We hear about bullying 24/7 from the mainstream media.  Well, Common Sense Conspiracy has news for you.  You want to see some serious bullying?  Look no further than the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  This organization that actively tries to stop itself from being branded an “atheist organization” (despite the fact that this is precisely what it is) supposedly fights religious involvement in government.  They have now filed a federal lawsuit against the University of Clemson’s football program because head coach Davo Swinney allegedly keeps a culture of Christianity available to players and students at a public university.

If you haven’t heard the story, Clemson does not require anyone to participate in any sort of religious practice, and many on the football team indeed do not participate.  However, for the students that do want to do so, they have a chaplain and engage in terrible, obscene things like praying before football games.  Really hurtful stuff like that.  The FFRF is intervening on the behalf of no one in particular to try to stop this barbarian behavior that is obviously discriminating against someone out there’s right to do something, even though even the FFRF can’t immediately identify what that something is.

A spokesperson for the FFRF of the legal variety has been making the talk show circuit promoting what they think is a watershed moment in their war on religion.  They try to sell that they are not against religion and simply want protection from religion being involved in government and public education.  This, of course, completely in spite of the name of their organization which clearly indicates that they want freedom from religion period.  In any case, what this lawsuit proves is that atheists as a whole are one of two things.

1.  They are incredibly stupid.  They have raised their children to believe there is no god, no religion, no nothing, you are wormdirt when you die.  They embrace it.  It’s fun.  They still play Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, just without the guilt.  They teach and believe in evolution and science.  Yet they are so incredibly dumb that just seeing other people practicing religion in their general vicinity is apparently so scary that it tears there entire structure down.  They are so stupid that just seeing some people praying can make them fall to pieces.

2.  They are incredible bullies.  They masquerade around as a group that tolerates this, that, and everything, but meanwhile, they are forcibly trying to shove their own view down others’ throats.

There are plenty of instances of religion being wrongly involved in governmental practices.  There are plenty of instances of religion overstepping its bounds in the public arena.

This is not it.  This is just the FFRF trying to be a bully.  Clear and simple.

How long before a group of Christians form a Freedom from Atheists organization?

They better hurry.

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It’s becoming one of the biggest mysteries ever.  Where is Flight MH370?  Ever since it became apparent that no one knew the answer to that question, many conspiracy theorists and Common Sense Conspiracy have sat back and reminded everyone that no one actually knows that this plane ever crashed.  CNN and other mainstream media sources ridiculed all those that opposed the idea that Flight MH370 could be anywhere but at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, but lo and behold six weeks later, the mainstream media is now reporting that perhaps the plane might have landed after all.

That’s right.  The mainstream media from multiple sources is now agreeing with the same conspiracy theorists it ridiculed.  They are actually now saying publicly that the plane could have landed somewhere and they are seriously considering changing the focus of the search in the next few days if something dramatic doesn’t happen.

This revelation that there is another possibility comes six weeks after the crash.  Conspiracy sites like this one arrived at this conclusion two or three days after the flight came up missing.  We were all told we were idiots.  The mainstream media published story after story ridiculing conspiracy theorists and encouraging the general public not to believe nonsense.

Now, they are agreeing with every word.  Only, if you ask the mainstream media today, conspiracy theorists never suggested such a thing.  It was never brought up.

The search for Flight MH370 continues, but it will never be found.  That’s out official prediction here at Common Sense Conspiracy.  But the mainstream media may not be pushing an agenda.  They are actually coming full circle now and finding nowhere to turn but to embrace what they once labelled as rogue conspiracy theories.  Perhaps Flight MH370′s real fate is so top secret that not even the ones that pull the marionette strings of the mainstream media are willing to let anything go on this one.  What do you think?

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following article was submitted to us by Mr. Brett Redmayne-Titley, a journalist/writer.  You can follow Brett’s work at his archival web site Occupeyes.  

Part One of a Five Part Series: The Reporter hides in the bushes 125 feet away from the crime scene as a massive police presence arrives and shuts down an entire San Diego neighborhood. For thirteen hours he documents the horrors of America’s police state up-close and on-scene.

