We are getting a lot of searches regarding Miley Cyrus being hospitalized.  Reports are that she has suffered a severe allergic reaction to some antibiotics that resulted in her being hospitalized for the moment.  There is no reason at this point to think that this is in any way life-threatening, and in fact, Ms. Cyrus has repeatedly Tweeted from the hospital throughout her experience.

For those that subscribe to the Illuminati logic, it can be a red flag that maybe Miley is about to be the victim of an Illuminati murder plot or sacrifice.  The reality is that she’s sick, and with stars you can bet they are taking every precaution.  No doctor wants to be the one that killed Miley Cyrus.  So, perhaps the Illuminati is out to get Miley, but not today, it seems.

We also should point out that Miley’s behavior is much more consistent with her going along with the Illuminati, not opposing it. Another reason why it’s hard to see why this sickness is anything more than it appears.

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We all remember the terrible events that unfolded at the Boston Marathon last year.  Despite the ultra-heightened security, there is another incident unfolding just a few days before this year’s Marathon as we speak.  A couple of unattended, suspicious backpacks were noticed near the finish line.  Police have cleared the area and are using bomb sniffing dogs to further investigate the situation.  While there is no concrete information and a lot of rumors are being thrown about, it is being said that a suspect is in custody.

At this point, it’s hard to tell if this is an overreaction or a real incident, but we will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.

As always, we take these mainstream media stories with a grain of salt.  The government likes to keep us afraid.  Maybe there wasn’t enough drama as we head into the Boston Marathon week so they want to make sure everyone stays on high alert.  Or maybe some sicko is playing a terrible prank.  In any case, the conspiracy theories will be swirling, and Common Sense Conspiracy will be at the forefront of it all.

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Okay, not really.  But the title of this post is designed to demonstrate how ridiculous the search for MH370 (which we acknowledge was a tragic and terrible event) has become.  Today, we are getting a new report all these weeks later that the co-pilot now attempted to possibly make a call on his cell phone just before the plane went off course.  Of course, no one can confirm this, and authorities have already said that there is a good chance this report is inaccurate.  Yet, they acknowledged it openly and said they will be considering it in their investigation.

Oh how far we've come, and we still know as little as we did on day one.

Oh how far we’ve come, and we still know as little as we did on day one.

From there, we have to believe that no one else’s cell phones on the plane were functioning, just the co-pilots.  Now, we have had the ongoing drama of Australia saying that it is getting pings from what everyone supposes is the plane’s black box, and yet today, the big story is that all is silent now.  Did the batteries go dead?  Didn’t we just hear for three weeks that the batteries wouldn’t even last this long?  But then there were conflicting reports about that?  Then, it was the depth in the ocean.  How far is too far?

Don’t forget about the trail of debris that kept getting found, and each time we were told it was nothing to do with it.  Only, no one ever told us where that debris came from.  There’s a whole lot of unexplained debris floating around in the ocean, and no one seems to know what’s up with it.  What’s next?

Who is telling the truth?  It seems that every report is directly contradicting the last one, and no one is even all that sure they are looking in the right place to begin with.  Now, with the black box finally going out for good, is there any hope that we will ever find out the truth about MH370?  Or is it time to start looking at other possibilities?  What do you think?

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Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his family had been ranching cattle on an area of land for cumulatively 140 years when the Bureau of Land Management decided enough was enough.  The standoff between Bundy and the feds captured a lot of attention in the national media, but as is all too often the case, for all the wrong reasons.

Well put.

Well put.

On Saturday, the Bureau of Land Management announced that it was backing down because of increasing tensions.  They also went out of their way to make it sound like the people in Nevada protesting this overreach of federal authority were the ones taking it too far.  There were repeated stories of protesters with handguns and weapons threatening federal authorities.  Then, the good old BLM decided that it was just best for all parties if they got out of there and pursued this in the courts, you know, the way they should have from the beginning in a supposedly civil society.

Of course, if you accept that story, it sounds like the big bad government did the right thing and backed down to save lives and avoid another terrible Ruby Ridge/Waco-ish ending.  What you didn’t hear is how the BLM had snipers stationed all around the ranch.  They were the ones brandishing weapons.  Protesters didn’t bring weapons because they wanted to show the feds how tough they were.  They were afraid they were going to be attacked by their own government, and there is plenty of past history to make that a reasonable fear.  As usual, the mainstream media only painted one side of the story, making the feds look like bastions of humanity while the protesters are portrayed as gun-toting, uncivilized barbarians standing up for a rogue.

