Think President Obama’s Restrictions on Military Equipment in Police Forces is a Victory Against Martial Law? Guess Again!

Many Americans fear that the United States’ government is trying to arrange a series of events that makes a martial law declaration easy and sensible, to the point that even the most suspicious American might just accept that this is the only palatable action.

Stopping local police from getting riot gear is not designed to do anything but replace them with federal agents with riot gear.
Stopping local police from getting riot gear is not designed to do anything but replace them with federal agents with riot gear.

Situations like we have seen recently in Ferguson, Missouri and even more recently in Baltimore, Maryland, have heightened this fear. After all, in both instances we saw police behaving much more like military than civil servants. We’ve all had the images emblazoned in our heads. Rows and rows of protesters facing off against lines of police officers in full riot gear. Many in conspiracy circles felt like this was all just bringing their worst fears to fruition, perhaps even quicker than they originally had thought.

They were right.

Today, President Obama restricted what kind of equipment local police departments could hope to receive from the federal government. At first glance, the order seems pretty reasonable. The idea that the federal government was dishing out this kind of gear to local police departments only added to the furor surrounding these events and some of the terrible clashes that took place between protesters and police. Yet, if you really step back and take a cold, hard look at this, you will see that President Obama’s announcement only makes it worse.

Here’s some food for thought: even with the luxury of full riot gear and military-grade equipment, authorities in neither Ferguson nor Baltimore were able to truly bring peace and stability to the situation. That’s right. President Obama is taking away equipment from police forces that just recently completely failed at stopping rioting and looting. That may seem like an unusual reaction, but for Obama, it’s a win-win situation. Think about it. This move makes him a hero in the African-American community for putting a stop to this type of police presence at protests. It also makes it even more likely than before that local police departments are not going to be able to handle these sorts of situations in the future. What do you think local police departments will have to do when they fail at restoring some sort of peace the next time something like this goes down? You guessed it. Instead of using the equipment the federal government gave them to enforce their own brand of martial law on the community, they will have to actually ask the government for real help in the form of soldiers. That’s right. In the next Baltimore or Ferguson, the police will be sorely overmatched and have no choice but to look to National Guards and military personnel for help.

So, you see, President Obama’s action is not the victory that perhaps you may have seen it as earlier today. In fact, it makes a real martial law declaration more likely than ever.

Convenience Store Owner’s Entire Life Savings Seized by IRS for Making Small Deposits

You may think that it is okay to manage your finances as you see fit in America. The land of the free is what they say after all. Do you think it’s okay to make deposits and withdrawals from your bank account as you see fit regardless of how small or large they might be? Well, you might want to rethink that position after you hear this story. This convenience store owner had his life savings of over $100,000 seized by the IRS because he routinely made deposits under $2,000. See, $2,000 is the magic number the IRS and government use to decide what is a suspicious transaction. Anything over $2,000 transmitted requires a whole different set of steps. But if you frequently make transactions just under or around $2,000, this sends up a red flag as well, even though you have done nothing wrong according to the law. But the law has nothing to do with it, as the IRS can seize your money no matter which side of the two grand rule you happen to be on. Your dealings with your bank can be labelled suspicious either way it goes.

Mainstream Media Working Overtime to Dispel Jade Helm 15 Conspiracy Theories

The Jade Helm 15 military exercise going on in Texas has generated plenty of conspiracy theories. The biggest one (and incidentally the most probably) revolves around the idea that the government/military is organizing and training a huge force to enforce martial law in seven (yes the theory has even narrowed it down to one number) states in the Southwestern United States. Now, the fears of a martial law takeover are nothing new in conspiracy circles, and there have been several events in recent years that have sparked conspiracy theorists belief that the government might be instituting martial law in small isolated incidents as a kind of beta test. If that is true, then Jade Helm 15 is the rolling out of Martial Law 1.0, and many people believe that there has to be something to it.
The mainstream media, however, is working overtime trying to make anyone that thinks there is anything strange about Jade Helm 15 into a conspiracy nutcase. Almost every major news outlet has released some sort of story dispelling conspiracy theories about Jade Helm 15, and every major Internet outlet has published a story as well. We’re not talking about a little blurb-like news story mentioning these exercises are taking place. We’re talking about stories that actually take straight aim at conspiracy theorists. We’ve written about this relatively new phenomenon before here at Common Sense Conspiracy. Until just the last couple of years, conspiracy theories were completely ignored by the mainstream media, regardless of how much steam they may have gathered. Here lately, the mainstream media has changed tactics (probably at the government’s beckoning), engaging conspiracy theories straight on and acknowledging them even as they tear them down with “facts” and “experts.”
Here’s the problem with the government and mainstream media’s “taking down” of the Jade Helm 15 theories: they don’t offer up an opposing rational explanation. The government says that this is a large-scale training exercise for soldiers headed to Afghanistan. Well, that’s kinda scary since the war in Afghanistan is supposed to be over, not ramping up for a new offensive. If they want to calm down people that think there is something a little troubling about Jade Helm 15, they could start by giving a reason publicly that makes sense. But the mainstream media doesn’t have to make sense. By going with their tried-and-true tactic of making out anyone that has any kind of thought that is not directly in line with their agenda into a full-on, certifiable nutcase, they can simply throw stones with little fear of retribution.

