists.  They don’t even have to have a real plan or an endgame strategy.  Just making us think that they have the power and resources is now enough to effectively disrupt America.

What do you think?  Did Sony do the right thing?  Do you think the government put pressure on them?  And if someone in North Korea made a movie about assassinating President Barack Obama, how would we take that?  Would we be okay with it?  Or would we see it as an act of war like North Korea did?  Would we have a problem with our government hacking North Korea as punishment?  There’s a lot more layers to this issue than what immediately meets the eye.

76-Year-Old Man Tasered By Police For Having Perfectly Legal License Plates

The police are out of control is the message being sent by protests all across the nation about police brutality toward black people.  Well, here’s yet another instance of police going what appears even to white people standing by way over the line when dealing with a 76-year-old black man.  They pull him down, wrestle with him, and ultimately taser him, all over license plates that turned out to be legit.  And to make it more damning, the police officer is, of course, white.  What do you think?  It’s not just young “thugs” anymore.

Lizard Squad Hacking Group Takes Down Playstation Network (PSN) and XBox One Live — Thanks Guys!

Hacking group Lizard Squad has flexed its muscles once again, taking down the Playstation Network (PSN) and Xbox One Live on the same day within mere hours of one another.  Millions of gamers across the world were left with no way to play the video games they had invested hundreds of their hard-earned dollars in.  Meanwhile, Lizard Squad revealed on its Twitter account that the best is yet to come.  Whatever that means.

Lizard Squad is, as everyone knows, a group of hackers that don’t even try to steal money or private information, but just really enjoy being  a general nuisance to the general public.  They consist of several middle-aged men that work in the IT field and have currently never had sex with a woman or a man.  They have no message to spread, positive or negative, but exist only to try to make good, hard-working people’s lives at home suck a little more than they did before, and of course, to avenge years of “bullying” during high school.

Bottom line:  sucks to be a gamer for a little while till the folks at Sony and Microsoft get this fixed.  Sucks to be a member of Lizard Squad 24/7, 365.

Why are White Cops Killing Unarmed Black People Like Mad?

Well, it may not be the most politically correct title we’ve ever used here at Common Sense Conspiracy, but the question had to be asked. Regardless of how you feel about what’s been going on in the world with the Ferguson incident, the boy killed in Cleveland, another shooting in Phoenix, and the chokehold situation in New York, one thing is for sure: it seems that there are a lot of incidents of white cops killing unarmed black people during confrontations. Is this really happening the way the media is representing it to us?

"Think we got him.  What do you guys want to do for lunch?"
“Think we got him. What do you guys want to do for lunch?”

It is hard to understand.  The Michael Brown incident was such a lightning rod, but at least that case had some points of debate.  Michael Brown was a criminal; he had just robbed a store.  It seems fairly conclusive that he at the very least did attack the officer and made some move for his gun.  Should Darren Wilson have shot him multiple times?  Now, that’s a good question, and no matter how rosy his conscious is and how many feel-good interviews he gives, you gotta figure this guy probably wishes he hadn’t done that as it has pretty much ruined his life for life.  The Eric Garner incident in New York doesn’t have these points of debate.  There is a video.  It’s pretty cut and dry, or should have been.  It’s hard for a reasonable person (even a white one) to look at that video and not think that the officer should at the very least have been charged with something.  If we don’t want to call it murder, why not assault or battery?  This guy should at the very least lose his job.  Then, we have similar incidents in Phoenix and Cleveland.  You would think that white cops everywhere would be a little wary of shooting a black man at this particular moment in history, but it still seems to be open season for some reason.  What does it all mean?

Well, for one thing, you have to take a cold, hard look at where you are getting your news.  If you rely solely on the mainstream media, then all of these events are ardent racists who saw the chance to take out a black male and try to blame it on occupational hazards.  The mainstream media does overlook one detail.  All of the victims had just committed crimes of some sort.  Were any of the crimes worthy of being shot dead in the street or strangled to death?  I think white people, black people, and even some green dude I saw walking down the street today could agree on that.  Still, to prove that white police everywhere are just itching to kill black people any chance they get for no apparent reason, could we get at least one case of a white police officer killing a black person that had not just committed a crime?  Now that would be damning evidence right there.  White police officer accosts peaceful black man minding his own business…guns him down in cold blood.  As much as the media would love that headline and as much as they’ve already tried to turn all of these situations into that headline, the reality is that if none of these crimes had been committed, it’s doubtful that any of these people would be dead.  It is also doubtful that any of them would be dead if they had complied with the officer’s instructions at the time of the confrontation.  Why do these people think they can win against the police on the street?  You can beat the police in America, but you do that in a courtroom.  You will never succeed in beating up all of the police.  Those bastards just keep coming like a video game.  It’s understandable that having police arrest you causes high emotional strain.  Actually, this will come as a total shock to black people everywhere, but when police arrest white people, it usually pisses them off too.  You know what you need to do?  Hold your hands out for the handcuffs, get that badge number, and fight them to the death in court, not on the street.  Now, mind you, none of this is necessarily excusing the police officers’ actions in any of these interludes, but it is pointing out that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things on both sides of the coin, and in none of these instances did the suspect make any attempt to do it the right way.