Did the government really stand down?  Don’t believe it for a second.  Right now, you can bet that there is a law enforcement component watching every move that Bundy makes.  They know when he takes a dump and when each of his cattle takes a dump. If anything, they are trying to create a sense of calm before they swoop in.  Something bad will happen to Bundy, and we at Common Sense Conspiracy sincerely hope that can be avoided.  However, it’s unlikely.  The federal government is not just going to let this go.  They are trying to play the peacekeeper card for now, but they are watching and waiting for the right moment.  But the right moment is more about politics than it is anything else.  Enter Harry Reid.

The BLM has been busy purging any trace of the fact that Senator Harry Reid of Nevada was actively trying to get the Bundy’s off of that land because he has big, big plans for it.  Harry Reid was formerly the senior advisor of the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada incidentally.  See, Harry was courting a Chinese firm that wanted to build a $5 billion solar power plant on this very land, and the only thing standing in his way from a very profitable feather in his cap is the Bundy ranch.  Of course, the fact that he doesn’t own the land and has no real claim to it is beside the point.  That doesn’t matter when you are any branch of the federal government.  So, Harry was the mover and shaker behind this whole standoff, but as you might imagine, as public opinion has soured on the matter, Harry doesn’t want to be anywhere near it.  Fortunately for us, people out there were able to get this information before it was purged out of existence.  So, there is concrete evidence that will forever connect Harry Reid to this whole incident, whatever terrible outcome still comes of it.

But you will never, ever hear any of that reported on the mainstream media.  Do you not think that a prominent Senator was petitioning a Chinese company to build a $5 billion solar power plant on this very land wouldn’t at least be a passing blurb in the news coverage?  They didn’t even mention it once.  They didn’t even mention Harry Reid.  But they mentioned those “barbarians” plenty.  Those “barbarians” are ordinary, hard-working Americans standing up for their rights against an increasingly overreaching and oppressive federal government.

That’s just not sexy news, though, is it?

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At the publishing of this article, a lot was being made of new “evidence” that the supposed gospel of Jesus Christ’s wife was actually authentic.  You can Google the whole story if you are so moved, but as for Common Sense Conspiracy, we wanted to take a moment in time to try to understand why this debate still matters.

Jesus Christ's supposed wife has made headlines before now...but does it make a difference?

Jesus Christ’s supposed wife has made headlines before now…but does it make a difference?

This is not a religious site.  We do not push a Christian agenda.  However, for the sake of argument, in this case, we want to take the Christian side.  You are a diehard, devout Christian.  You believe that Jesus Christ was the end-all be-all and that He saved you from hell and damnation by taking your sins upon Himself.  Okay.  Then why on Earth does it matter to you if He had a wife?

Is having a wife a sin?  No.  Is having sex with your wife a sin?  No.  Is having a child through a legitimate marriage a sin?  No.

So why do so many people care if Jesus Christ had a wife?  We all remember the controversy that thrust Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code into the upper stratosphere of best sellers.  It’s not that hard to understand why the Catholic Church would have tried to hide it if Jesus Christ had a wife and a child.  They still don’t let their clergy have normal sexual relationships and spouses to this day.  They believed in a different Jesus; a holier than thou Jesus who could have never lived as a normal man.

A normal man has a wife.  A normal man might have children.  A normal man desires sex.  If Jesus was God come to the Earth as man, then he was probably a normal man too.  Why would him engaging in a perfectly natural and sinless relationship make you think any more or less of him?

The Catholics were worried that a more down-to-Earth Jesus Christ that was a man with a wife and possibly a child would make everyone question his divinity.  Well, they lost that one, because his divinity has been questioned pretty much every minute of every day since he left this Earth, regardless of which way you think he did.

The teachings of the man are not affected by this.  If you believe in Jesus Christ, then why would him having or not having a wife have any bearing on where you have placed your loyalty?

And if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, then why would you think that this story and “discovery” matters?  Jesus was just as real or not real as he was before this story surfaced.  So, for the atheist crowd out there, why are you so eager to find something proves that Jesus is not real?  If you really don’t believe, then why look for answers to back up your hypothesis?

Does it make sense for a real atheist to gloat when religious doctrines are “proven” wrong while still going forward in his openly acknowledged state of ignorance to how anything and everything works?

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Everyone that frequents this site knows what our mission statement is and what we are all about.  Common Sense Conspiracy firmly believes that the United States of America suffers from a one-party system that parades itself as a two-party system.  Through a complicated web of making people hate each other for reasons they aren’t even sure of and giving the illusion of choice, they fool the American people into thinking that it’s always the other guy’s fault.  Meanwhile, they continue to enjoy free reign to do what they wish with what was once one of the greatest countries in the world.  Today, however, we are a little angry.  President Obama said something today that should just offend everyone, and yet it will be watered down by the partisan world they have created and everyone will miss the point.