*********************PART ONE:***********************

One. Two. Three. Four all black uniformed police just passed my window. Moving silently, even paced, side-by-sidimagesCATEEPNJe, thirty feet from where I sat. All four black from head to toe, locked and loaded, black gloved fingers on triggers, staring from under black helmets straight through the lenses of high powered black scopes down the barrels of black automatic rifles pressed tightly to the shoulder pads of their black flack jackets.

America’s authoritarian machine was in full force. Moving fast.

In moments our quaint four-block area of coastal north San Diego County would be sealed off. In our troubled times cops do as they please. When violating Constitutional protections they don’t like being seen. This scene, fiction? No. My street. America.

Cover, in the form of a small army, was coming. Full speed.

Many possible reactions come to mind in those longest two seconds when one decides what to do with unfathomable facts at hand. I grab my camera. Cell phone? The first few pens and pencils my frantic fingers can grab. Stuffing notepads in back pocket, slinging the camera over my shoulder, heading for the door

Press credentials remained behind, swinging wildly on my office door knob. We would not be welcome tonight.

Dashing for the front door. My two dogs, sensing something very much wrong, staring at me quizzically, ears tilted forward with concern. It would be fifteen long hours before I would see them again.

Heading left out the door at a trot I gained ground on a shallow hill of our quiet, old San Diego dead end street. One hundred feet ahead; a very obvious, bright red Encinitas paramedic vehicle. Good luck! The paramedic, standing next to the truck; an old teammate.

“Kid’s shot two cops.” He says with a look that said, “Oh, shit!“.

“Are you sure?”, I fire back.

“One’s inside,” he nodded at his vehicle. “The other’s en route,” he added, meaning the hospital.

Neither cop in serious condition. Single shotgun pellet to the leg for one. The second had been grazed. Small gauge weapon. The wound was small. “Birdshot”, concluded the paramedic who’d seen the wound of the second cop.

I turned, advanced uphill. A woman standing at the front of the vehicle, sobbing into her sleeve, no one helping her. A neighbor. The Mother.

It’s Evan,” she cried. “He took the car. I told him, No! I called the cops”, she stammered. “Now he’s in our attic. He’s got the shotgun!”

A well-meaning neighbor arrives from across the street to help. I’m off. Senses overloaded.

Thirty feet further uphill. Two black and white San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept. patrol cars. Crossing my path. Left around the corner of Del Rio St. their cops, busy. Only five other residents present. Ashen faces. Watching. Intently.

Further around the corner a woman cop, hunched over, cell phone pressed tightly to her ear. Trying not to be heard.

” Evan! Evan! Stay on the line,” I hear her saying as I approach from behind. Hastily she moves forward, beyond the group of three cops finishing a white and yellow striped barricade in my way.

Down the shallow hill of Del Rio, two hundred feet away I can see those four menacing all black-on-black cops. Crouching. Locked and loaded across a single black and white police cruiser. Aiming at a single story house on the left.

Evan” was in real trouble.
Evan Kwik a troubled twenty-two year old had caused trouble before. Mostly for his parents. In our neighborhood he was pretty much unnoticed growing up, until he moved on to drugs. Hard drugs. Heroine. Neighbors all said, “He had a good heart.” But Mr. Jones is tough master indeed. Problems always follow him to the junkie’s door.

Parents Michelle and Steven split years ago. Mother and son at constant odds. Arguments. Fights. Police called multiple times. Swat team had been called before. No arrest record, though. Not yet. Just a kid growing up, making poor choices.With his whole life ahead? Maybe.

Kicked out of home and under court order to stay away, Evan Kwik has returned home to, “steal” his Mom’s car. The cops, they arrive quickly. So does Evan Kwik. So intent on stealing the car has had just returned from borrowing it.

And so it goes. Troubled youth. Broken home. Parental problems. Life sucks when you’re a kid. Same old story as a million other kids trying to grow up before they can’t.