So, what’s the verdict?  Truthfully, the Michael Brown situation was really bad and made national news.  The Eric Garner situation probably would have got minimal coverage if it were not for an ongoing crisis with the Michael Brown situation.  There’s nothing the mainstream media gets more excited about than piling on.  And this situation in Phoenix would not have even made the national news if it were not for the media loving every minute of the racial unrest they have created.  So, before you think we have an epidemic of racist white cops killing black people for no reason, let’s remember how we are getting spoon-fed that information.  It matters.

Michael-Brown-seated-protester-End-police-brutality-081415-by-James-CooperCops do seem to overreact.  They do seem to make rash decisions.  In the Eric Garner situation, it did seem like the cops were frustrated with him and took it out on him physically.  Is this right?  No.  Could Garner be alive right now if he had simply replied to them respectfully?  Almost 100% yes.  The cops need to get it together, but it’s a two-way street.  Everyone needs to remember that you need to pick your battles in order to win the war.  Fighting the police in the street isn’t likely to have a good ending.  If you aren’t dead and a martyr to the African American cause for Al Sharpton, you will probably be beat half to death.  The cops shouldn’t do that, but it seems that grand juries all across America are giving them a free pass to do whatever they wish.  So, unfortunately, maybe we all need to stop and think before we decide to grab that cop’s weapon.  Maybe before you spit in the cop’s face because he asked for your drivers license you might should consider that he has free reign to whip your ass and even kill you if he feels like it.  Maybe before you start fighting five or six police officers despite the fact that a trip to the mailbox looks like it would be overtaxing for your physical condition, you ought to think “Am I all in?”  Is it really worth it?  A trip to jail sucks, especially if you really weren’t doing anything wrong or feel the cops are targeting you.  But it beats a trip to the morgue by a long shot.  And in the first scenario, you get a day in court.  You might win.  The morgue is basically the hall of fame for losers.

Should we examine our police force and figure out what their problem is?  Absolutely.  But in the meantime, there still seems to be a huge amount of evidence that if you don’t commit crimes, don’t fight the police, and do what they tell you to do when they tell you to do it, you have an excellent chance of coming out of this thing alive.

Is the Illuminati Punishing Bill Cosby for Stepping Out of Line? Women Coming Out of the Woodwork With Sexual Assault Allegations

By now, you would have to be living under a really soundproof rock to not have heard about the stunning allegations about Bill Cosby, formerly beloved American comedian and actor.  Due to all of the attention being paid to Bill here of late, we have had several of our readers ask for information about Bill Cosby’s possible Illuminati involvement.  Many want to know if Bill was ever involved with the Illuminati and if he has had some sort of falling out with them that has caused them to ruin what was once a untarnished reputation.

Well, we can’t give you any full answer on this.  What we will point out is that these allegations are nothing new and have actually been around for decades.  Of course, others could bend that to prove that Bill has been at odds with the Illuminati for decades as well, and they have never stopped trying to ruin him for not doing their bidding.  What do you think?  Would the Illuminati miss out on a wholesome family show like the Cosby Show as a massive means of influence?  Did Bill really make a hand sign showing that he is standing down in a recent interview?  Or does America just have a very unnatural desire for anything and everything Illuminati?  You be the judge.

Emperor Obama Will “Go It Alone” With Executive Orders on Immigration — Millions of Legal Illegal Aliens?

Well, one thing you have to give President Barack Obama credit for.  He follows through on his threats.  He has long indicated that he would happily take executive action if Congress didn’t pull through with a comprehensive immigration reform package, and he didn’t let America voting the Republican Party back in control of both houses of Congress slow him down any.  Despite repeated warnings that this will only further an already near-terminal divide between the parties, Obama announced that he will reveal executive actions on immigration in an address to the nation on Thursday night.

Don't tread on me.
Don’t tread on me.

Like most things in government, the actions proposed don’t seem to have much purpose toward fixing anything.  Millions of current illegal aliens will suddenly have no fear of any repercussions for their illegal entry and living in the country.  What economic and sociological impacts this will have are uncertain, but there are few out there that see it as a positive.  The only things it’s sure to do are piss off the Republicans, make a lot of people that became Americans the right way mad, heavily encourage more people to sneak into America, and last but not least, take a steaming dump on the rule of law America and how whenyourekingthe system of checks and balances was supposed to work.  Actually, this may be Obama’s coming out party.  Emperor Obama, as he has been called by some Republican politicians, might be making his first moves that show his plans for what should have been a lame duck two years.  King Obama doesn’t look to be going down quietly, and you can bet many in conspiracy circles will be wondering if this isn’t the beginning of the long-held theory that Obama would somehow introduce another term for himself or better yet, declare himself dictator of America.  Remember, this is the same guy that said that for him to do exactly what he is doing on immigration was illegal.

Is any of that terribly likely?  Probably not.  What Obama is really doing is an old Democratic standby.  Buying votes.  All of those illegal aliens that are about to wake up American citizens through no fault of their own are definitely going to feel pretty endeared to the Democratic Party.