Is the Secret Service Trying to Get President Obama Killed by “Security Lapses?”

There, we said it.  New information tonight is even more troubling for the Secret Service.  Now, we find out that President Barack Obama rode in an elevator with a contractor with a weapon and three convictions on his record.  Naturally, the Secret Service has rules against anyone like this getting close to the President of the United States and quite possibly the most powerful man in the world at any given moment.

If that isn’t enough, we had multiple incidents in the last week where people got a lot closer to the White House than they were supposed to.  In fact, the latest news indicates that a fence jumper actually made it not just on the property but actually into the White House itself, getting quite a ways inside before security tackled him.

Who has the criminal record again?
Who has the criminal record again?

Is the Secret Service this crappy at doing, you know, the main, 100% purpose for their existence, you know, defending the President of the United States?  Everyone understands the logistical challenges the Secret Service deals with day in and day out in protecting the President when he is on the road, but at home?  One would think that the White House would at least offer some sort of home team advantage, but apparently any crazed veteran can happily jump the fence and make it halfway to the Oval Office with a knife or God knows what else.  Is the Secret Service this bad?

That’s kind of hard to believe isn’t it?  Could there be more to the story?  Is the Secret Service purposely having these “security lapses” to send a message?  Can you ever remember this many security snafus in any President’s term in your lifetime?  Remember the hookers in Columbia?  We’ve had Secret Service officers found drunk laid out in the streets.  What is really going on here?  Is our age of papparazi, TMZ , and cell phones with video cameras just revealing these “lapses” when it actually is quite common?  Or is the Secret Service simply not doing as good of a job defending this President as it is supposed to?

We want to hear your opinions.

First Ebola Case Confirmed in the United States — Will Political Correctness Unleash an Epidemic?

The CDC has now confirmed that the United States of America has its first official case of the Ebola virus within its borders.  The infected individual is in Dallas, Texas and under “strict isolation” while doctors aggressively treat the potentially deadly virus.  As you might expect, the virus didn’t just pop up out of nowhere; it leapfrogged a ride on this person’s back from Liberia recently.  Now, many people are questioning why the United States government has not taken more drastic measures to make sure the virus is cut off from America.

ebolaThe Ebola virus is highly contagious, and that is why it has ravaged its way through Africa, killing 3,000 people so far, and that’s only half of the people known to have the virus.  Make no mistake, it wasn’t a joyride for those that didn’t die.  Their survival just means they made it through a very trying struggle.  While there is no doubt that health resources in America are bound to be considerably better than almost any country in Africa, the possibility of an Ebola epidemic in the United States is a very real concern.  In fact, President Barack Obama addressed these concerns at a United Nations meeting just the other day.  However, Americans continue to come and go from nations where Ebola is a problem without any restrictions.  Our borders continue to be basically open with little or no resistance to anyone that wants to make their way into America.  Why would millions of lives be put on the line by not taking any safety measures?

That’s an easy question to answer.  It just wouldn’t be politically correct to do so.  To tell Americans they can’t go to Africa.  To tell Africans they can’t come to America.  To tell people that are not legitimate citizens of the country that they can’t just waltz across the border.  It’s not a question of what should be done or how it would work.  It is a question of political correctness, and it is destroying our nation.  Don’t think so?  Consider this.

School shootings and gun violence are admittedly a terrible problem in the United States.  Take the Aurora shootings the Newtown tragedy.  What do we find out about the perpetrators long after the fact?  They had notebooks filled with rage.  They did crazy things.  They had school counselors and even shrinks that already thought they were capable of being a danger to society.  Why did no one do anything about it?  PC.  In our overly litigious society, everyone is so afraid to do anything to anybody that we are literally letting people go along on their merry way with real mental problems.  The Ebola situation is no different.  We are letting political correctness interfere with good old-fashioned logic and reasoning.  How many cases of Ebola will be documented in the United States before someone takes action and starts putting restrictions on travel to affected nations?  One wasn’t enough, so how many?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

