Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Illuminati Influences — You Be the Judge?

Coldplay’s performance at the fiftieth ever Super Bowl was one of the more uneventful performances. I mean, having Bruno Mars and Beyonce stop by to spice it up helped the Illuminati level, but all in all, Common Sense Conspiracy found little about this year’s bash to point to some serious Illuminati imagery. And yet, it was heavily predicted that the Illuminati would be all over it. So, we show you what they said was going to happen and now we’ll show you what really happened.

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The halftime show we recorded has been deleted due to copyright restrictions from the National Football League. Sorry guys.

Why the Vice President Running Mates May Be Very Very Important in 2016’s Election?

With the Iowa and New Hampshire caucuses just around the corner, the race for the White House in 2016 is really heating up. On both sides of the one-party system that masquerades as a two-party system the competition is fierce. It once seemed a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton would coast to the Democratic nomination, but dark horse Bernie Sanders has closed the gaps in

President Trump might get fired.
President Trump might get fired.

polls dramatically. Pair that with Hillary’s ongoing legal crisis regarding emails and private servers, and it’s not nearly as crazy to think that the self-proclaimed socialist could steal the nomination from Hillary again, Obama-style. On the other side of the aisle you have the completely dysfunctional Republican race where Donald Trump is the even more unlikely frontrunner, and may very well not even be a Republican. The second-place contender is facing a birth certificate debate (also Obama-style), and no one else is even making a splash, so we could see one of the craziest elections of all time.

Bernie is not for sale, but it might cost him dearly.
Bernie is not for sale, but it might cost him dearly.

Trump versus Sanders would be interesting in a lot of ways. For one, it would mark the first time that neither establishment got its way. The Republican Party has made no bones about how bad it wants Trump to go away, and everyone expected him to sooner or later stumble. He has not. Sanders is much the same. The establishment Democratic Party sees Hillary as the clear heir to Obama’s throne (and we mean that literally, not figuratively), and Sanders is just as unpalatable to them as Trump is to their counterparts. And yet, neither of the candidates if they clinch the nomination may be remotely as important as those that they choose for their veep.
Usually, the vice presidential candidates are an afterthought. Yes, they might bring in more support from their states or own fanbase, but more often than not, they go the way of Joe Biden and Dan Quayle, never amounting to much but the guy that stands behind the President of the United States. A notable exception is Dick Cheney, probably the most powerful and influential Vice President the United States has ever seen (and not in a good way, unfortunately). But this year’s veep candidates could be unbelievably critical because never have we seen two candidates more likely to be assassinated should they win the presidency.
Take Trump first. He has more enemies than we could possibly name. There are so many people that might want to go after him if he were President, and you can’t even narrow it down to one political side, one race, or one religion. He has haters of every shade out there, and if he institutes half of the wild things he has said he is going to do, he will only gain more quickly. There is an excellent chance that someone out there might decide that the Donald has to go, putting his vice president suddenly with the keys to the lock of the most powerful machine in the world.
As bad as it might look for a President Trump, Bernie Sanders may have it even worse. A President Sanders may very well be the next

The shadow government doesn't take people like Trump and Sanders lightly.
The shadow government doesn’t take people like Trump and Sanders lightly.

John F. Kennedy, going against the grain of a governmental system that exists first and foremost to promote its own survival. Never mind outside threats; a President Sanders will face assassination from within in the kind of conspiracy that will keep this website running for years to come. Sanders has that kind of personality to rock the boat the way those in the shadows don’t like to see it rocked. Add in his disdain for Wall Street, Big Oil, and Big Pharma, and you might have people literally lining up to try to take out President Sanders. He’s a dead man walking if he wins the election, and the CIA probably already has the plans drawn up just in case. So, as you can see, if Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, his running mate will be critical, because there is an excellent chance that that person will be President before it is all over. And God forbid he choose Hillary as his running mate. She might just kill him herself.
So, as you mull over who you might vote for in the election (assuming you still believe in that whole process, which is another story), keep in mind that you might be voting more for the second man or woman than the first, because President Trump and President Sanders may have a definitive expiration date should they reach the highest office in the land.