Now Evan Kwik was in a dark cramped attic…clutching a shotgun. Surrounded by a very keen, very agitated and growing militia.
With my big lens I get a close up view of Evan’s mother’s house. The crime scene. Looking beyond it, two hundred yards down Del Rios Street to four-lane Leucadia Blvd, the cops were erecting yet another barricade. Four identical all-black-clad militants pressed themselves across the hood and trunk two more black-and-whites. Rifles ready. Two hundred feet closer, almost in front of the crime scene house, four other cops in standard light brown County Sheriff’s Department uniforms were staying undercover behind one more black and white. Sidearms drawn.

Now, looking back to my left beyond my house, down the shallow hill of Puebla St., two more waves of four cops each, clothed all in black with yellow “Police” marquee front and back, methodically come towards me and four neighbors, all staring wide-eyed at the unfolding Kafkaesque drama.

Common sense, a healthy respect for Darwinism, and the need to get this story, indicated I should not be the standing here long. The old days of allowing citizens to bear witness are, these days, at the whim of the cops. These cops. The ones pointing eight automatics in my general direction. And coming uphill straight at me.

I’m as trapped as Evan Kwik.

“Damn! I’d give anything to get closer”, I said in exasperation, and in the direction of a lady I barely know. ” They’re gonna lock this place down any minute. And us out.”

I had to make a move, and I had to do it now. No place to go. What to do? “Damn. Damn!….. Damn it!”

“My house is across the street”, my neighbor offers, without looking away from the unfolding crime scene.

Your House. Across the street?”I ask in disbelief.

Getting substantially closer, by passing through sixteen trigger-happy special forces with eight more about to join in, seems like a good idea at this juncture.

Unfortunately the problem of the growing army between us and her home was obvious. I indicated the problem, pointing down Del Rio Street.

“No worries. I know a back way.”


No better option. With no time for discussion, and a whispered thanks to the devine, off we went.

There is a certain savor in deliberately flaunting authority. Add a growing police presence and the heart rate will increase proportionally. So adrenalized we were.

As we hurried away from our vantage point, four all-black full-sized suburbans, sporting menacing black windows, screeched to a stop at the bottom of Puebla St. Cops in plainclothes jumped out, primed for action.

So did we.
Meanwhile, one very scared young junkie remained in a dark three-foot-high attic, holding a twenty gauge shotgun. Having a very bad day.

Mobile news teams rushed to the scene as every news channel in San Diego went live in studio with news of the shooting. Limited info. News coming in. Heroine Addict. Troubled kid. Previous problems. Mother called the police. Two cops wounded. Going, “live” on scene… “after this commercial break.”

So why did Evan Kwik go up in that attic with that shotgun? The answer, so far, was missing. Of course that was the real story.

San Diego Sheriff’s officers Colin Snodgrass and James Steinmeyer responded to the call about a stolen car. After talking to the mother who owned the car, they failed to see this as domestic dispute. So when Evan Kwik returned home to his Mom’s house with the “stolen” car, they knew just what to do.
Well trained they were, and showing the kind of patience and restraint cops are renowned for today, they wisely followed their own hypothetical police protocol in dealing with problem kids like Evan Kwik.

They lobed three tear gas canisters into the living room.

So up to the attic went Evan Kwik. Shotgun in hand. The kid’s not stupid. Under the circumstances, self-preservation made perfect sense. More sense than Officers Snodgrass and Steinmeyer.

With their quarry firmly trapped eight-feet up, with no way out, Snodgrass and Steinmeyer decide that this extreme emergency could not wait for back-up. Nor a supervisor. Or reason.

Evan Kwik and his shotgun had only two possible views from under his mother’s roof. The attic vents on either end of the house. In their bravado these officers of the law failed to notice their exposure and decided it would be wise to climb over the wooden fence between the house next door. Right in front of the north-facing vent.

By all reports from neighbors close enough to hear the blasts, two shots were fired. Now a military hell was breaking loose. All for Evan Kwik?