9/11 Truthers and Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists As Dangerous as ISIS — British PM

Those that question the official account spoon-fed them by the mainstream media and government are not only dead wrong, but as dangerous as terrorist organizations like ISIS. This all according to David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during a speech to the United Nations.
Let that sink in for a moment. There has been an ongoing movement in the United States and Great Britain to group together and demonize “conspiracy theorists” and this is just more of that rhetoric.
What do you think? If there’s two elevators and one has a non-violent conspiracy theorist and the other contains an ISIS member, which one would you pick?

Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma by Muslim — Nature or Demonization of a Peaceful Religion?

A woman was beheaded in a food processing plant in the town of Moore, Oklahoma by a Muslim man that was attempting to convert her and a co-worker to his religion.  The other co-worker was stabbed repeatedly.  Apparently, the man was fired from his job.  It is not clear whether his attempts at converting his co-workers was the reason for his termination, but he sought out these two women and killed them in a horrifically violent manner for some reason.

Now, the FBI is saying that they are launching a full investigation into the incident.  This is because of the similarity in this death and some of the beheadings distributed on video by ISIS or the Islamic State in recent weeks (which many believe played a strong part in the decision of President Barack Obama to escalate air strikes in the region).  That’s the news story.  We won’t analyze those facts any further.  Up until here, you could have gotten all of this information from any mainstream media news source.  You don’t come to Common Sense Conspiracy for that.  What do you come here for is analysis from an alternative news standpoint, so here we go.

Expect more events like this to take place in America.  Why?  Because things happen like this all over our nation every single day.  Maybe not a beheading in particular, but murders…it’s par for the course at this point.  When the media sensationalizes one homicide over another, it is because of the agenda.  For example, the events in Ferguson, Missouri were singled out by the mainstream media to increase division and unrest along racial lines in America.  This story will be over-sensationalized by the media to make it sound like this is ISIS working in the United States.  More likely, this man was persecuted because of his religion, especially here lately with all the madness from ISIS once again demonizing Islam day and night, and he snapped.  It is certainly not excusable, but it also doesn’t mean he was a member of a terrorist organization.  What it does make all of us wonder (and this is exactly what the government wants it to make us wonder, incidentally) is whether people of this religion are violent like this by nature?  Is beheading someone because they refused to convert to your religion or even ridicule you for what you believe something that in the Muslim religion would be a normal reaction?

The answer is simple.  No.  Most Islamic people are perfectly peaceful.  There religious doctrines are peaceful.  A whole heck of a lot of what they believe coincides with Christians and Jews, so to say otherwise convicts many more people than just Muslims worldwide.  However, the media’s current mission is to bolster support for what President Obama and the American military are doing by once again reminding us how evil Muslims are.  See, even in your own safe and sound country, an American citizen can be beheaded at work.  Now, don’t those airstrikes seem necessary?

What do you think?  Is this a totally isolated event, or is its timing a little suspect?  The news report will give you more who, what, when, and where if you are interested.

Atheist Prays Before Council Meeting in Huntsville, AL — Making a Point or Proving Atheism is a Religion?

Kelly McCauley is an aerospace engineer in Huntsville, AL who had a problem with the city council opening with a Christian prayer.  The Freedom from Religion Foundation got their panties in a wad about it too and threatened legal action if the council didn’t change their ways.  They happily did so.  They opened it up so that anyone of any religion could say a prayer too to keep it all fair.

atheist prayingOf course, if you are familiar with the FFRF, you know that fair is not what they want.  They want religion suppressed and eventually stomped out.  The concept that the council would make a reasonable accommodation so that other religions besides Christianity could be heard only pissed them off more.  Enter McCauley.  He is going to offer an atheist prayer before the meeting so that the religion of atheism can finally be heard as well.