Did Scientists Verify the Existence of Nibiru With Acknowledgement of Planet X?

The concept that there might be another quite gigantic planet past Pluto in our solar system is nothing new. Ever since Pluto was found, the search has been on in the astronomy community for the mystical Planet X. The unusual orbit of Neptune and Uranus was pointed to as classic evidence of another gravitational force out there in the far reaches of the solar system, but until this past week, it was only conjecture. Now, scientists have confirmed that the calculations are in and Planet X is real. And when Planet X is finally discovered, there won’t be any Pluto planet debates on this one. Planet X, according to the calculations, will be massive, perhaps even rivaling Jupiter for the title of largest planet.

Astronomers aren’t the only ones to warn of the existence of the ninth planet (Pluto got ousted, remember?). The legend of the dark planet Nibiru on a collision course with Earth from the far reaches of the solar system is a recurring conspiracy theory that won’t quit. As a matter of fact, we have seen serious talk about Nibiru on several different occasions over the last decade, each instance turning out to be nonsense. But now, it’s time for the Nibiru talk to heat up again as it seems almost like scientists are confirming that Nibiru exists after all.

Bear in mind that the undiscovered Planet X and Nibiru have some major differences. Planet X is definitely not getting any closer to Earth or the sun, and there is no reason to think that it would be likely that i could harbor life at that distance. But it is still interesting, and you can bet there will be plenty of people talking about it as the search is on.

Planned Parenthood Will Use $20 Million in Election Year — Why This Should Make You Angry No Matter Who You Support

The ever-controversial lightning rod that is Planned Parenthood announced Monday that it will be supporting Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election, and what’s more, has already earmarked $20 million smackeroos to advertise for the presumed Democratic candidate going forward this year.

All taxpayers want their hard-earned dollars going to my campaign, right?
All taxpayers want their hard-earned dollars going to my campaign, right?

That’s what happened. Is it surprising? Not at all. Hillary and PP go way back, and they, like the Republicans, seem to have already decided to make Planned Parenthood a major issue in this election, despite the fact that there are a myriad of actual real issues that could demand that attention. If you are a Hillary supporter, sounds good. If you support Bernie or that other guy, you still fundamentally agree with their stance on things. If you’re on the other side, it’s just more money being poured out to kill those poor innocent babies. But why should all of you be offended by this announcement?
Well, let’s see. The big controversy across the country is that the Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood in the wake of a scandal about presumed selling of fetus parts for profit. That means that Planned Parenthood is funded at least in part by taxpayer dollars. So this announcement basically means that Planned Parenthood is planning to use money to support a political candidate on only one side that it got at least in some form or fashion from taxpayer dollars. That is frightening.
The National Rifle Association is another lightning rod where the shoe is on the other foot. Now, the NRA is not federally funded, but imagine for a second that it was. Can you imagine the outrage if they announced they were taking taxpayer dollars to support the Republican and presumed pro-gun candidate for President?
It’s real simple. You can’t do that. You shouldn’t be allowed to do that. It’s taking the concept of buying government to a whole new level, and while it’s not Hillary’s fault, if she cared an iota about the country’s principles and philosophies, she would candidly express her appreciation but encourage them not to use taxpayer dollars in political matters.
Will she? Of course not. She couldn’t be happier about what Planned Parenthood is doing on her behalf. But what if the shoe were on the other foot? The thing about matters like these is that the shoe will be on the other foot, eventually, and while you might be on the right side of things this time, wrong is wrong.
Want to know how you can tell how wrong it is? The Republicans won’t point out any of these things. Why? Because they know that somewhere down the line they will be using the same flawed logic to help themselves. Remember that no matter how much they seem like enemies, at the end of the day they are all in bed together, and no one is going to get too mad or jeopardize their ability to waste the money of the people as they see fit.