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EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following article was submitted to us by Mr. Brett Redmayne-Titley, a journalist/writer.  You can follow Brett’s work at his archival web site Occupeyes.  This article provides a different look at how the world outside of American borders perceives the United States.  Whether you agree with the content matter or not, it’s certainly a poignant take on where the United States stands on the world stage.


Deflating the American Bully- The World Raises It’s Fists.
By: Brett Redmayne-Titley.

-”Once you strip away that feeling of invincibility, he can be had.– Rocky Marciano.

HHHBullies historically, nationally, and American have all suffered from an arrogance born from remaining unchallenged after vanquishing weaker foes. Flush with the illusion of invincibility the world-wide bully, America, has reaped its terror on scores of the world’s countries and their citizens. What all bullies fear most is a challenger. One that can expose his weaknesses, thereby giving renewed strength to his victims.

Post cold war USA has so far only picked on countries having little ability to defend themselves. From puny Panama and Grenada, to Iraq and Afghanistan, the world has watched this accelerating thirty year set of American economic plunder and social atrocity. While sanctifying,”Freedom”, and, “Democracy,” the US has manifested a more accurate definition in the minds its its victims; “Empire” and “Servitude.”

Ukraine seemed an easy geopolitical target for the same American hegemonic script used since Vietnam. Finally the bully has finally met its match.

Enter Vladimir Putin.

- “The bitterest part of being bullied is the memory that you were once
happy.” Perry Morgan.

Across the world, The Drone, America’s image of wanton, ever-vigilant, terror is a metaphor for Freedom recognizable by all. Always circling, always vigilant, always willing to kill for its masters it provides constant threat and oppression. The citizens of the world
are now
all Afghan villagers.

Long before American “exceptionalism” was recently quantified by the current puppet US president, US foreign policy was indeed the exception. An exception to humanity. From Argentinato Bolivia,, Honduras,Chile, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Columbia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Peru,the steely grip of freedom was thrust on free people.

Replacing US government “aid” was the Zionist American inspired International Monetary Fund (IMF) inflicting even more misery and economic despair, on these same countries. The social, economic, and environmental results have been disastrous.

Democratically elected leaders, like Daniel Ortega, current president of Nicaragua, remember well having their governments overthrown by the American Empire.Ortega and current populist leaders such as, Rafael Correa (Ecaudor), Evo Morales (Bolivia), Dilma Rouseff (Brazil), and Michelle Bachelet (Chile) remember well what American democracy truly means.

In Europe the Euro has proved to be American capitalism’s economic noose around twenty-four separate population’s neck. The European Central Bank (ECB), structured to serve Zionist banking interests in the mold of the US Federal Reserve and the UK’s Bank of England, controls the Euro. Correctly, Europeans blame America.

World populations have been met with the traditional American response. Police brutality. In cities across the globe popular uprisings, are being put down with tear gas, bullets, stun grenades, and bloody intimidation by an authoritarian presence dressed in American made uniforms, carrying American made weapons, doing America’s bidding.

US military personnel returning to the “Homeland”, view a damaged landscape. What they were fighting for is not reflected at home. Military style brutality against their own citizens, restricted free speech, bold-faced propaganda, sanctified criminal corporate behavior, growing unemployment, a corrupt congress, paid for judiciary, Zionist controlled president, mounting inflation, pension cuts, slashed benefits, the rich getting richer and more powerful. The circle is complete.

The American bully understands that his victims are rising up. Oppressed populations have no choice. The bully has pushed too far. Taken too much.

” It’s Not the Despair That Gets to You. It’s the Hope.” Todd Snider

The choice has never been more clear: A future of hope or a future of despair. Sanctioned opportunity or mandated misery. Why is it that America is surprised when populations rise up? Exceptionalism.

This week’s UN General Assembly vote on Ukrainian “democracy” reveals that the lines have been drawn across the globe. The choice is Good versus evil, right versus wrong, happiness or despair, value for humanity verses the “exceptional.”