Wait a minute!  Say what?  He is going to offer an atheist prayer?  That’s right.  McCauley says it will be some sort of offering for everyone to participate in the civil service (which they are already obviously doing anyway) and some other dribble about nothing, which incidentally is probably similar to all of the other prayers.

So, what do you think?  Is McCauley striking a blow for those that don’t believe in anything but still spend almost every waking second worrying about the fact that other people do?  Or is he only confirming that atheism is just another religion with all the usual tenants of religions as part of it?

What is fair?  Hearing all views, or bending over and acknowledging that no one but atheists have a right to speak about anything, ever?  That is the question here.

Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign — Another Victim of November Elections?

If you think the Democrats in America are not worried about the upcoming elections in which the Republicans will have a reasonable shot to retake the Senate and earn a supermajority, just look at what is happening right now.  President Obama has literally went to war to try to save the Senate, fearing the possibility of a major attack happening and him and the Democratic Party being severely criticized in the weeks leading up to the election.  Now, he is cutting off his buddies one by one.

Attorney General Eric Holder, the first African American to hold the post, announced that he will resign as soon as a suitable replacement for him can be confirmed.  For most Americans, this is pretty stinking great news, as Holder’s 5 1/2 year run will go down as a pretty stinking one.  The Fast and Furious scandal immediately comes to mind, but even the nightmare in Ferguson, Missouri had a lot to do with Holder and the way he chose to enforce laws in America.

Does Holder know something we don’t?  Certainly.  There are probably more scandals to come, but most of all, Holder is acting as a Democratic sacrifice to the voting gods.  Like a football coach firing a coordinator after a bad year, President Obama is getting rid of a scapegoat so he can say “Look, we got rid of the bad apples.”  This will holderprevent Holder from being another target in the home stretch leading up to the election.  It also may very well lead to another bitter fight over Obama’s next appointee.  They could suggest a controversial one and then criticize Congress for not confirming him, or Obama may opt to pick a middle-of-the-road candidate to try to show that he is working with everyone.  In any case, hopefully they will select someone that actually has some sort of pedigree in law enforcement and not just another lawyer/politician elevated to a post that he or she has no business being in.

When Will the Protests on the ISIS War Begin? We Don’t Have Any Hypocrites in America, Do We?

For over a decade, the Democrat rally cry in America has been the terrible war that former President George W. Bush started on false pretenses. He lied to the American public, telling them that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, forcing America into a war on a credit card that had no purpose. A war criminal, they called him. They lined the streets, even got arrested, to protest this atrocity.
Flash forward to 2014. President Barack Obama wages a war on multiple nations with no clear enemy or goal. No one bats an eye.

Where are you?  Peace?  Love?
Where are you? Peace? Love?

Where are the protesters now?
We don’t have any hypocrites in America, right?
But…but… President Obama is just acting on the concept that these people are an imminent threat to America.
Yeah, Bush said that too.
But…but… President Obama is only relying on the opinions of much more experienced military leaders.
Yeah, Bush said that too.
But…but… President Obama is only relying on the intelligence that is being put in front of him.
Yeah, Bush said that too.
But…but… President Obama has promised no boots on the ground.
You got us there. Bush didn’t say that. The smartest thing he ever did. Dumb as he was, Bush never promised to fight a major, long conflict without ever putting boots on the ground. Even he realized that was not possible nor something he could guarantee. With time, Obama will be made a liar for that statement. It’s the kind of “weapons of mass destruction” statement that will become a stupid Republican battle cry in a couple of years. “he said no boots on the ground,” they’ll say as they pat themselves on the back and sound just like the exact opposite but same brand of politician pieces of trash that they are.
Liars and thieves run our country, and it is no different today than it was eight years ago or twelve years ago or twenty years ago. It’s time for Americans to either get over it or do something about it. But at least be consistent. If you want to line the streets to protest unfounded, illegal wars, then do it for all of them, not just the ones that suit your political agenda.

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