Baltimore Riots Over Death of Freddie Gray May Make Ferguson Look Like Child’s Play — Martial Law Declaration Imminent?

The scene is becoming so common that it’s almost impossible for even the most skeptical American to ignore it.  Once again, a black man has died in the custody of police in a situation where it just doesn’t seem like it was warranted.  Following in the footsteps of so many other situations like it, the Freddie Gray case is now inspiring violent riots that may make Ferguson look like warm-ups before it’s all over.  So close to the nation’s capital, could this be the ultimate opportunity for the powers-that-be to run a martial law experiment that could eventually expand far past the suburbs of Baltimore?

Conspiracy theorists are already fired up about it.  Many say that police are purposely inciting violent reactions by their treatment of protesters, apparently to create a volatile situation that makes a martial law declaration more palatable.  The National Guard has already been mobilized and a state of emergency declared, so Maryland isn’t playing around.  As violence escalates (and there is absolutely no reason to think that it won’t), this may become an opportunity for the flexing of the muscles of both state and national government.  After all, can President Obama stand by and watch a full-on war between residents and police take place just a figurative stone’s throw from the White House itself.  It makes sense that this is just the kind of situation they need to take things to the next level.

Freddie Gray So Far Not Connected to Freemasons, As Were Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin

Believe it or not, there are many conspiracy theories circulating that involve the fact that the fathers of both Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were high-degree Freemasons.  These two guys were unarmed African American teenagers killed by police that sparked much outrage all over the nation.  In any case, with the latest incident, Freddie Gray, now causing mass hysteria in Baltimore, many of our readers are wondering if Freddie too had some connection to Freemasons or anything Illuminati-ish.  The answer right now is that no one has made that connection.  Thus far, not even the most liberal conspiracy theorists are trying to put Freddie Gray in that company.  However, one of our most flamboyant theorists does include Freddie Gray in a long list of things happening this week that mean that we are in the midst of the Bible’s Revelations’ depiction of the endtimes.  Enjoy.

Should Lawyers Be Allowed to Become Politicians? Conflict of Interest?

Hmm... maybe he was on to something.
Hmm… maybe he was on to something.

Regardless of how you feel about the myriad conspiracy theories about how the government is systematically removing freedoms from citizens and pushing the world to the brink of a New World Order, sometimes just good old-fashioned common sense prevails.  Have you ever stopped for a second to think about just what a high percentage of politicians both nationally and internationally are previous lawyers?

73fa30b3439e6430eba76090e085bf93It makes a lot of sense if you think about it.  The average citizen regards lawyers with the same contempt as a drug dealer or mass murderer.  Yet, becoming a lawyer is almost a prerequisite for entering the realm of politics.  Interestingly enough, a whole lot of people regard politicians with the same disdain as lawyers.  Is that because so many politicians are lawyers?  Or is it because so many politicians lie and cheat their constituents?

At first glance, it might seem sensible that being a lawyer kind of prepares you for becoming a politician later.  After all, theoretically, politicians create laws from the ground up, so having a background in law would seem to be a good feature for the old resume.  Then again, we are allowing lawyers to make laws.  In any other industry, that would be a big, fat, blinking light of a conflict of interest.  Lawyers making laws.  It’s kind of inevitable that the politician’s personal interests are going to intersect with that of the common good at some point.  Are we as a society simply overlooking a glaring problem in our political system?  Is it time to kick the lawyers out of politics?

Throwback: Oklahoma City Bombing “Official Story” Dismantled By Conspiracy Theorist in Five Minutes or Less

Our friends at CorbettReport commemorated the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing (until 9/11, the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil ever) on April 19th with this powerful video that shows just how ridiculous the “official story” surrounding the terrible events that day is. If we are all to believe that there is no conspiracy whatsoever when these events take place, then how come there is always a ridiculous set of coincidences that precede and follow every event like this. This video in just five minutes explains every reason why you might want to think about what we are being spoon-fed and if it really makes sense when you apply a little Common Sense to it.