Please Please Stop Giving Money to Presidential Campaigns — Trump, Clinton, Sanders Don’t Need Your Help

It was sickening to see a news report the other day in the mainstream media talking about the unreal amounts of money that the presidential campaigns of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders are raking in. Now that’s not playing favorites, mind you. Much lesser candidates are pulling in millions as well, despite having almost no chance of winning the nomination or the general election. But the aforementioned are far and away the ones raking in the most, and that is what this article is about.
Are you a Republican? Democrat? Independent? Apolitical? Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter which of the candidates above you identity with. What matters is that you know something important. Don’t for any reason ever in a million years give money to a presidential campaign.

Why, you say? Why can’t I support monetarily the person I would most like to see ascend to the highest office in the land?

That’s easy. Because they simply don’t need your money. Not Donald, not Hillary, and not Bernie. They have already raised millions, but remember something. This is the age of the Internet. One little ordinary person can start a blog for less than a hundred bucks, write engaging content and spread his or her message to the masses. The idea that any of these candidates need money to spread their message is the biggest crime our government and the mainstream media has pulled on us yet. They already have their respective soapboxes. Not one penny they are spending on their campaigns is having any effect other than to cheerlead to their followers and enrage the other side. No one ever changed their mind because of this propaganda. They aren’t supposed to. No one really knows where all that money goes. We are made to believe that it goes to campaigns, but many in conspiracy circles believe this is just one of many ways that the United States government funds so-called “Black Ops” operations. You know, those operations underway that they can’t exactly tell us about, but still have to fund with taxpayer dollars. What better way than to get you to rally behind candidates who need millions upon millions to spread their message that a simple blog post could do for free. Better yet, who doesn’t know Hillary Clinton? Who is she reaching out to with that money? Everyone knows who she is and what she’s about. Her campaign should be her sitting by the fire waiting for the primary. Trump has mastered the art of getting his message out there for free through the wonders of antagonizing and manipulating the media.
Don’t check the little box when you do your taxes to give these bastards $3. They get enough of your money to waste already. Don’t send Bernie, Hillary, or Donald a check of your hard-earned cash. Give it to a homeless man on the street. That’s much better use of it. Give it to the church if you’re into that. Buy a Powerball ticket. Your odds aren’t good, but at least you can win. Investing in politicians is a 100% sure loss each and every time. Buy a pack of cigarettes if you smoke. Buy a six-pack of beer. Take your money and wipe your rear end after you go for number two. All of these are infinitely better uses of your money than giving to a politician’s campaign at the national level.

David Bowie Dead at 69 Years of Age — Illuminati at Work?

It was tragic news today that legendary rock star David Bowie passed away at the age of 69 after what the media has billed as an 18-month battle with liver cancer. His death set up one of the most orchestrated departures of all time, with him releasing his final album just two days previous. While the world mourns a great artist that maintained an influential and successful career over four decades, there are plenty in conspiracy circles that are taking to the Internet to point to this as the first Illuminati sacrifice death of 2016, and perhaps a big one to signify a year with a lot more tragedies like this to come.

As always, we at Common Sense Conspiracy present this to you as help in your own personal fact-finding mission. David Bowie was the kind of controversial figure that helped plenty of Illuminati talk to spring up throughout his career. In fact, just in the two days since the album’s release, it has already been connected to the Illuminati completely independent of his death. So, you could say that those that believe in such things won’t have a big problem connecting the dots here. Those that don’t aren’t likely to be convinced. But at the very least, it’s interesting, and there will be more and more speculation now that Bowie is no longer with us.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the Illuminati

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaking box office records worldwide, it was only a matter of time before the accusations of Illuminati messages throughout the hugely-popular film came along. Our friends at VigilantChristian may make a late surge for our coveted Top 5 Sites for Bullsh** in 2015 award coming next week. In any case, here are some great examples of some of the rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding the new Star Wars film. We’ll let you decide what you think of them in the comments below.