Votes against Empire were predictable. Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, etc. The abstentions, however, showed where the line has been drawn. These fifty-four abstentions could be considered a “no” vote considering these are the countries actively promoting prosperity, happiness and a positive future through concern for their populations. Like Crimea they would prefer a Russian outcome, happiness, in Ukraine.

As Putin eloquently put it in a New York Times op-ed piece of Sept 11, 2013,

Millions around the world increasingly see America not as a model of democracy but as relying solely on brute force, cobbling coalitions together under the slogan “you’re either with us or against us.”

Regarding American exceptionalism he concluded,

It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.”

The world knows what America stands for. Elimination of popular democracy. Rigged elections. Restricted civil rights. Growing hypocrisy. Growing police brutality. False flag operations. Poisonous GMO foods. Destruction of the ecology. No more bees. Bank bailouts with citizen’s money. Seizure of personal assets. Unemployment. Growing poverty. Growing military expenditures. Pollution. Deregulation. No corporate financial liability. Indemnification for the elite for their financial crimes. Legalized fraud. Media propaganda. Gutted social services. No savings. No house. No retirement. No hope. No future.

The world needs heroes more than ever. It needs leaders, real leaders who will stand up to the American bully.

Enter the natural enemy of the bully: the counter-puncher. Vladimir Putin.

Quietly, and with a metered confidence, forced to reluctantly defend himself, while putting up his fists Putin offers a one word challenge on behalf of his country, and on behalf of a beleaguered world. ” NO!”

Putin has quietly strengthened his Russian national assets, economic, geo-political, and military. As a former lieutenant colonelhe has been studying his American adversary for more than fifty years.

With a skillful combination of jabs, dodges, weaves, lefts, rights, and quick maneuvers he has beaten America about the temples. Delivered in the form of speedy legitimate Crimean elections, a real pro- Russian populist rebellion, removal of Ukrainian subsidies, while holding the keys to the EU’s energy supply and a UN Security council veto, Putin has the bully punch-drunk.

The world cheers!

The Vampire’s Reflection.

When Putin gave Crimea back their sovereignty he did more than give Crimea a future. He offered the world a comparison of two worlds. A choice: a future of hope, or despair.

Crimea is more than a military buffer zone. It is the reflection of these two futures separated by one common border. By setting up a free trade economic zone in sovereign Crimea Putin has offered Crimeans just the opposite of a promised Ukrainian future. Now Crimea will see increased group global trade, incentives, loans, and foreign investment. Good old-fashioned, capitalism. Grow the country. Put people to work. Give them an economic future.

Across the border Ukraine’s future is that of the Iraq present. This past week Moody’s, the credit rating service, downgraded Ukrainian bond status to,

Default imminent with little prospect for recovery.”

IMF backed Ukrainian democracy guarantees austerity, contracting GDP, increasing unemployment, low paying jobs, loss of benefits, seizure of assets, and certain civil unrest. Ukrainian neo-Nazis currently in power have shown no reluctance for brutality.

Already much of Ukraine is making a seemingly obvious choice. From Donetsk to Horlivka the regions of Ukraine are demanding new referendums, i.e., a future.

The world is also making that choice. Referendums to leave behind a certain future of despair, and the empire, have been demanded in Scotland, Veneto, Italy, and Catalan, Spain. In California, Montana, and Texas Americans, too, want out of America.

Taking down the Empire… BRICS by BRICS.

Brazil, India, China, South Africa, and Russia have good reasons to fear America’s victims of empire. As past victims, they now have the assets to control their futures. Already the BRICS nations have soared from 16% of global GDP in the mid-1990s to 27% in 2008. These countries have what America does not; an abundance of mineral resources, quickly growing GDP, stable governments, strong asset-backed currencies, substantial gold reserves, and an increasingly prosperous population. These countries and their leaders know the American Empire will not stop at their borders either.

They also know a secret. The sharp wooden stake to the American vampire’s heart. The petrodollar.

While America has been adding debt in trillion dollar increments, the BRICS have taken a far more defensive economic position.

