Throwback: Oklahoma City Bombing “Official Story” Dismantled By Conspiracy Theorist in Five Minutes or Less

Our friends at CorbettReport commemorated the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing (until 9/11, the worst act of terrorism on U.S. soil ever) on April 19th with this powerful video that shows just how ridiculous the “official story” surrounding the terrible events that day is. If we are all to believe that there is no conspiracy whatsoever when these events take place, then how come there is always a ridiculous set of coincidences that precede and follow every event like this. This video in just five minutes explains every reason why you might want to think about what we are being spoon-fed and if it really makes sense when you apply a little Common Sense to it.

United States Sends Warships to Monitor Iran, the Trustworthy Country We are Making a Nuclear Deal With

Whoa, there! Wait a minute! It’s hard to keep up with what is going on in the world at this moment. I mean, last week, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry were happily bragging on the landmark deal they were making with Iran to stop their nuclear weapons program by, well, you know, letting them build nuclear weapons. This week, it seems that maybe those pesky Iranians weren’t quite as trustworthy as the powers-that-be insisted last week, because now the United States has sent warships armed with guided missile systems to Yemen because it seems that there are some real worries that Iran might be transporting weapons to the rebels there because of their vested interest in who gains control of that country. Meanwhile, the United States sat by idly while the administration it wanted in power got in the situation it is in now. So, how does this affect the silly nuclear deal that is nothing more than the equivalent of a punt in a football game sending the Iran problem to whoever wins the White House in 2016? Well, I’m sure we’ll here more about how the deal is perfectly okay in light of this and this is just a “security precaution” just in case those silly Iranians decide to do something.
Isn’t it great that America now has such staunch allies like Iran that we can barter with and trust?

Wal-Mart Stores Around the Nation Shutting Down for Six Months for “Plumbing Issues” — Conspiracy?

Speculation is running wild with the announcement that several Wal-Mart stores around the United States are shutting down either permanently or for six months or more due to “plumbing issues.”  The shutdowns have no rhyme or reason and are not limited to any particular region, leading many to believe that there is some sort of conspiracy at work here.  It is obviously not possible that all of these Wal-Marts are suffering from the same plumbing issues unless they were all constructed the same way at the same time with the same design flaw.  A more likely theory is that the plumbing excuse is a cover for a real problem with their merchandise that is shipped all over.  The theories are out of control, with some people even talking about “radioactive food” being sold in Wal-Mart stores.  What do you think is going on with these Wal-Mart stores?   Conspiracy or major issues?

Is There Really an ISIS Camp Miles Away From El Paso, Texas? Mexico Border a Terrorist Haven?

It’s not new news that many in high-ranking positions of our government have already expressed concerns that the United States of America’s overly-porous border with Mexico could make it really easy for terrorists to enter the country. Late last year, Rick Perry actually came out and said to the press that he believes that ISIS is already in the U.S. and could be moving terrorists into welcome to us America regularly. That was one of the first times that anyone really acknowledged it publicly, although many of us that have a little common sense had already came to that conclusion. Of course, there were political reasons for throwing up the red flag about the border. Perry and many others were trying to pressure President Barack Obama and Congress to take aggressive actions to control the border at the time, so throwing some terrorism fear on the whole situation was probably just another fine tactic to lean on the Prez, but regardless, the threat is real, and there is little reason to think that it hasn’t already been used to the enemy’s advantage.
Having said all of that, most people believe that this is a future threat. They believe that it could be a situation like 9/11, where terrorists cross the border and infiltrate our society, waiting for the right moment. Sleeper cells and the like. Few people believed that an organization like ISIS could actually be operating in Mexico just miles from American cities. Well, the folks at Judicial Watch have released information to social media that indicates an actual ISIS camp is just across the border in Mexico, just miles away from El Paso.
As you might imagine, the story caught fire quickly on social media. Common Sense Conspiracy has been analyzing this troubling information, and we want to present a few points about it for our readers. For starters, we always advocate considering the source. Now, the mainstream media has not reported on this story at all. When we say at all, we mean they have neither reported that it is true or made any attempt to discredit it. That in and of itself doesn’t mean much. The mainstream media wouldn’t report this story if it were true anyhow. However, sites like The Blaze and Judicial Watch are notorious extreme right wing websites. They frequently criticize liberals and especially President Obama’s handling of near about anything, and they often use scare tactics such as this to make points and get more visitors with very little respect for what is factual and what is not. Therefore, you can’t really trust these sources, and in a way, they use the fact that their followers want to hear this to help it spread. Then, from there, you have this story passing across Facebook and Twitter feeds literally all over the world, and pretty soon no one is sure if it is true or not.
The reality: unless you want to take a quick trip down south of the border around El Paso and see for yourself, there is just not enough reliable information to confirm this story. Is it possible? You bet. Is it likely? As inept as President Barack Obama has proven to be at many things over the last several years, it is still hard to believe that the United States would allow a known ISIS terrorist camp to be thriving miles from the border. It also stands to reason that the government would know a heck of a lot more about it than Judicial Watch does. If it is there and we ever can factually prove that, then this would be the greatest evidence that a false flag terrorist attack operation is being planned by our government. However, finding factual proof will continue to be the problem, unless someone has a real smoking gun.