At a conference organized under the Al Sharpton name (Red Flag #1), President Obama said that the right to vote in the United States is under threat.  He even went on to compare it to times fifty years ago before the Voting Rights Law was passed.  Well, first we’ll explain how he’s completely wrong, and then we’ll explain how he’s completely right.

President Obama is using this pedestal to criticize the Republican Party for this perceived injustice of restricting would-be Democratic voters from getting to the ballot boxes.  While the Republicans probably are only on this soapbox because it might help them prevent a few votes against their party, realistically, they are only asking that laws on the books be enforced.  You are supposed to be able to identify yourself to vote.

Now, here is where the Democrats rally cry comes.  What a travesty of justice.  Depriving poor people of their right to vote.


Who cannot get a drivers’ license or non-driver identification card?

The answer is very simple.  Anyone that is a legal potential voter in this country can certainly get an identification card.  It’s not that hard.  It’s not expensive, and most states have programs for those that are apparently so poor that they can’t afford the fee can have some form of identifying themselves.  The bottom line is that people who can’t get identification are not poor.  They are illegals or they are concerned about their possible fugitive status.  They are avoiding getting valid identification because (gasp!) they are afraid of what might happen if someone official finds out who they are.

The average educated Democrat knows all of this.  They know that it’s not that damn hard to get an ID card.  What they are really questioning is the Republican’s timing during this last election of trying to enforce voter fraud laws.  Why then?  Well, of course, the answer is to help them have a chance to win.  Because Democrats, as everyone in the world knows, have the market cornered on votes from illegals and fugitives.  They have that market cornered like the Republicans have the market cornered on Southern Christians.

Who is wrong?  Everyone is wrong.  But Obama got one thing right.  The right to vote is under threat in the United States.

Think about it.  Every day on the news there is more information about just how bad it has gotten.  The NSA is now using security bugs to steal your passwords.  Makes it easier to illegally eavesdrop on everything you say or do.  Every day another freedom goes down the drain.  Every day there is another movement for laws that no one really understands why they are attempting to implement them, yet they support or oppose them along silly non-existent party lines.

Here's the threat to voting in America right here!

Here’s the threat to voting in America right here!

You don’t have a right to vote.  Not really.  Whether you have an ID or not.  Because it is fixed.  Whether the elections are truly fixed as in they choose the winner, or they are fixed in that we are having two candidates from the ONE-PARTY system served up to us time after time, they are fixed.  Your vote doesn’t count.  The outcome is always the same.

So what is Obama’s real goal here?  He is not serving the Democratic Party, as many of the sheep might think.  And when we say sheep, there are thousands of Republicans that will get hot and bothered about this too.  They are all deceived, Republicans and Democrats alike.  Obama’s statements run under that political guise, but what it is really designed to do is deepen that abyss between the supposed political parties.  It’s designed to increase partisanship.  It’s designed to increase the hatred between sides. It’s designed to incite division throughout America.  It incites racism.  When we say racism, we mean real racism which transcends one way or the other.  Racism is a general term, and black-on-white and white-on-black racism in America today is equally prevalent, and Obama is just trying to make sure it stays that way.

Remember, the biggest fear of elitists like Obama and the shadow government that he represents is that the American people ever realize the delusion is just that.  So, they work overtime making sure they keep us all blaming one another, lest we blame it where the blame deservedly should be placed.

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The Ultimate Warrior, James Brian Hellwig, has died very suddenly at the age of 54.  Just this past weekend he was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame.  Seeming the figure of health just a few days ago, one of wrestling’s biggest stars apparently collapsed on the sidewalk and is now confirmed dead.

It goes without saying that Hellwig was in pretty good shape.  Professional wrestling may be choreographed, but it is still a very athletically demanding sport.  Now, the speculation will continue as to just how the Ultimate Warrior could have found himself lying on the sidewalk.

There will be several theories about this.  You are going to hear the dreaded “I word.”  That’s right.  Illuminati.  If that’s not the case, there could be some that think this is some sort of WWE sanctioned publicity stunt.  And if none of those conspiracy theories float your boat, some will point to years of possible steroid use as the eventual cause of the wrestling icon’s untimely demise.

What do you think?  What killed the Ultimate Warrior?  Below is the video of his induction in the Hall of Fame.  Remember, this was just nights ago in New Orleans.

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