Now less reliant on petroleum, BRICS are by-passing American control by trading directly in their own national currencies, i.e., not using the dollar. More recently the BRICS, along with Iran began to purely trade, quid pro quo, an exchange of national goods and commodities without the exchange of currency at all.

America knows this will be disastrous. Ultimately America will suffer hyperinflation leaving the Empire to wallow in a pile of dirty, worthless money. With monstrous inflation, no funds for war, and massive internal insurrection from an enraged population, America will no longer have the tools for war.

In Ukraine the American bully continues to swing wildly hoping to strike renewed fear.

No. Not this time.

Over the shoulder of the Russian counter-puncher the bully sees first one, then another, then one more victim rise-up behind the challenger, raising their own fists. Standing close behind, edging ever forward they assume the challenger’s courage, emboldened. Mad. Vengeful.

Now, more victims rise. Confident. Still more. Into his eyes the bullies sees the collective stares of his former victims piercing his mantle of terror. Together, all reveal that the American bully is in fact, a coward.

At ringside the world goes wild, cheering uncontrollably. Mocking the bully they hurl a lifetime of insults, throwing the memory of despair at the bullies lowered head. The roar becomes ever louder. Crumbled pieces of failed empire rain down on the bully. The ring shakes as the crowd pounds the canvas rattling the last remains of his failing arrogance. The crowd spits at his feet. He is done.

The bully turns. Goes home.


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Intriguing. An American jet from Utah has been spotted hanging out in…you guessed it…Iran. President Obama continues to argue that Iran is not “open for business” despite the United States and company loosening some of the sanctions against the country in the wake of supposed cooperation over nuclear disarmament. If this report, which has actually saw some light of day in the mainstream media, is true, then do you really believe we are being told the whole story? Do you really believe America has no business with Iran?

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It’s one of those stories that just openly laughs in the face of common sense.  A manger for popular supermarket chain Kroger’s accosted a known shoplifter in the parking lot.  The shoplifter produced a knife.  In a heroic act that demonstrated instinctual fast thinking, the manager knocked the knife out of the shoplifter’s hand and pushed him to the ground.  It turns out that the suspect had a mile long rap sheet and does this on a fairly regular basis.

Kroger didn’t waste any time in recognizing the actions of their manager.  They fired him straightaway.  They cited that his actions were not in accordance with their loss prevention principles.

For those of you that don’t know anything about this industry, what it comes down to is that big chain companies like Kroger’s long ago became more concerned with the possibility of a lawsuit over actually attempting to catch shoplifters.  Basically, they feel the potential liability of being sued by a shoplifter is greater than the items they are stealing.  This is the product, of course, of an overly litigious society.  You’ve all heard the insane stories of people doing really, really stupid things that are totally their fault, suing the company, and actually winning millions for their stupidity.  It’s perfectly reasonable in our society to believe that a shoplifter might turn around and sue the company they were stealing from and win.

This could all be avoided, of course, by the simple application of common sense.  Why not have a law that simply says that if you are committing a crime and the victim is attempting to subdue or stop you from committing that crime, they should not be liable for anything reasonable that happens.  Instead, we don’t have any laws that protect the good guys and the bad guys prevail.  Making it even worse, they actually fire a guy for trying to look out for his company.  What kind of perverted message does that send to the company’s other employees and to shoplifters everywhere?

Think about it.  Why does this logic not extend further?  Why should an employee report another employee stealing?  What if they’re wrong?  What if they falsely accuse the person?  Doesn’t that open up liability for a lawsuit?  Maybe Kroger employees should simply take their own company’s advice and look the other way on everything.  That is the message that is being sent.  We don’t care about anything but getting sued, and in America, you can get sued for damn near anything, so that means Kroger doesn’t care about anything.