Bilderberg 2015 Set for June in Austria — Which United States Presidential Candidate Will Attend?

As you probably are aware, the Bilderberg group’s annual meeting is legendary for supposedly “selecting” the next President of the United States. The history of future Presidents attending the meeting just before being elected goes back decades and rarely fails. This year’s meeting is slated for Austria, and all eyes are watching with bated breath, wondering which of the potential candidates in 2016 might show up at this year’s gala event. Will Hillary Clinton attend? She already has once before, at the same time as one then relatively unknown Barack Obama. Will Jeb Bush attend? Rubio? Rand Paul? The video below serves as a nice hyping video for the meeting in June as well as giving everyone an idea of what the unreal security detail will be like and what kind of topics might be fodder for the world’s super-elite this summer.

Whoops! 72-Year-Old Deputy Shoots Unarmed Black Man Thinking It Was a Taser — Uh Oh…A Whole New Kind of Discrimination!

The video below is straight from sunglass cameras of police officers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The suspect allegedly tried to sell an illegally-obtained firearm to a police officer (which is a highly suspicious story, since everyone knows from President Barack Obama’s gun control plans that bad people cannot possibly procure a firearm illegally). After running and getting the full multi-car treatment, the man was down for the count but still resisting when a 72-year-old reserve sheriff’s deputy shot him. He even immediately acknowledged it in the video, saying “Sorry. I shot him.” He meant to use his taser on the subject, but instead fired his handgun. A simple senile mistake, right?
As you might imagine, the incident is already polarizing the nation once again. After all, it’s another unarmed black male and another white police officer. Another tale of “I didn’t mean to.” Another epic mistreatment. But another reaction is taking place that no one even thought. People are saying why would a 72-year-old man even be out in the field making an arrest like this in the first place?
Oh wow… is that age discrimination we hear? Is that age discrimination’s liberty bells ringing? But how does PC America decide which discrimination is the most important? Is it the black guy that got shot while running and resisting the police after committing a felony? Or is it the 72-year-old deputy that got a bit confused and shot him while he was on the ground, thinking he had his taser out?
It’s your America. This is the politically correct, overly litigious America we all contributed in building. So what do you think? We’ve got a clear case of racial discrimination, age discrimination, and possibly a hate crime here? What do you think? Should the 72-year-old fry? Should the innocent but running from the police black guy go free? So many decisions?

Who is the Man That Killed Himself at the Capitol Building — Mainstream Media Mum on West Front Suicide

The United States’ Capitol Building was put on lockdown for a short time Saturday after a man apparently committed suicide with a single shot on the west front of the building. There were witnesses that said he simply shot himself and that was that. The mainstream media isn’t revealing much of any information and authorities claim that they have not identified the man. There was a backpack in the man’s possession that caused a full bomb demolition treatment, but it turned out to be nothing. Authorities have only said that there was only one gun, one shot, and no ties to terrorism. There is some chatter out there that the man had some sort of sign about social justice, but there is not enough information at this time to really figure out what it’s all about.
Common Sense Conspiracy is monitoring this situation and will elaborate as more information becomes available. More importantly, we will continue to ask questions when the mainstream media tries to act like this never happened over the next few days. Stay tuned.