Sure this is just one company and one store within that company, but think about the message on a higher level.  America is now the land of the “free” for real; take anything you want.  What have shoplifters learned about Kroger’s how many hundreds of stores?  They have publicly been told that it is open season.  Take what you want.  We won’t try to stop you.  As a matter of fact, we will terminate our employees if they even think about trying to stop you.  We welcome crime, we welcome your inclination to steal as you wish, and we don’t mind passing along all of those costs in the form of higher prices to our customers instead of trying to get the bad guys.

For the record, it’s probably not a good idea for a civilian to take on a potentially violent shoplifter that is armed with a weapon.  We totally recognize that.  It’s not a good practice, but in a case like this, does it make any kind of sense for the manager to lose his job over it?  Meanwhile the felon is probably already out of jail.  Hell, he’s probably casing out that same Kroger right now, because he damn well knows no one in there is going to lift a finger.  They are all still recoiling from watching their manager get canned for trying to take a bite out of crime.

Land of the free?  You got that right.

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In light of this week’s news, Common Sense Conspiracy has decided to take this moment to solve a major world problem.  In this mass stabbing event at a school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are now being told that what triggered the rampage was bullying. Of course, bullying is all the rage these days, and almost everything that can be blamed on it has been blamed on it (and a few that can’t really be).  In any case, we are going to end the suspense right now.

This is a public service announcement.  Your attention please!  Being bullied does not give you the right to kill everybody around you.  This is not a normal reaction to bullying.  Even in the most severe cases of bullying, it does not make sense to kill other people that have nothing to do with the bullying while killing the actual bully.  Or not.  You know, actually, whatever order you decide to kill everybody in doesn’t really matter.  See, killing everybody is not one of the valid options here.

Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t like bullies.  We abhor bullies.  We also understand that bullying is a part of life in our country.  If you don’t encounter a bully in high school, you’ll encounter them in the real world shortly thereafter.  Now, we all agree that calling someone a name and beating the hell out of them are two very different things, and that is why we have different words for such transgressions.  One is a verbal assault, the other is a physical assault.  One is awfully mean but not inherently illegal.  The other is a crime.

When the mainstream media talks about “bullying,” they don’t mean someone trying to take Opie’s lunch money.  Or do they?  See, the problem with the mainstream media is they never specify what they mean by the word.  To loop together someone calling a gay person a fag in the same category as someone physically assaulting someone only convolutes it further.  Are we saying one or the other is okay?  Of course not.  Kids shouldn’t call gay people fags.  But they are going to, at least until our society advances a few generations down the road.  They are going to call someone with glasses “four-eyes” and all the rest.  It’s silly, it’s hurtful, and it’s shameful, but it is a part of life, and they will experience it at some point.  Physical violence is a whole different thing, and obviously must be addressed immediately by everyone and anyone involved.  But putting all of that in a bowl and stirring it around is making it a big mess.  The mainstream media does this for a reason.  They are promoting an agenda, and by lumping together every child that ever called another kid a mean name in with outright physical abuse makes it easier for them to promote that agenda.

So, once again, no matter how much you are bullied by those around you, you never, ever, not at any point on any planet in the universe have the inalienable right to kill everyone around you because of it.  As a matter of fact, that sounds an awful lot like (gasp!) bullying.  Hmm.

So, when this nutcase goes ballistic and stabs everyone in the area, don’t go “Aww” when you find out that Mommy didn’t give him enough affection or that the kids used to sing the “Zestfully Clean” song when he comes in the room.  That sucks real bad, and maybe he should have got someone to help him, but what he did is not a proper reaction.

People who think they have the right to take others lives for whatever they have been through should accept the fact that if they believe that, then they are making an agreement in terms to let the government take their life in return.  Don’t feel sorry for this guy.  If he has a legitimate mental illness, we might be able to talk about that.  But if he has a legitimate mental illness, why would everyone be pointing to “bullying,” something that almost every American citizen encounters in some form or fashion in their life.

Well, we’re very glad to have cleared this up.  Now, I’m sure that we will not hear of anymore killings regarding bullying.  I mean, now that they know you can’t do that, I’m sure things will get better.  Oh, the lives we could have saved if we had only came up with this PSA sooner.

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